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  1. He’s claimed the hat trick on the team sheet I have been sent Tempo 😂😂 Agree on Sam top clubman off the pitch and collects the subs off the lads every week and is the clubs top Goalscorer on the pitch 👍
  2. Penryn v Porthleven 2001 by any chance the game in question Dave?.....unbelievable that we ever played that game my passing was never the best anyway but to hit a ball that would literally stop after 5 yds due to the surface water on Penryns immaculate surface did bring a bit of a tear to the eye 😳😢
  3. Modern game and modern players Dave 😂🤨
  4. ......Also making sure they don’t load up 😂😂
  5. Haha I am a sprightly 45 Chris and Gareth is 42 but I agree he looks much more haggered and older 😂😂 good game to referee, both sides with a good attitude throughout the 90 min and were mostly playing with smiles on their faces and hardly any dissent which was good to witness especially with the shortage of referees at the moment - Two sides behaving as they should be and credit to them 👏. Some quality performances on a tight pitch, of note the TMS back line that looked good quality and comfortable playing from the back, Couple of misdemeanours I had to deal with but no permanent trips to th
  6. Trelawny Div 3 TMS 2nds 2 - 3 Holmans 2nds
  7. No problem Chris I believe Jason Kempthorne stepped in. Looks like their was a couple of games yesterday without one
  8. Trelawny 3 St Agnes 3rds 0-14 Holman SC First win of the season for Holmans however having conceded 29 goals in two games it’s obviously tough going for St Agnes 3rds at the minute Goalscorers Sam King (4), Neil Anthony (3), Steve Knurek (3), Marcus Peters (1), Ross Williams (1), Leo Julian (1), Martyn Ivey (1)
  9. I’ve been taking a photo of both team sheets Glen as the general D&G is not to physically exchange if possible. Whilst the Combo hasn’t issued anything formally Trelawny gave some guidance a couple of weeks ago (below) Following the meeting of the league Committee on Thursday 10th it was agreed that untill further notice, Ithat due to restrictions set by the government, FA and the CCFA that the following be observed. 1. Team sheets should be completed as per rule and retained within the team sheet booklet. No copies should be swopped at any time with opponents or match
  10. I took it that as the advice had come from CCFA via ECPL and RAO the bit of common sense was to apply it universally 🥴 “Following advice from Richard Pallot(CCFA),the following will apply for this season. NO Teamsheets to be presented to the match referee:but Substitutes may be given verbally but not within the confines of his changing room.“
  11. Chris technically the team sheets are a league requirement not referee and refs were instructed last week not to exchange team sheets but note the subs and write them down in order to reduce social contact. For the last 2 weeks I have taken a photo of the completed sheets.......mainly because I’m a lazy git and can’t be arsed to write them down 😳🤨😂 The league instruction was released yesterday so your secretary should have passed it on to you prior to the game 😳
  12. E mail went out yesterday please see below
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