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  1. Spotted this last week on our neighbours cricket square. Pretty sure this is Dollar spot. Morning dew not being brushed off, too much thatch, late application of high nitrogen fertiliser, high temperatures all contribute to this serious fungal disease, normally associated with finer grasses luckily. If not dealt with it will kill an entire lawn down to its roots. Conditions this year are perfect for this disease.
  2. Nope, the cost of running a club with residual costs, entry fees, insurance and so on is expensive to say the least. A few years ago when we were running up to 4 teams a typical season would be circa £30k And no... we do not pay players.
  3. Out with the brush again today against the pattern to stand the grass up for cutting tomorrow and to pull out the damaged grass from yesterdays double header v Mousehole. After Tuesday's game against St Austell it will be out with the collector mower to pick up all the damaged grass from the 3 games. Then get the pitch ready for Saturday's game against Sticker...no rest now with friendlies coming thick and fast. Pitch is seriously drying out everywhere now with this heat with no chance of rescuing all of it...but that's life at this level. The grass standing up and the loose damaged grass from the games.
  4. Old news you two...the Grant's were given out 4 months ago. Clubs may have been closed but there are residual ongoing costs.
  5. Go and have a lie down now before you collapse...too much sun is no good for you!
  6. Just a point to make regarding brushing the grass. Remember that regular brushing stands the grass up allowing air to circulate and dry the sward out. This is done not only to enhance the cut but is a good way to reduce the effects of red thread. Red thread, dollar spot and all the other fungal infections rely on moisture in the sward to establish themselves and with this heat and morning dews fungal attacks will be commonplace. You can also strengthen your pattern with a good brush when there is no need for a cut...its a lot quicker as well.
  7. You were not that bad Chris 🙄 Thanks for the kind words buddy.
  8. Ryan and myself brushed in pattern and then cut in the cross pattern today (can't ever remember being that hot before! ) Marked in ready to go for tomoz...2.00 and 4.00 kick offs.
  9. Went on the pitch early doors and brushed the opposite way to the pattern again today...down came the rain but I finished the job with the forecast saying drying up later. 6.15 pm went up and cut the pitch...blimey what a difference the brush made to the cut, took a mountain of grass off leaving a bowling green finish - too good for football really! Really took the grass down turning the pitch a bit yellow cutting that low but give it a fortnight and should get a load of new tillers from lower down...free new grass. Cut the cross pattern in tomorrow and mark in for Saturday. Pitch turned to yellow with the lower cut! I say a lower cut but not really, mower height still 1¼" but standing it up gave lower cut and nipped a lot of stolon's off that were lying down before.
  10. We have 13 friendlies arranged x circa £35 referee's expenses...work it out...no gate receipts! I understand all the arguments but there is scope within a 3 acre field to isolate reasonably well. Legal to pile into the bar afterwards though!
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