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  1. As long as there is an exit clause for both parties...matter do it? You never know 'till you try.
  2. I've seen StJust play twice this year...decent team with some good youngsters in it.
  3. You post to attract those comments, then imply false indignation.
  4. It's a bit obvious you're a Pz fan trying to put a spanner in the works...must try harder...lol
  5. I would think planning for lights would be a problem at Trungle, it could be seen for miles I would imagine.
  6. Was spoken about a few years ago! Never say never! Did I just say that! got to lie down now.
  7. There's a bit of sense in the merger if you think about it. Penzance been struggling for a good few years and look to be in bit of bother. Mousehole with all the ambition, but going nowhere due to location. If the combining of the two clubs makes a route for both, then good on both of them. If it works really well the amalgamation of the two clubs looks like it could be a powerhouse in local football. Makes a lot of sense to me.
  8. Well said, and there is a bit of detail that clarifies a bit of the thought behind the merger. Sounds like a decent enough proposal to me.
  9. I'll say it again. The devil is, or is not in the detail. No-one knows the detail yet. I'm itching for the statement to clarify the situation. All most interesting, the stadium sharing suggestion sounded good for both parties I thought.
  10. The devil is in the detail...or not. Interesting move by Pz... I'll wait for the statement methinks.
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