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  1. Trainee Ref (2 Games from Qualifying for L7) available throughout August evenings & Saturdays can officiate Combo / ECPL standard teams and below in line with Pre-Season Referee Guidance PM on here or email neily_pitt@hotmail.com happy to travel but might be slightly concerned if I end up on a 3 lane carriageway passing a sign marked ‘Welcome to Exeter‘ 😁
  2. County cups from last season will not continue prior to new season http://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/jul/17/cornwall-county-fa-cup-competitions-2019-20-update
  3. ......I feel I am going to have to start using another generic far west club one day 😉 I do like the bar in St Just though 😆⚽️👏 Haha sadly we are 2 divisions below so I’m bomb proof........it’s hard enough getting through Redruth to play at Chacewater 😳
  4. With the AGM that never was been and gone this week the league have started to make some plans for the forthcoming season Firstly I’m not on the league committee so what I put on here is not the official line from the league but I am just conveying what has been passed to the club secretaries (and adding a bit of my nonsensical observations) so before everyone starts getting their knickers in a twist and looking for statues of the former FHFL, Mining League and Trelawny League Committee members to tear down because outrage and being disgruntled are the ‘in thing’ these days spare a thought for the volunteers on the league Committee who can only react to current FA guidance and try to manage a number of possibilities .......everything Including delayed starts and the mitigation required for fixture completion has been considered for the times we are living in 1. Firstly and probably the most obvious statement don’t expect to be kicking a ball in anger on the 8th August unless you live In some alternative magical universe with fairies and pixies called ‘trump land’. Sadly it’s very unlikely and whilst the league are hopeful for a normal start on time in August let’s all come back to planet earth and be realistic that we are more likely to be looking at late September or even into October. 2. If it is a reduced fixture window for one season only their is a proposal to reorganise the league structure and have only 10 clubs per division (18 matches) and create a division 3 so a total of 5 divisions (I can never understand why we have this premier and championship nonsense, what’s wrong with 1 to 5? it’s like Man Utd fans thinking top flight football only began in 1991 and the other 103 years and titles won before it don’t count!!! 😉🎣🎣) 3. Cup competitions are a bit up in the air until a start date can be confirmed. if the league kicks off deep into the autumn it’s probably unlikely they will go ahead this season. A review on their viability will take place in the New Year (probably around the same time we have the newspaper headline of worst winter weather in 30 years!!!) so unless someone can tilt the earth and make the evenings lighter the fixture list will be a bit tight......The way 2020 is going this is probably a distinct possibility that the earth will tilt and in fact the fixture Secretary is probably as I write most likely hatching a dastardly plan Involving some left over dynamite from South Crofty acting like a bond villain in a fake volcano to achieve ‘operation evening games all year’........if it does happen I can guarantee You we will get fixtured away to St Just on a Tuesday night. 4. A total of 5 new teams have applied to enter at division 3 and they are Dropship, Mullion 3rds, Carharrack (rising like Lazarus) Mount Ambrose & Lanner whch if true is a bit strange as I think they finished the season in the top division 5. Regarding promotion and relegation for the 21/22 season its all a bit up in the air as the league will want to return to normal and 14 team divisions but like throwing a fox into the henhouse the possibility of a merger with Combo for the 21/22 season would mean Mystic meg from the mid 90’s lottery programme would probably have a better chance of predicting the outcome. 6. On the good news front (always end on a high.....well apart from what I have written in Para 7!) Whirlwind Sports have continued their sponsorship of the league and any Trelawny Club spending a minimum of £150 in one visit at any Whirlwind Sports Branch would get 50% discount on that spend - with the proviso the spend was on Football kit and footballs. The deal is not restricted to one visit and available at any of the Whirlwind shops 👏🙌👍 .7. And finally just to throw a little petrol on the bonfire the league are still looking for volunteers for league Secretary, Registration Secretary and Results Secretary..........basically all the positions that make the league ‘Tick’ any volunteers please contact the league president. Cue the Eastenders drum roll ‘dum, dum, dum Duddy - dum‘
  5. Nothing official has been conveyed to the Trelawny League Clubs on that COA John but If that’s the case Holmans will finish top with 2.72, TMS 2nd with 2.36 and Illogan 3rd with 2.33 in the Trelawny Premier as the Feeder League to Combo
