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  1. And half of those goals were offside but the referee never gave it...bleddy referees...lol.
  2. The referee did nothing wrong in the game, nothing overly controversial...so why not? Can't see any reason why not. As long as he brings his glasses git on wiv it in my opinion.
  3. They would have to be down here in the winter, and they ain't! A lovely little harbour side village across the water from me is now a ghost town for 9 months of the year.
  4. This thread is now a VAR discussion! Was he right - was he wrong? Goal given, penalty not given...evened out didn't it. Penryn not playing that well and got chased and harried down all afternoon, chances missed again but in reality lost to two wicked deflections. Well played by Sticker, game plan worked...move on I say. Referee and lino's had a fair game in my opinion, and tackles in a football match, now there's a strange phenomenon...git on wiv it.
  5. Well done on your careers in football, can't play without them, cant play with them!!!!! Remember to bring your glasses.
  6. Simple for me, a game of chances taken and chances missed/saved. On another day that could easily have been 4-4 But falmouth played well and protected their goal well with a couple cleared off the line, a couple of excellent saves and one off the crossbar could have been oh so different. Clinical finishing decided the game.
  7. And applies to all sports, interest in local football, rugby and cricket has been waning for years. Other things to do these days, things we never had and its unstoppable. It will plateau out but it will go a bit lower yet I'm afraid!
  8. If we play like we did in the second half on Saturday it will be a helluva game...here's hoping.
  9. I dont believe for one minute that people take up refereeing for the money, they may well become accustomed to it after time but would always start their careers with the wish of enhancing the game and enjoying it. So much is made of single incidents, argued about and dragged out for infinity when in reality not a lot happened, just let go, get up and get on with it for God's sake, its supposed to be for pleasure not discussed for a week.
  10. Just had the news that john will be cremated friday 10th with his wake to follow at Penryn football club for 5:00pm. His daughter Lucy has said all are welcome.
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