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  1. Genuinely gutted to see this news. Gala Park one of the best grounds in Cornwall (if not the widest!!!) who always gave a warm welcome to anyone visiting. Very hard to come back from losing a team at that level hopefully enough players have remained with a manager in place to ensure the St Piran side at least continues for the remainder of the season
  2. Two sin bins in the same match it’s £40 and a 1 match ban……I know! I was surprised too!!!!
  3. Keep the match reports coming @RAPPO me old mucker which is really what the Forum should all be about 👏 It’s entertaining and far more people will appreciate the words and stay silent then the odd person who has a ‘need’ to voice a difference in opinion 👍 sadly having gone to the ‘dark side’ if I wrote one now it would probably offend every ground I visited if they were not dialled into the Sarcasm and would end up on the ‘naughty Step’ every week I’ve only done one this season as a spectator and it caused ‘ripples’ keep the flag flying mate for honest football match reporting- doing a sterling job 👏
  4. Doing a cracking job mate and I’m sure all that playing experience helps. 👏👍
  5. The Referee shortage is not just down to abuse but a general wider issue of people no longer wanting to give up their valuable time so that others can do want they want to do with minimal appreciation received in return. The friendly, approachable good natured clubs, teams and individual players out there far outweigh the odd village idiot that abuse referees however Football is not just about playing, clubs need volunteers to run things and they are also in short supply and these priceless individuals are getting less and less as well. Their is a general apathy across grassroots football and sadly their is no golden solution. Reduction in needless over the top abuse of referees would help but their is a far deeper problem with people reluctant to give up their time or appreciate the people that do that needs a generational shift in the current attitude and clubs holding their members to account for stepping over the line before things will improve
  6. Porthleven 5-4 Sticker Gala park looking fantastic with criss cross stripe lines on the pitch and basking under a bright yellow sun and clear blue sky no better place to be. game of two half’s - All Port in the first half running into a 5-1 lead and looking totally in control. Sticker must have had a couple of energy gels at half time as Port decided to try playing a bit of tic tac football and lost their intensity, Sticker pounced and got themselves back into the game and at 5-4 and with 10 to go made it very uncomfortable for the home side however credit to Port they held on with their very young side and secured the 3 points
  7. NIT v Holmans - Off (+ Holmans visit to Frogpool on 28/8) Apparently the ‘Boardmasters’ variant is continuing to make itself felt!! What were they doing up there? Did all the attendees decide to just have 1 great big massive game of Twister??? 😳😉
  8. I said ‘eleventy billion’ and you said 3! Who is everyone going to believe now? 🤷🏻😂
  9. Full Time Rosudgeon 2-0 Holman SC Last time the Chairman and I watched the firsts it was Boxing Day against Illogan and we were rubbish and lost. In that time we have had another lockdown although nobody could be arsed with it and everyone went to work or drove their car any way, Illogan who we played that day had to get their Secretary to write to himself to inform his league Secretary self that they couldn’t be arsed with the Combo league anymore, England got to the final of a major competition but when it got to penalties couldn’t be arsed with them so lost The big bright yellow thing in the sky definitely couldn’t be arsed with this summer and decided the best way to make all the holidaymakers super angry is hide behind big angry grey clouds since the schools broke up, ………What I’m trying to say (badly as usual) is this general ‘apathy’ is a recurring theme and it decided to make an appearance at Rosudgeon as well. When I say the match was awful it wasn’t helped by a pitch the size of a postage stamp with an 18 yard box only about 1 yard away from the touch line making it tighter then Liam Willoughby’s pocket when he finds out he’s getting the round in. The only thing smaller then the pitch was the distance the crowd were from the touch line on one side which is fine when they are not being ‘boisterous’ However the local village idiot appreciation society were out in force on their annual day out and thought it was funny not to move even when the ref asked them to politely move back eleventy billion times! Apparently Combo grounds don’t need to be roped anymore which can fuel the question is Combo just the the Trelawny Premier Plus league in all but name now? As for the match it was so compressed nobody could get the ball down and play so if Spanish Tika-Taka was one end of the spectrum this was at the other with bells on and that lack of space meant that the Olivia Newton John classic track ‘Let’s Get Physical’ might as well have been played over the tannoy - a particular ugly moment was Liam Phillips for Holmans seeing if the Rosudgeon keeper could bounce off a post (he could) but definitely a foul deserving of being sent to the 2nd step of the naughty step. Holmans had their chances and two penalty shouts one of which I think could be compared to one of those James Bond films where the unlucky witness to a murder standing far to close to the edge of the train platform gets ‘pushed’ at the same time as the train arrives!!, Not given though so instead I’m going to dust off the old cliche for the first report of the season (gone big early) and the words Barn & Door were never threatened and if they were it was in the farmers field 2 fields over. Rosudgeon took their chances from two set pieces both free kicks funny old thing due to the Tusanami of fouls the first from a cross and the 2nd a well hit direct kick that the Holmans keeper probably should have done better with but I think was unsighted by his ZZ Top Beard blowing in the wind into his eyes. Anyway final score 2-0 to the home side but like the gift that keeps on giving a bit like the ‘Boardmasters Variant’ of Covid we are back down to Rosudgeon in a couple of weeks for a cup match! When we say ‘we’ I mean the team as I think the chairman and I are now banned from watching as we are 2 for 2 on the loss to watch ratio 😳
  10. Watched Truro Reserves play yesterday - A very talented side, well coached and played some neat passing football. Will undoubtedly hold their own in the St Piran league and whilst I’m not a big fan of the jumping leagues scenario they would have looked very out of place in the lower divisions for the ability they have in the squad.
  11. On league positions it ‘should’ be selection order as below however as we all know it’s not done that way and voted on. #1 Mawnan (Prem) #2 Goonhavern (Prem) #3 Mullion (Div 2) #4 Falmouth (Div 3) #5 Dropship (Div 4)
  12. Well done to the Trelawny League in providing competitive fixtures at the end of the season. I am sure all the players appreciated the opportunity to get their boots back on 👏
  13. With that member name change Reno I nearly thought you were coming back to Holmans!!! 😉😁
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