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  1. You can refuse promotion with a valid reason (financial I believe? ) in the first year but not the second. You would then be relegated!
  2. Mousehole in the western league (if they take it) would be some travelling, for them and the other teams as well!
  3. Penryn v Redruth is off due to floodlight failure and the part not arriving until Thursday...possibly.
  4. The grass will recover at this time as the temperatures are still good, but they would need to stop now to give it a chance.
  5. Training on the pitch at this time of the year is bonkers, compaction in the top layer is the biggest problem where grass is concerned. Rugby is brutal to grass in the scrum areas and will wipe grass out in one go virtually, rucking is also very damaging. If their pitch is going to get that amount of traffic on it they would need to start a program of hollow coring and topdressing with sports sand to maintain any sort of surface for both sports.
  6. Same as us here Dave, the mister/fogger is THE solution I'm sure...great bit of kit and sterilises the room in about one minute!
  7. He wasn't nice on the pitch...proper old centre half- no prisoners!
  8. Don't know how it came about, happened before I joined the club. Yes, it always surprises me how quickly we can travel the world but struggle to go a few miles here. Once did a train from our holiday spot down the coast to Barcelona, 65 miles, hit every station en route at exactly the correct time, there and back for a fiver!
  9. Finished the drain at last...should keep that bleddy John Mead happy...lol Also the urea nitrogen is biting hard now, grass putting on nearly ½" of growth a day, not a lover of that as it detracts from the general and root growth. You can see the grass on the wing nearly blue with the urea! But overall reasonably happy with the result at this time.
  10. Bratwurst...nice, I like a schnitzel myself. We're twinned with a German football club, had a few good times over there...Hesedorf.
  11. Yes Chris he should have, the only game played in Cornwall that night! And we lost 2-1 if my memory serves me correctly. We had had just spent nearly 6 weeks divoting to complete the season and that happened...Grrrr! It takes years to get pitches to a good level not one week...and a lot of money as well.
  12. Yes buddy that's the game, the only time I've ever had a go at a referee! We went from no divots to 100,000 in that game, pitch totally ruined and £1200 to repair...I could have killed him!!!
  13. Not just broken legs though, I've seen a few broken caused by getting stuck in the mud but a good many dislocations of knees and ankles as well. Still only in October, why wreck a pitch when there are still ample Saturdays to finish a season in. Reduced leagues means reduced games, plenty of time to finish a season these days. I remember a game we played a few years ago that cost £1,200 to repair and no games for 3 Saturdays after the damage, so yeah - that was well worth playing!
  14. Easy said if you don't do the repairs and have to find the money to pay for it end of season.
  15. St Agnes v Penryn in St Piran off due to wet pitch.
  16. There will be if it rains like it did here 30 minutes ago!
  17. And 4 games on the pitch in 8 days...do they think we have a premier standard pitch and 10 groundsman...going to end up a mess!
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