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  1. A one all draw written all over this game with 5 minutes to go then bang, bang,bang and bang...4 goals in probably less than 5 minutes...crazy!
  2. A couple of scrambles, a near miss and number two goes in from Beth. A useful 4...1 win for the girls.
  3. A lot of the ladies teams are better for staying than the men's teams these days!
  4. Convenient for the players though I would think, closer to Plymouth than Truro for most of them possibly?
  5. Of course they can play football...then go back into the kitchen and do the ironing later...lol
  6. Certainly it was a smash and grab jobby but I would have to say our goal came from a slick passing movement, assisted by the best bit of advantage I think I've ever seen from a referee. Jack rappo crashed down from behind but the ref saw a chance to play the advantage and in the goal went, 99.9% of refs would have given an immediate foul for the tackle and the advantage and our goal would have been lost. Top decision, top referee...well done from me.
  7. Absolutely I agree, I love their enthusiasm, but most of all their honesty when playing. No moaning, diving, play acting or any of the stuff you now get in the mens game.
  8. You'll be waiting until after Christmas with the Brexit situation!
  9. Everybody should take up refereeing then! My god criticising referees on the forum is becoming tedious. Put the black on and show us all how it's done.
  10. Games abandoned in Cornwall as well. Pitches are still too hard to deal with global warming monsoons.
  11. Nothing wrong with the lights! Pitch flooding by half time with the rynners 3...0 up....bonkers rain.
  12. A constructive one then. You have enjoyed watching it in the past, but not as much so now. Don't watch it then.
  13. Best of luck to Helston while they ride the wave. Others have done it and eventually crashed but are still around, albeit at a lower level now except Truro...but they lost their ground! Worth it was it...not in my world.
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