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  1. What now happens to the remaining 7 sides in the combination league? Do they continue with an additional 9 sides from Trelawny Premier or Is the combo to discontinue and the 9 sides are absorbed into the Trelawny league???
  2. Premier Troon 2-3 Holman SC Not the greatest advertisement for local football as both sides who were maybe not exactly overjoyed to be playing each other for a 2nd week in a row with unbelievably a 3rd one programmed in for next week in the Dunn Cup I think we are just rebranding February ‘Troon Month’. The away sides unbeaten start to 2019 continued mainly down to Kyle Hampton taking his two chances to give the visitors a 0-2 lead which should have put the game to bed but credit to the home side and a bit of dodgy defending they dragged themselves level with 15min to go 2-2. Luckily (for us) a 3rd goal for Holmans gave us the 3 points.
  3. Unless he can be in Camborne &St Just at the same time probably not Ralph as he was watching Kyle at Blaythorne at 1530
  4. Prem Holman SC v Troon is ON Blaythorne Pitch marked and all ready to go 👍
  5. Having played four lanes this season and going on that ‘experience’ I would imagine that the players from Four Lanes may not have made life easy for the man in the middle who volunteered his time and effort to ensure two teams could have a kick about for 90min - if not happy get the clubs officials to put a written report in but the game is over result stands I would move on.
  6. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  7. is living the dream

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