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  1. I will bow to your technical knowledge David and come to think of it may have seen a sign mentioning it was 3G and only footwear that resembled slippers your dad would wear are permitted😂.......all I do know is that it’s better then the artificial pitch that looked similar to Luton’s and Qpr’s mid 80’s efforts that I used to play on as a kid that involved 2 weeks of skin grafts and a unique connection to bed sheets post match😵
  2. Camborne School of Mines 1-0 Holman Sports Club (Trelawny Premier) Entertaining match at Falmouth School at the new * not 4G pitch definitely 3G as something to do with rubber crumbs sand and artificial stuff* (see below post edited at 1012)😉 which I have to firstly state because as we lost it was probably the highlight of the afternoon what a fantastic facility it is over there, great changing rooms, brilliant showers lovely surface and more importantly the gift that keeps on giving as I’m going to spend the next 2 weeks finding little black rubber pellets in places you would least expect!! 😧 On to the game we always knew it was going to be tough against a good young side and just to make sure we had to nip around Camborne and kidnap a few people and bundle them in the back of a car as a couple of regulars were out working or attending baby showers!!!!!!! (I kid you not - Bobby) CSOM were pretty much on top most of the 1st half but we were more organised then a child’s school bag the night before the first day of a new term and managed to keep the home side at bay and even had a chance to take the lead. 2nd half got a bit feisty in a game that had been bubbling under for the first 65min when CSOM took the lead through us switching off at the back but 5 min later erupted as the home sides CH went on one of those I’m going on an adventure from lord of the rings moments up the pitch but lost the ball on the edge of our box then attempted what I would describe as the Hong Kong phooey manoeuvre to get the ball off our RB........carnage ensued and a str8 red resulted. A couple more yellows to keep the CCFA budget ticking over in the last 15 including my annual donation and sadly despite a bit of pressure in the last 10 with the extra player we couldn’t find a way to get back on equal terms so a loss but entertaining match on a glorious sunny Cornish afternoon and I think jack mankee and Reece montieth would have slept well last night with the ground they covered yesterday top effort from them both 👍 Next game for us just for a change is Goonhavern.........again! As we have another go at finishing off our junior cup 1st round fixture at Blaythorne 2pm ko
  3. Pitty

    ludgvan deducted points?

    He’s got the experience and proven track record to get results (Hayle, Penryn, Illogan) if he can just get a solid regular squad together they will be organised and might just settle the ship.....obviously biased but good luck to him for taking it on ??⚽️
  4. His unprovoked action injured the linesman who was unable to continue Dave as he took his right knee out so that was the reason of the abandonment as the linesman is classed as a match official. Obviously all of this now in hands of CCFA so I won’t comment further on a public forum just didn’t want a player to be hung drawn and quartered on here for a silly mistake that he apologised for afterwards
  5. Ref Holmans v Goonhavern the player had scored a goal in the dying minutes the testosterone and elation of scoring had kicked in and he decided to take the out of the Lino of the home side by sliding towards him in his celebration and ended up misjudging it and taking him out and going through him silly & foolish, yes of course and something neither team wanted to see and a str8 red deservedly received and match abandoned due to the action against an official......before everyone starts building gallows and gets the tar and feathers out though just to add that no punch was thrown towards John the Holmans Linesman. The player realised he had made a huge error in judgement and sought out john after the game to apologise which is admirable as not all players would have done that so a rather strange ending to 115 minutes of a full blooded cup game
  6. Haha I like the ‘Zorro’ hashtag though good to show a bit of passion - in the context of my original post though would a non-appointed referee associated with the home side been swayed by the reactions on the sideline and the players on the pitch and awarded the goal still despite the flag going up ?
  7. 3 observations about the ref situation 1.the ref appointer does a great job and moves mountains with limited resources to ensure the majority of games have an official ‘impartial’ qualified person to conduct a game between 22 grown men who occasionally may feel they disagree with a decision given 2. All clubs pay the CCFA a yearly financial sum to be provided with a service over the season - if that service cannot be provided should clubs be reimbursed 3. Their are too many teams and not enough players or referees. do the leagues need to look at how many divisions they have and reduce the size of their leagues Having played in a game yesterday that had a ref appointed at the last minute on reflection after the 90min of a full blooded affair with let’s just say a few ‘talking points’ I am glad we stood our ground and insisted on a CCFA provided official and not someone provided by the home side. I am sure whoever would have done it would have done a sterling job but their will alway be that doubt they might have subconsciously been influenced into making alternative decisions - and this is coming from someone who had a penalty awarded against them (was cast iron though should know better to wave my hands about thinking I’m at a rave in Ibiza in 1993 when someone is going to try and flick the ball over my head ??)
  8. Holman v St just off - away side unable to raise side which to be honest is. bit of a joke with 36hrs to go to try and secure some players
  9. Div 3 Holman Sports Club Reserves 2 - 0 Troon Reserves great first win of the season for the home side nice to finally get some points on the board ?
  10. So a football secretary with a computer then ???
  11. We may need miners lamps to finish the last 20min!!!! #darkness
  12. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  13. is living the dream