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  1. Hardly after the event, Australia, New Zealand and others showed the way from the off!
  2. Two weeks too late closing the border to India has done for the lifting of restrictions it looks like. Well done Boris the clown, should be going to court for 127,000 murders anyway.
  3. Not at all, just a general observation on most youth of today, it has been made too easy. I see it with my 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren, want to go for a walk with your paps...horror of horrors, walking...that's hard work isn't it...lol.
  4. Read it again and understand it. Nothing against kids whatsoever, but let's teach them that everything is not without cost in money and helping out.
  5. Word will get around in the end, but I dont see it being over busy.
  6. Correct le boss, everything given to them, they do nothing these days and it carry's on straight into mens football. Lack of volunteers is the clue.
  7. The FA in truth have zero interest in football at this level. The premiership is there only interest, below that it is lip service only.
  8. Well this has decided my fertilising, Red thread and lots of it! Last few days of humid weather has accelerated this to action needed asap, nitrogen going down as soon as we have some more rain. Would have kept it at bay with plenty of brushing but no point when the drizzle was around all day and night.
  9. Wouldn't think so, a bit of payback perhaps for pulling out of the league a few years ago and messing the season up.
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