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  1. CSOM 0-3 Holman SC 3 Goals, 2 Penalties (Kyle Marks x2), 2 Red Cards (Home Side) 1disallowed Goal (Bobby Hopkins) a dive that William Defoe in his death scene in platoon would be proud of (Liam Willoughby) all played on the wonder of 3G - just another normal week in the Trelawny League 😁
  2. Away fixture against either side is tough Ted. We drew Penwith Exiles away in the same round last year and crashed out so it’s safe to say we aren’t the luckiest side for junior cup draws 😳
  3. Junior Cup Holmans v Redruth Res - ON No surface water so we are going to give it a go
  4. Holmans v Frogpool still currently has no ref if anyone wants to make a few quid and prevent me having to do it as I would rather play
  5. I made a comment to the CCFA a few weeks ago that maybe they need to think about some workshops that up to two club representatives attend in which some guidance is given on LOAF and how to officiate where to position themselves nothing over detailed but at least something! Those club representatives are then the ones called on to officiate rather then ‘billy’ the 18 year old who runs the line each week and gets on with about 10 minutes to go when his side are 8 nil up......billy is obviously my imaginary friend but you get the drift 😉 this problem isn’t going to go away unfortunately and whilst Paul Murphy works miracles turning water into wine he’s going to run out of even water soon so this is going to become a more regular issue that the leagues and County might need to figure out how to address
  6. Both leagues basically say the same it’s 3 - rule extract below for both leagues. Just for interest if ever in doubt the league rules are on both the relevant FA FULLTIME league websites links to both here on the forum at the top of the relevant league thread pages COMBO (M) A Team shall not include more than 3 Players who has/have taken part in 3 or more senior Competition Matches during the current Playing Season unless a period of 21 days has elapsed since they last played.For the purpose of this Rule a senior competition is one at Step 7 or higher in the National League System.Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a fine in accordance with the Fines Tariff. ST PIRAN m. A Team shall not include more than 3 Players who has/have taken part in 3 or more senior Competition Matches during the current Playing Season unless a period of 21 days has elapsed since they last played. For the purpose of this Rule a senior competition is any league playing at Step 6 of the National League System and above and their associated cup competitions. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a fine in accordance with the Fines Tariff. Doesn’t matter Alan even the Trelawny league has a rule that you are limited on how many players can play from a team in a higher league the only recognition of ‘Senior’ & ‘Junior’ in Cornish football now is the County Cups it’s now all about ‘Steps’ (Not the dodgy 90’s pop act) you are right about Combo though it is classed officially as NFA the same as Trelawny
  7. Trelawny Premier Holmans 2 - 2 Threemilestone I'm still trying to figure out if we are gutted about dropping 2 points in a game which we dominated for long periods or relief that we got an equaliser with 8min to go to grab a point.....it was one of those games!!! TMS on a good run and we knew it would be tough having seen their result last week but on a great pitch at Blaythorne and I have to say the groundsmen has worked miracles this year but we just never got going.....didn’t help in the 42nd min Bobby decided to get himself on the scoresheet this year just a shame he decided to do it for TMS the horses arse......cracking header though proper looping one that hung in the air majestically for about 3min Quick chat at half time probably about the weather and if Madonna really should be touring again at 103 years old in a leotard and we cracked on luckily the home side levelled it with an Adam Brown worldie.........Anyone that knows Browner knows that statement means it’s a 3yd scramble-tap in!!! To be honest we were pretty much in control 2nd half and the visitors keeper once again was displaying 1973 polish heritage (he was MOM by the way) and true to form we gifted one down the other end 1-2. Luckily a couple of pressure corners resulted in a TMS defender wanting to play netball but forgetting the fact in football handballs on the line are a bit of a no no. Spud stepped up and luckily didn’t do a Jack Mankee or Neil Pitt and slotted it in the back of the net with 8 min to go 2-2 final score next week we host Goonhavern but no match report I’m afraid I’m having a weekend off - I could make it up (pretty much like I normally do) but off to have a mid life crisis and run.....well kind of waddle the Berlin Marathon 😂
  8. Glen I get it but do you not think if as a club if you made the effort to travel but might not have made it on time their would have been an option for Bude to ‘hang on’ and the 2:30ko delayed if you rung them enroute.....I’m pretty sure as a player when I had arrived at the ground got changed and was out warming up to be told a team would be 15min late I wouldn’t have chucked the cabbage patch kids about and stormed off 🤷‍♂️
  9. Trelawny Premier Holman SC 3-0 Lanner first home game of the season, pitch and changing rooms looking fantastic and the odd shaped ball chuckers adding to a really lively sporting atmosphere down at Blaythorne. We promptly decided to bugger that up by playing pretty garbage first half and missing the 6 min penalty through jack Mankee didn’t settle the nerves too much either! Normallly I don’t dwell on penalty misses but the amount of grief I got last year for the semifinal miss with even a song dedicated to it means it gets a mention 😳😂 To be fair Lanner were much improved and their keeper seriously had a 1973 Polish aura about him (that comment has just been lost on 80% of this forum😉) 0-0 HT Holmans were shooting towards their equivilant of the Kop end (scoreboard end) and got the breakthrough with a Rob Hopkins header from a corner which settled everyone down a bit browner whacked in 2 more to make it 3-0 although the jury is out that maybe Danny park got the third in his last match before he becomes a tax dodging student but a satisfactory 3 points keeps Holmans top but need to improve before the really tricky visit of Threemilestone next week. Game today very well reffed by stand in Danny Inch 👍
  10. Paul give me a shout when you need the info regarding Holmans.
  11. These leagues are now Combo and ECPL in all but name! Same standard same players......same teams! On that evidence I don’t see why the remaining combo and ECPL sides would wish to remain where they are as the travelling issue has gone.........The burning question I would pose now though with this new development is where does that leave the Combo & ECPL do they continue (with no teams!) or are they to be made up of sides from the top division of Duchy and Trelawny respectively?......Combo and ECPL been thrown under a bit of a bus here unfortunately. The FA have created a step 7 league with the same format that was already there
  12. What now happens to the remaining 7 sides in the combination league? Do they continue with an additional 9 sides from Trelawny Premier or Is the combo to discontinue and the 9 sides are absorbed into the Trelawny league???
  13. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  14. is living the dream

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