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Another Stadium collapse

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2 hours ago, JENGLE said:

If the deal for the Stadium collapses then there will be no future for sport in Cornwall. It's as simple as that really!

Can't just give in to developers every time though Jengle. All along everyone has been told no tax payers money for the stadium, now the developers rewrite the script a little and now the council will consider it. Bloody joke if you ask me. I would love a stadium on my doorstep, but another 1500 houses aint going to help the people of threemilestone get to work any earlier. The county council already have plenty of their own land around Tms if they are that worried about the housing crisis. 

At the end of the day, i expect the developers will walk away with several million pounds profit in the back of their range rover and f off out of the county!

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I agree Keith apart from the late 80's early 90's when Cornwall Rugby supporters used to pack out Redruth Recreation Ground the sports grounds in Cornwall do not even get near capacity including show piece events like the Senior / Junior Cup.....I am sure sport will continue no problem with or without any kind of new stadium with the grounds already available

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Sorry I disagree.

Cornish Pirates could not go into Premiership rugby,because of ground grading.

Truro City could not go higher unless ground improvements were made.

They are the two major sporting teams in Cornwall,who are being held back because of facilities.

In an ideal world,it would be great to see some proper upgrading and developement at Treyew Rd and make it a top quality Stadium.

The same for the Pirates.

But for reason's we are all aware of,its not happening.

If the S4C is built and shared and run correctly,like Sandy Park at Exeter,it could become a great success.

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19 minutes ago, Keith B said:

Exeter's Sandy Park has a lot of backing, from both the Council and local businesses. Add to this its location right on the M5 and these factors make the difference.

So why cant S4C get the backing.???????

As for location.S4C could be much closer to the A30,the main road in and out of Cornwall.

So Im not quite sure of your arguement.

Get the Councils involved,get buisness'es involved,with the right PR,just like Exeter,it could be a winner.

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Ron Manager, I totally agree when you say we can't give in to the developers. Too many times they get what they want. I just think it's a complete farce all this stadium talk. Realistically we should be building it now.

ex-chairman, I personally think we are in need of a Stadium for Cornwall. Without that, Truro City and the Cornish Pirates don't have a bright future ahead of them. Not saying they won't have a future, but it won't be a good one, I'm sure of that. This is all in the current circumstances anyway.

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Two relevant posts from the Blog of Councillor Fiona Ferguson : FRIDAY, 24 MARCH 2017

Truro City loses out to Council Incompetence

The news that the new ground for Truro City Football Club is not viable, sadly, comes as no surprise at all.

There has been a catalogue of incompetence on the part of the Council and greed tinted optimism by the developers promising two stadia funded by many houses and much retail development.

In 2015 I attended a meeting in Whitehall with all the stadia protagonists (including INOX, Truro City Football Club, Helical Bar, the Pirates, Truro College), the Minister for Culture Media and Sport, John Whittingdale and four of the Cornish MPs.  My aim was to get the Government to stump up money for the Stadium for Cornwall and to persuade the two clubs to share a ground to make the scheme more viable and the impact on Truro less severe.

But no. The developers assured the Minister that they just needed their respective planning permissions to be granted and then all would be fine. Their schemes were both viable - no problem. So, the Minister stood back and let them get on. Except that they couldn't and didn't.

Asda has walked away from the Willow Green Development opposite Threemilestone too. It is not clear whether the Council is now going to try and bale out one or more of these developments on A390 with taxpayers' money.  The Council's target for new housing looks unachievable and there will be knock on effects for all of Cornwall.

If the Council tries to 'help' then the Independent/Lib Dem administration must allow its proposals to be subject to proper scrutiny. The Council is currently itself undertaking a couple of residential developments at Tolvaddon and Bodmin. But being Bob the Builder involves more than just posing for photos with a spade or a digger.
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and a more recent one..........


Council throws your money at property speculators

The Council granted several massive planning permissions to developers in respect of the Threemilesone area between 2013 and 2015.
It now looks (as I said at the time) as if those applications are not viable. So the Council proposes to spend your money paying off the speculators and building out the developments itself. 
Nowhere near enough information was presented to councillors (mainly in closed session) at the meeting today of the Housing Portfolio Advisory Committee to make the case for spending anything on this project. There are too many obvious but unanswered questions.
If the Council believes that Cornwall is at risk of unwanted development because it is under delivering on its Local Plan then what we can say is that this is the most unlikely solution to it.
There is a real risk that the development at West Langarth will go ahead with your money and with nothing for the Stadium for Cornwall.
The only crumb of comfort today was that the Head of Planning said that the Council would not let the developers of Treyew Road off the hook. Their retail permission depends on the provision of an alternative ground for TCFC. This is another developer who talked a good game and has produced nothing. That ground better be in Truro.
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the people of Cornwall, particularly Truro, should be writing to their Councillors (and prospective; nb there is an election on 4th May!)  and asking for their position on this matter as a matter of urgency for the sake of the future of sport in this county. Pressure of the national homebuilding targets from central government is not helping and swaying this in favour of developers rather than good cornish folk

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Heard on Radio today-Henry Boot the retail developers for Langarth,Threemilestone are now involved with a new plot at Heartlands, Pool.

Perhaps there is more promise of attracting the retail world there as it is  a brown field site at the heart of Cornwall's most populated area Camborne/Redruth.

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1 hour ago, Mike Odgers said:

Heard on Radio today-Henry Boot the retail developers for Langarth,Threemilestone are now involved with a new plot at Heartlands, Pool.

Perhaps there is more promise of attracting the retail world there as it is  a brown field site at the heart of Cornwall's most populated area Camborne/Redruth.

Big rugby area ,as well.

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