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From Phil Hiscox, SWPL Secretary

Dear All

Please be advised that following FA and Govt advice yesterday, the fixtures of all games under the leagues control are postponed for the foreseeable future. (On a practical level I have listed games til the end of the month as P-P on website at present, but will no doubt need to do more later) Further, at this time games are being “postponed” and although this does not mean they are “cancelled” those games are not currently being re-scheduled to any future dates at this time.


I want to say a few words to you all and I am going to start and finish with the same message – The health of all is far more important than football, and I trust you will deal all that you can to help make your loved ones as safe as possible.


Regarding where we go from here, I cannot in all honesty provide much clarity – but I think messages need to be sent, and I am more than happy for you to pass onto club members, players, supporters my thoughts :


  1. The whole situation is totally unprecedented, the closest time in history was the 1939 suspension due to the War. As such there is NO single rule or set circumstances that allows for this situation.
  2. When / Will the season resume? That is out of our hands, the advice regarding peak infections though suggest this will be with us for probably the next 3 months, if that is the case then we are in unchartered territory as we don’t normally play in June (many cannot due to cricket etc), and even if we did, when and how would the next season happen.
  3. Can this season be counted “as is”? Again the rules and regulations have no specific instructions for this situation, I have heard of counting tables “as is”, or “pts per game”, etc etc – all ideas have the benefit of somehow counting the season, but the drawbacks of not being satisfactory in the overall context of the sporting integrity of the competition. However, ONLY THE FA, could issue any instructions on these matters, and leagues in general, and the SWP in particular, would want to be satisfied that any instruction was both fair and workable, and any appeals would be a matter for the FA and not the leagues to deal with.
  4. Cup competitions that are at the advanced stages ? Some clubs are in league or county cups and these are generally at the semi-final stage during this time of the year. Whether they could be completed is still on the table, it maybe that a short window in May would allow them to be played, another idea (and its only an idea at this stage) is that they could be completed as part of pre-season ahead of whenever the next season starts. Clubs in cup competitions are therefore asked to keep minds open to those competitions maybe being completed in a different way than normal.
  5. Pitches and facilities – I have already had queries regarding summer pitch maintenence, whilst I cannot give any assurances about future fixturing, common sense says that after the winter we have had, and with no football currently being allowed, that groundsmen may find the unexpected break as a good time to do pitch renovations.
  6. Finance – We, and I am sure the FA and County FA’s will be well aware of the impact on clubs finances, there is no easy answer to those problems at this stage, but rest assured that the league – and I would think other bodies – will be doing their best to represent clubs and also doing the best to help in anyway that it can. From an SWP viewpoint we will no doubt discuss how prize money can help, whether fees for next season can be in anyway mitigated etc. The benevolent fund is also still here, it cannot stretch to helping every player who maybe isolated and on sick pay unfortunately, but if some players are especially hit hard then the fund can be looked at – clubs should email the secretary with any queries on this.
  7. AGM / League Dinner / End of season paperwork – Decisions about these events in May / June do not need to be made now, but clearly the league board will be mindful and will issue further guidance in due course.


Lastly – Please keep safe, The vast majority of club officers and volunteers are of a “certain age”, I have been disappointed by some comments from some players who have not thought through the implications of this disease. ALL our efforts must be to protect those in vulnerable groups, it is a major problem in all sports to recruit volunteers, there is the real danger with this situation that those volunteers could suffer more than others in the population, we will need them when this passes, so please think of them, think of your neighbours, loved ones etc AND REMEMBER THAT TOGETHER WE MUST STRIVE TO STILL BE HERE FOR WHEN FOOTBALL RESUMES, WHENEVER THAT IS.


(Secretaries / Board members additional note : As you will know I work from home and will still be here for queries, I will update when I can, but its going to take sometime for everything to become clear, can you please stress to players / managers etc that “Patience is a virtue!” )  


Philip Hiscox (League Secretary)


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Or Follow us on Twitter at : @swpleague


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Well done Phil, top work as always. Points per game is the only fair way to sort out the league tables I think, especially in Cornwall where some teams have played 5 more games than others. At the end of the day football comes second to people’s well being. Good luck to all our Cornish clubs at whatever level and hope this  doesn’t affect you all too much. Keep the faith as they say at Celtic 👍

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Well said Phil. Just a suggestion but could the remainder of this season be played  when we are given the all clear which will in all probability will be August  with teams playing twice a week every week until conclusion, then start next season when possible with an extension at the end of that season if necessary. All leagues in the country would then have a proper record.

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