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  1. Prob the most worrying comment I've seen on the forum
  2. Being a clubs lines man is the worst role in football. The amount of crap you get is unbelievable. I’m someone that can handle myself more than others but feel sorry for anyone that can’t. It’s all about interpretation. There is always one village idiot at a game. I much prefer being an appointed match official at least it’s fun and you getting paid for it. The difference I see going up the leagues are that captains intimated the referee from the start of the game constantly in their ear ever single decision as soon as half time comes they are onto them as they make their way down the tunnel. Lower leagues are just happy to have a referee now.
  3. My heart goes out to Redruth United FC. To witness what has been happening down on your pitches and changing rooms in full sight over the last couple of days is heartbreaking. All that hard work destroyed.
  4. I agree. The whole jumping leagues and not get promoted on Merit is making an absolute mockery of Cornish football.
  5. With the Western League starting on 31 July, for all those clubs that opted not to continue it would be great if we could start our season shortly afterwards.
  6. Thanks for the latest donations, we are nearly at our 60% target now!
  7. Thats it we have just reached the half way 50% target, its downhill from this point till the finish line. Thanks to all those have have supported and donated!
  8. Thanks Keith. Once we hit the 50% mark it is downhill from there. This was a 30 day campaign. As I said in the podcast to Dave the forum will continue until community members no longer wish to support it.
  9. No one has thought about this. Who is going to officiate these ‘Super League’ games? There isn’t going to be a single referee who is worth his/her salt that will officiate an non sanctioned FIFA match if they have any hope of refereeing in European Championship or World Cup at National Level.
  10. Well that’s the 40% target hit we are nearly half way there now!
  11. Thanks to all donators we are nearly at our 40% target already!
  12. You will find a lot of these clubs around the inner cities don't pay players to play at that level because there is a abundance of players of that calibre to pick from. I had a colleague who was playing Northern Premier on the weekends and he laughed at me when I said Truro City players were getting paid all those years ago.
  13. Sensible decision in my opinion. Get back on our feet and get the Country Cups going again in the Summer!
  14. Much appreciated Keith. Me and Dave delayed last years crowdfunder as we knew people wouldn’t be in a position to do so but in the end we achieved our target by late summer. As always I’m sure the forum will be a valuable source for clubs/players when we get back on our feet and start playing again.
  15. CornwallFootballForum.com is a non-profit, independent community football website first created over 10 years ago.Since then technology has changed, users visiting the site has significantly grown to over 1000 unique users a day. This has meant costs associated with running the site has increased as we moved to a dedicated server and 365 day support. In order to keep the site free from costs to the members we tried an advertising model in the past. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked as expected. So, we are asking members if they will please donate to help run the site for another 12 months. The team realised the current situation and delayed the crowdfunding campaign back in 2020. The campaign will initially be over 30 days but we will continue to keep it open for when people are in a better position to donate. All donations are sent securely through the platform. Please Donate: https://gofund.me/04003fda
  16. I will like to see next season start as soon as possible. Hopefully August 16th when other leagues start and pitches are in great shape.
  17. The frustration is in the wording of the league correspondence. It says PPG 'may' be used for the final league standing not 'will'. In a time of uncertainty it would certainly been nice to know one way or another to make a decision at club level. If the word was 'will' then clubs who didn't wish to carry on could withdraw without worrying about promotion/relegation next season.
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