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  1. What action is being taken against the travellers/thieves/vandals?
  2. Only met him once...lovely fella. Condolences to his family.
  3. I used to shout "OFF SIDE" all night for years according to my mother...god bless her.
  4. Easy for me to say, but, the media and frenzy surrounding all of this is fuel for their agenda. Ignoring them might just thin them out a bit. Still only one swallow here as well, but if they were here in the last two weeks they would have had to learn to swim!
  5. But they still have the respect that they were brought up with. The age group you refer to are the first of the cheap booze era, and the lack of any discipline in them from the start of the being liberal era as well.
  6. Cheap supermarket booze is how we got here, you can get alchohol anywhere these days...including motorway service stations. Says it all really. Lack of respect and having no discipline from parents is a big contributor as well. Beaten by the better side, and two subs who came on with 45 seconds left, not touching the ball and given penalties to take...REALLY!!! Gareths fault on that one.
  7. Only seen one as well, but the weather here has been awful, wet, wet and wet!
  8. I record most of the televised matches now and flick through all of the tripe that comes out...does your head in!
  9. Trouble is Keith I think every footballing country now practice the dark arts.
  10. Definitely a Penalty. I also have no doubt that professional clubs now have coaching sessions on how to win free kicks and penalties!
  11. Looked a penalty to me! Ef Roy Keane, he wouldn't have frightened my mother...lol. Danes I thought shaded the 90 minutes, but England good in the extra period. C'mon sunday and dump the Italians...YO!
  12. 25 minutes really going forward instead of side and back passes showed what we can do. Let's hope it continues.
  13. All to do with being "outdoors " we open all our doors and windows, so not much difference I would think.
  14. Watching the sport on TV and the pubs with the England games showing it looks like you can do what you like...lol!
  15. First Swallow today buddy, cutting the grass and he/she was hoovering up the flies.
  16. Awful game, just tippy tappy across the back four...rubbish I thought. England to win it...not a chance.
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