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  1. Blagged this on a freebie today. A seriously heavy double rake with full pressure adjustments on both brushes. Needs a lot of work to get it back to it's best and some new brushes but too good to turn down. Plus a few more tons of sand the fella gave us in the early part of the year.
  2. Just took this picture from our new roof camera...YAY!!!
  3. Laughed out loud on that one Billy...lol.
  4. Yes Ieuan, spraying clover as well but slowly winning! Yup a few dry days will help but the pitch is showing a lot of the stuff now, my fears have come true with the rain after fertilising it was too heavy and has caused flushing in some areas and washed it away in others! That's where the red thread is....bugger. Yes Mrgreen it's certainly growing... I'm cutting 3 times a week at this time!
  5. Yes Bruegel, we are in the process of removing the stones but got delayed when the lockdown came, just waiting for a date off the contractor to complete the works.
  6. Sod it...red thread back already! Only fertilised 4 weeks ago and its washed through the profile with all the rain we've had. The fertiliser should have lasted around 8 weeks not 4 now I'll have to do it again IF there's enough rain around. Red thread thrives in poor conditions with wet and warmth to support it, although it won't kill the grass it will knock the leaves off and make the ground look quite poor! I think I'm paying the price for keeping my Nitrogen levels low in favour of growing roots, I'll have to rethink my strategy methinks. You boys who use the slow release stuff...are you getting any Red thread???
  7. Gave the pitch a good brushing today after a small couple of 6 a side practice matches last night, and wanted to stand the grass up for hopefully a nice cut tomorrow after ladies practice tonight. Grass is a bit on the thick side so may give it a light scarifying next week. Grass looking a bit on thick spongy side for my liking. But the brushing did a good job of standing the stolon's up for nipping off.
  8. And I think football at our level is in the same boat! Localised spikes all over England and around the world doesn't bode well.
  9. And some of them would be very nice to look at too.
  10. I wouldn't want to be the person who tells me !!!!
  11. URGHHH! Lol, nothing wrong with changing the angle of cuts occasionally...BUT! your definitely bored Ieuan.
  12. Also on the lookout for a verticutter to remove a few long ends that the cylinders cannot nip off. Remember that if your mower has floating heads then it cannot cut grass longer than the distance between the front roller and the bottom blade. Fixed head units can as no front roller so can cut grass a lot longer than the floating head.
  13. Finally got around to setting all 3 units with the setting bar and what a difference! Using the manufacturer's settings against the setting bar showed up a 4mm difference in the cylinders cutting heights...they were all different! But not now and have lovely finish to the cut now. This is a setting bar showing 4 points of contact whe used for measuring, it is the only way to set a cylinder height correctly. There are plenty of online videos showing how to use them. Also adjusted the cylinder to bottom blade using the paper method, there are online videos showing this method as well. The 3 units are now all perfectly aligned and cutting lovely. A setting bar. Remember if you set your height on a hard surface your cut will actually be a bit lower as the weight of the machine pushes the cutting blade (bottom blade) into the sward. The temperature here this afternoon, heres hoping the rain forecast for Friday actually happens or the ground is going to rapidly dry with this heat!
  14. Had my warning letter today. Due to an underlying disease/ health condition you are still at extreme risk if you contact covid19...shielding guidance for you must followed vigorously. That's where I, and millions of others are too.
  15. And I pray we are as well...just a little bit longer.
  16. I suppose the difference between us is I value my life...but I also value everybody else's as well. I had a friend who has died from it in Cornwall and the affect it has had on his family, wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  17. Look at the numbers and think about that. Yes we have to live (or die) with the virus and we are doing that right now and it is only being contained at this time. Just see the results of the easing before we throw open everything. We are lucky we are in Cornwall, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near large populations at this time. The summer in Cornwall will really show the danger (or not) of throwing your doors open.
  18. Well said john...that IS the reality of where we are at this time...still medium to high risk.
  19. Hello Mrgreen. For me football in the summer would be fine but only if you can irrigate as rye grass needs lots of water to flourish in the summer. Water is not cheap and putting out 60+ cubic metres a day would soon run up a substantial bill! We can run two travelling sprinklers on our pressure so imagine the bill then!!! I would load up games at the start of the season to avoid floodlit matches after October when temperatures are dropping and there is no recovery for the grass in the winter. Also you could possibly have a small winter break if you already had a good few games under your belt. Smaller leagues would also benefit pitches reducing the number of games during what looks like very wet winters being the norm.
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