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  1. Hey Jeff, no problem with the F troop silly old buggers here, I probably know 95% of you. You know what it's like today, cant call a fat man fat, can't call a thin man skinny, cant call anybody anything...call me what you like...lol, sticks and stones buddy...don't care..lol The whole world needs to grow up! Carry on enjoying yourselves, wont last forever.
  2. I think the majority of comments about the F troop have been positive, but when they eer on the side of controversy then as in life this is what is picked up on. Good on the F troop I think but sometimes they need to engage their brains just a tad. Flairs and fireworks a thing of the past, some of the songs and chants I'm hearing a bit near the knuckle for some. Me, can't hear them anyway...lol, music, cant hear that either...lol So carry on boys and girls but dont court controversy because the snowflakes are falling all around.
  3. With what they were singing...not very well apparently! They need to remember they are not the only ones in the ground, and with snowflakes all around they'd better start learning or Falmouth will be in a lot of bother!
  4. This has happened before and the individuals were banned for life from all football...good.
  5. The old adage applies, getting there is hard - staying there is harder.
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