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  1. Just showing the watering machine turning on the hose and bringing the hose with it. Showing the distance travelled over 5 hours.
  2. Set the machine away to water overnight, it will follow the hose wherever you lay it. Remember if you are on a meter like us there is a discount for water used for irrigation.
  3. I'm going with you on the weed Mrgreen...Oil seed rape or Charlock for me as well.
  4. Fertiliser...really!!! Better pray for rain unless it's a slow or controlled release one(?) You're going to dry your pitch out now...watering machines at the ready! A bit more adjustment and Ryan cut the whole field today with a bit of pattern to boot. Dont think I would keep this pattern as a little bit to busy for me...juries out on this as well.
  5. Find someone to do the bar for me and I'll take that offer up one night ...lights(?)
  6. That's good water pumping out now...might even get the second machine out to speed things up a bit. Always remember that a hosepipe left out in the sun can develop Legionnaires disease in the dormant water, when turning on for the first time stand well away from the end of the hose until the old water has been pushed out. It's a rare occurrence but it has happened!
  7. Set the machine away at 2.00pm and at 7.00pm it had travelled 50ft odd. 5 hours later Just come in from setting the machine away again (12.00am) it will pull the hose for around 9 hours so a good night time soaking for the dry patches, I'll go up and check it early morning and set it out again.
  8. No Mrgreen have not used the earth from the mole hills yet. Try this. The weed in question. A young Figwort A young Charlock Found this lot 2 fields over, spot on southwest from us! Started watering today, gave the dry patches a good soaking before setting out the watering machine.
  9. Toughest of times for you buddy and really sorry for your loss. Still got your best mate though and your dog will look after you and never let you down...let's hope you have a better year...all the best from me.
  10. I have looked around the area to try and identify the weed Mrgreen but there are no Charnock, Ragwort or Figworts on site or nearby, I have found a bumper crop of Figwort a couple of hundred yards away and it must have come from there I'm thinking...never had this weed before though...strange one for me!
  11. Spent a bit more time today back lapping the cylinders, starting to look better now, but still more adjustments to be made, setting bar next to check the manufacturer's height settings. Also a bit of a pattern developing. Serious problems developing with this heat though with a lot of dry spots showing, will have get the watering machine out to try and save some of these areas but the heat is now a serious problem! Desperate for rain...C'MON! Don't think I will be able to get enough water down to save a lot of these areas, but grass is very resilient and will go dormant in these situations, when it rains they come back to life as long as the period is not too long. And looking at the number of dry patches I'm pretty sure this is a compaction problem rather than dry patch itself.
  12. Hello buddy. If you're posting from a laptop just cut and paste your pictures. If from a phone, screenshot it, go to your picture files and select the screenshot file, click the picture you want and it will load to the forum.
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