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  1. Penryn vs CSOM 6.30 KO at Kernick under lights tonight. All welcome.
  2. WHAT! keep their mouths shut...their opinions would choke them..lol
  3. Leave off! The man knows what's best for his dog. Come down our place and I'll cook him a few sausages on a plate...and he can eat them in the clubhouse with the chairmans dog Tilly.
  4. Think about it, do you think the manager and spectators will not keep reminding him ? Of course they will....endlessly!
  5. It'll boil down to the referee's interpretation of 10 minutes which is fine by me. Of course there will always be a multitude of persons screaming in his ear about exactly how long the offender has been in jail! He will definitely not be allowed to forget.
  6. You're lucky then, we've been well and truly drowned here. All night and this morning, our ladies county cup match is a washout...more chance of playing water polo!
  7. Yes...I can confirm there was 6 packs of bacon in there and a touch of fag ash...lol No funny haircuts, no diving either with St Ives playing really well and shutting us down we never got going today. Impressive performance by them and we are happy to get a point out of that game. If they play like that for the rest of the season they will cause a few problems for anyone. Well played from me.
  8. There's biblical rain heading that way from here in Penryn!
  9. Going to need some big bleddy bins! Oh gawd that's a red for me right away.
  10. Blimey! complaining about the referee before he's even reffed it. I think that's a first for the forum. He better be perfect like all the players and spectators then.
  11. Haha, I'm down the end of Cornwall..Falmouth area. I do try to catch a game once a year as I met with gaz/gez a few years back..nice fella with great enthusiasm. I also like the fact that you took the step up so giving the opportunity to see how much difference there is in all of this footy. I did plan to watch last night but unfortunately was taken a bit poorly, I do not like this old age disease much at all...lol
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