  6. Unfortunately with the TL league made null and void and the league tables ‘scrubbed’ the voting could be a bit of a lottery. Out of the 3 sides requesting to join from the Trelawny Premier Holmans & Illogan would have finished in the Top 4 and met the normal promotion criteria. Probus are the other Premier side applying for promotion and were mid table. Ludgvan are applying from the league below (Championship). Outside of Trelawny GSM are looking for a sideways move from ECPL where they were mid table at the break and SNE challenging for league in Duchy Premier and in JC SF
  7. If someone sent me the teamsheet I would have known the correct score 😉
  8. Percy StevensCup Stithians 2-3 Holman SC (Fixture reversed played at Holmans) So after Biblical Pitch destroying floods, Donald Trump trying to start WW3 with Iran by lobbing a couple of missiles at it, Megan Markle discovering being an American Disney Princess in the UK doesn’t really have a happy ending and the Australians being forced to chuck extremely well done Koalas on the BBQ because some idiot tried to set fire to an ant with a magnifying glass in the middle of their summer which rather unfortunately ended up destroying eleventy billion acres of forest it’s safe to say 2020 is turning into a bit of ‘challenge’!!! The piece de resistance for this year though is obviously the Zombie attacking Bog Roll stealing Flu that has wiped out nearly all of the local football events.........apart from at Blaythorne where anybody should know if you can survive using the toilets in our changing rooms you should be ok to get through Mrs Browns Boys showing instead of Match of the Day on a Saturday!!!! Agreeing to all hold our breath and wash our hands after every tackle the game was a pretty turgid affair and whilst the pitch didn’t look to bad initially it quickly cut up and started to sap all energy and enthusiasm from the fixture. Holmans kept the lead throughout but the visitors pulled it back to 2-1 and then 3-2 to ensure it was never comfortable however the home side hung in for the win and are through to the next round which will probably be fixtured in for May 2025 the way it’s looking. in all seriousness we as a club would like to continue to play but support the league in whatever decision they make but as a matter of course today we took precautions. I didn’t witness anyone coughing up half a lung, nobody appeared hot or distressed however we still did both the pre-match team talk outside in the open air and our ‘older’ members chose to not enter the changing rooms at all and didn’t enter the bar after. A bit of common sense and practicality needed at this time and support to continue whilst it’s still possible
  9. PSC Stithians v Holmans fixture reversed now being played at Holmans pitch inspection carried out GAME ON 2PM KO
  10. Advice from CCFA issued this morning below The message for local grassroots football: The advice is that any decision to continue playing or to postpone their respective competitions is a matter for each league as autonomous bodies within the game. This is in line with government advice at this time. It is not felt that all grassroots fixtures need to be cancelled as a matter of course at this time, although some may need to be if teams are self-isolating and are unable to play, or if teams are concerned about playing and the league agrees to postpone.
  11. I think the quote is regarding Illogan Reserves off Dave (3rd week in a row for JC fixture....nightmare!) so The statement was Illogan had a depleted regular first team but options from the 2nds if called upon
  12. I was sent off for that last year!! Apparently denied a goal scoring opportunity but in all honesty was a clumsy t*t who lost situational awareness of the line and was on the right hand side of the penalty box......attacker was nearby 🤔
  13. Glen I get it but do you not think if as a club if you made the effort to travel but might not have made it on time their would have been an option for Bude to ‘hang on’ and the 2:30ko delayed if you rung them enroute.....I’m pretty sure as a player when I had arrived at the ground got changed and was out warming up to be told a team would be 15min late I wouldn’t have chucked the cabbage patch kids about and stormed off 🤷‍♂️
  14. These leagues are now Combo and ECPL in all but name! Same standard same players......same teams! On that evidence I don’t see why the remaining combo and ECPL sides would wish to remain where they are as the travelling issue has gone.........The burning question I would pose now though with this new development is where does that leave the Combo & ECPL do they continue (with no teams!) or are they to be made up of sides from the top division of Duchy and Trelawny respectively?......Combo and ECPL been thrown under a bit of a bus here unfortunately. The FA have created a step 7 league with the same format that was already there
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