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  1. Marazion - A Club that’s folded more times then a cowboy in a saloon bar playing Texas hold-em!!! 4 division jump they must have had a speech of ‘Churchilian’ proportions to be accepted i am still of the opinion the 5 remaining clubs in the Combo if absorbed into Trelawny Premier would have made it the most competitive evenly matched league it could be with minimum impact and clear promotion and relegation to St Piran but sadly that doesn’t seem to have ever been an option! Now we have this hybrid league thrown together with potentially mis matched sides that originated from over 5 divisions! Anyway it is what it is so no going back now!!! Will grab the popcorn and look for the entertaining scorelines on a Saturday night
  2. Surprised Neil has gone but best of luck to him he’s a good manager with a proven track record and I hope he’s back in local football in the not to distant future
  3. I have nothing against sides taking the opportunity to progress but would question the competitiveness of a league which will draw teams from over 4 divisions - players don’t like losing.......players really hate being on the end of a hammering fair play to Carharrack they kept it going this year as did Ludgvan in SWPL but it could be pretty embarrassing for the league if some ‘comedy’ scorelines start to appear and sides as a result start to struggle for players Which believe me will happen..........I could be totally wrong and I usually am but the current applicants/members and the league they were in with position they finished is below considering the combo sides finished in the bottom half of the Combo would it not be wiser to make a decision to stop the farce and put them into Trelawny premier keeping all the leagues competitive especially considering their are 2 spare places with Penwith and Halestown folding!!! combo (19 Sides) pendeen (12) lizard (14) Culdrose (15) porthleven (18) Carharrack (19) Trelawny Premier (14 sides) penryn (3) Helston (5) St Day (9) St Agnes (13) Trelawny 1 (14 sides) Rosudgeon (2) Wendron (3) Perranporth (4) Lanner (8) Hayle (10) Trelawny 2 (14 Sides) Ruan (1) No League St Ives
  4. So by my reckoning the Trelawny Premier if it stays at 14 could look something like this Illogan Mawnan CSOM Holmans stithians St Buryan Troon Threemilestone Rosudgeon Probus Newlyn Lions Goonhavern Newlyn NA St Keverne i didn’t include Halestown as they were in the relegation place in TP and St Agnes were the other side in the bottom 2 but they were promoted to Combo!! 🤔 its an interesting mix personally I’m glad to see Illogan and Mawnan in there with us and CSOM so could still be a good close scrap for the title and throw the newly promoted TMS and Rosudgeon in as well could see some really good close games. the advantage the Trelawny has on Combo is the fact the sides are closer together in league positions and the majority of the better sides in Div 1 are moving up naturally through promotion rather then ‘application’
  5. Ground grading is no longer enforced when applying to Combo
  6. The Combo needs to be a bit more proactive here in my opinion if they want their league to continue! Has the committee sent out letters or contacted the ‘eligible’ clubs in the Trelawny Premier to invite them to apply or are they doing a Kevin Costner ‘Field of Dreams’ position here of “if they build it they will come” If the teams from the Trelawny Premier went into Combo to fill the 9 spots CTB mentioned it would leave only the 3 bottom sides from TP - this saves the Combo however if the league committee is waiting for a mass amount of clubs to apply they may be disappointed as it looks as though a lot of clubs are waiting to see how it all pans out as next seasons promotion may be straight from Trelawny to st Piran the way it’s going
  7. These leagues are now Combo and ECPL in all but name! Same standard same players......same teams! On that evidence I don’t see why the remaining combo and ECPL sides would wish to remain where they are as the travelling issue has gone.........The burning question I would pose now though with this new development is where does that leave the Combo & ECPL do they continue (with no teams!) or are they to be made up of sides from the top division of Duchy and Trelawny respectively?......Combo and ECPL been thrown under a bit of a bus here unfortunately. The FA have created a step 7 league with the same format that was already there
  8. What now happens to the remaining 7 sides in the combination league? Do they continue with an additional 9 sides from Trelawny Premier or Is the combo to discontinue and the 9 sides are absorbed into the Trelawny league???
  9. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  10. is living the dream

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