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  1. Percy Stephens cup. West Cornwall 1, Threemilestone 2. Threemilestone took the lead after 10 minutes, slightly against the run of play when Joe Moyle took full advantage of a poor clearance from the West Cornwall keeper by knocking the ball back over him from roughly on the half way line. Threemilestones second was one of the better passages of play in the game. It was 5 minutes into the second half when i think Joe Carlyon's ball up to Joel Snape was headed down for James Davies to run onto and he slotted the ball under the keeper. West Cornwall put in plenty of effort but rarely troubled the Tms keeper, but did pull a goal back in the 65th minute, when a corner was headed goalward by the no6(Ryan) and somehow went under the feet of the Tms player guarding the near post. Not the greatest game in the world probably due to the lack of games lately and a heavy pitch, but nice to get out and watch a game in fairly calm conditions. I counted 17 watching.
  2. Most of those players from their glory days have all moved on and the current squad are not in the same league as that lot, so it's a totally different challenge from the Derek Martyn era. Best of luck Savo. One of my favourite teams to go and watch, Hope you can keep them up.
  3. I thought the Referee and linesman did a fair job considering the amount of abuse they had to put up with. Every time the whistle was blown half a dozen different opinions were thrown at him. Coaches from both sides were out of their boxes several times giving it the ole "LINO" shout. When are teams going to learn that this attitude is not winning us any new refs? Falmouth ground alot better than some, bottom path is muddy at the moment but we have had a bit of drizzle lately!! Toilets are inside the clubhouse Timmyraa, with working lights.
  4. Just put your usual football gear on pick up your boots and go off to watch another game. Come back and tell her the showers were really good, which explains why your not covered in shite! 🤣
  5. Watching the rugby world cup, and between the 3 on the field officials and the TMO official they always seem to get the decisions spot on. And also you get to hear what they are checking for and the view of those officials. Why has VAR been so bad when they had this template already in place. In it's current form I see it as a total waste of time.
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