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  1. Absolutely well done to involved in producing that outcome. Superb and will help those most needing it. Bleddy well done again...brilliant.
  2. I still pick a penny up of the ground if I see one...pennies make ££££s ...lol
  3. Same with grass Fenman, when its frosty dont walk on grass. The frost is on the outside but if you walk on it you break cell walls inside the leaf, this allows the sap to escape into the structure and freeze. That's why if you do walk on your grass when frozen you see brown footprints a few days after thawing...dead grass! Grass has an enzyme in it (EHR I think from memory) which is a natural antifreeze which is why grass does not die in freezing conditions.
  4. Too cold for seeding, spraying and fertilising but cold enough to burn the new growth on my pyracantha! That's how cold the Easterly has been here, full in the face an easterly is here on the South coast.
  5. Yup, grass has slowed due to the Easterly wind and cold mornings. Only 1⁰ here this morning with the wind in the North, my storm glass is saying there's potential for snow and it's certainly cold enough for it! If these clouds tinge pink we'll be having some for sure! Crystals at the top means there's snow around but only the potential for it. Fingers crossed for none! To cold for most of the works I had planned, I won't do much now until the ground temperature reaches a consistent 10⁰ Bit of a holiday though, might mess around with my new toys today...lol
  6. Vogue Parc ...St Day... posted by Mark. The other one only posted recently is Hayle AFC ...posted by Ieuan. Cheers.
  7. Took the ground temperature today 8⁰ sod it, spring flush is underway but slow, Easterly wind and low night temperatures keeping the flow in check slightly, just have to wait I s'pose. Also noticed this on the pitch...couch ("cooch") grass. Couch is an invasive weed grass and if unchecked will take over the sward, spreading by underground stems (Rhizomes) it will soon take hold. Normally it would require taking the area out completely and relaying it again, but I'm going to severely scarify it to halt its progress for a while. It is probably in a lot of older pitches that were once farmers fields but make up most of the sward so unnoticeable and no need to do anything. It is the lighter coloured areas in the picture.
  8. I'm in cuckoo land le boss - so not local to me buddy...lol
  9. Not a local boy...so he's allowed to spell it wrong. ARGAL for you le boss. Don't know that local football clubs are perceived in that light, never heard it said. I can say that our club has supported many organisations, clubs and individuals over the years and continue to do so without the scourge that is Covid -19
  10. Positivity will always come to the top...always, and the cynics are always there as well...always. Human nature. Nobody has come on here bragging, merely stating what they have done for their community...well done. Others choose not too, but the ones they have helped - and are still helping are appreciative of the help. Maybe they don't want people to know the assistance they are receiving. Everybody has a choice to tell the world...or not.
  11. Not really...babble is the word you were looking for...lol
  12. Some people choose to sit at the front of the class, and some at the back. Most will choose the back. Personal choice.
  13. 16 days since the trench was opened and still holding water! Thinking out loud we are going to have too put a few soak aways further up the site to reduce the amount of water the trench has to deal with.
  14. As I posted earlier many may well be assisting the community but choose not to publicise it.
  15. 1967 cup final for me. I said I would support the winning team...Spurs won COYS Could have easily been a Chelsea supporter. A year later us boys now 15/16 entered the Falmouth Helston league as Kimberley park rangers and my football life began.
  16. Love it...LMFAO Keep taking them pills and Leeds may get better...lol. Ran into half the Leeds squad in Falmouth once, Norman Hunter was a big mean ugly bar steward! We thought they may have joined in our kick around...I would have kicked his arse for sure...lol
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