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  1. Bickland would be one of my three but would have to spend a lot on the pitch for sure. You'd still have the problem of Truro having precedent on fixtures and I don't think the hooligans known as F troop would be happy playing second fiddle to the second most successful club in Cornwall!
  2. I would have thought there are two or three grounds that could be adapted quite quickly but the problem would always be the pitch, two senior teams would mean big pressure on the playing surface. Can't think of a pitch that could take it. Plus because of Truro's league status they would have precedent on fixtures I believe. That would make home supporters really happy!
  3. Here's the follow up to the post on walking on frosted pitches 5 days ago. Classic brown footprints as the tillers have now died, not permanent damage but aesthetically not pleasing. And the rooks keep on going, I think they've lifted every divot I had replaced from boxing day, in one corner of the pitch I counted 61 divots pulled out! I know I'm an anorak...lol. it looks like there's been a game on it!
  4. Haha...she wouldn't agree with that. Lie down...what's that(?) No rest when you do it all...lol.
  5. Supposed to stay local the government says(?) 7 miles is like me going to Truro for a walk! Fined for sure I would think.
  6. Divoting out the window with this rain and wind...bugger! Rooks are having a good time though lifting all my replaced turf to see if there's anything to eat the little sod's...nature so let them get on with it. So did a bit more in my new shed, blagged a few pallets and knocked up a makeshift work bench...happy days with that. Sorted a bit of my kit out so its easier to find...YAY!!! Got an old physio bench going for a nominal sum if anyone is interested? And a heavy duty brush available as well, seriously heavy duty, takes debris out of the grass lovely and stripes
  7. Yet Johnson can go on a 7 mile bike ride to another borough and (will) get away with it! Funny old world.
  8. Correct again John. Myself I will wait for the clubs official statement...not Chinese whispers. Best of luck to St Blazey from me.
  9. What a difference to us at -5⁰ on this side. Forecast to improve from tonight, but a bit of rain around mid week. Might get some divots done at last Ieuan.
  10. Haha Breugel, wrong way around NPK. I'll go easy on you, a bag of national growmore at 7.7.7. is a fine fertiliser for grass as it is for your borders and is only circa £16 for 25k. Didn't think you were going to get away with 500 gram box did ya...lol. Drop it by anytime-SOON!
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