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  1. These leagues are now Combo and ECPL in all but name! Same standard same players......same teams! On that evidence I don’t see why the remaining combo and ECPL sides would wish to remain where they are as the travelling issue has gone.........The burning question I would pose now though with this new development is where does that leave the Combo & ECPL do they continue (with no teams!) or are they to be made up of sides from the top division of Duchy and Trelawny respectively?......Combo and ECPL been thrown under a bit of a bus here unfortunately. The FA have created a step 7 league with the same format that was already there
  2. Chippy maybe the pecking order regarding the county cups should then look at clubs within the county that sit within the NLS and those that reside outside and adjust accordingly. Maybe rename one the ‘Premier’ cup for the NLS sides and the ‘’Johnson Paint Trophy’ 😉 for the recreational leagues Some positives from the restructure is the reductions in numbers within the Combo league now down to 16 and the fact it remains a league that comprises members in the West of the county that reduces travelling times i think going forward now to ensure the future of the Combo the application ‘letter of intent’ process needs to be abolished and it is a straight promotion and relegation into and out of Trelawny Premier every season ..........although just to add the team that have just won the Trelawny League Premier played 50% of their matches on 3G (don’t get me started on that advantage) wilI wonder how that would sit with the Combo Committee as no mention of it on the entry criteria
  3. Sad to say but with the ground grading gone is the Combo league now not in all sense and purposes an extension of the Trelawny League (Premier + so to speak) without the problematic travelling of the new St Piran. Over 50 years of history sadly sat in a slightly awkward place as a stand-alone single division between the trelawny & St Piran now without the entry requirements that elevated its stature above FHFL & Mining Leagues of days gone past. A positive step to reduce the teams to 16 but if in the eyes of the CCFA the Combo and ECPL are classed as ‘recreational’ leagues so why are they also competing in the Senior Cup???
  4. A few years ago no other games in Cornwallwere allowed to take place on Easter Monday when the JC & SC were held at the same venue. Whilst still a great day for the teams and their supporters who are participating, the sense of occasion seems to have been lost with the split for the neutral
  5. Trelawny Prem Illogan v Holmans SC 1pm kick off followed by Combo fixture at 3pm illogan v Hayle
  6. Trelawny Premier next season and allow the leagues above to settle down with the new structure.......also and probably a bigger factor is the lads are enjoying their football this year much better to be competitive and play with a smile on the face then be the whipping boys on the end of a drubbing week in week out if we can consistently play well and hold our own a bit further up the current table next season the decision to apply to go back up might be made but the structure needs to be right both on and off the pitch which is why this advertisement has gone in early before the end of the season to allow a new management team the opportunity to work with the good players we have and bring their own thoughts and ideas to Blaythorne .............And Ted no I’m not going anywhere near management again thanks very much 😂😂
  7. The way it’s going Dave the better combo sides have made the decision to stay where they are
  8. Jamo many thanks for helping out - the paramedics patched him up in the club but when we went to take him home blood started flowing down his leg when he stood up so with no Dutch boy on hand to stop the flood and with the paramedics still in attendance they carted him off to check him out at the hospital.......he will live we gave him a man up pill and a can of red bull so should be good to go for Stithians away on Saturday 😉
  9. Holman SC v Illogan match abandoned 65th min Illogan 0-2 up but nasty ankle injury to Holmans player resulted in Illogan down to 10 men and ref deciding to cancel game just to add after the Truro 3hr wait Saturday the paramedics here within 30mins 👍
  10. At least its str8 up the A30. Apart from Pendeen, St Ives & Hayle its about the closest they could get
  11. Rich makes a very pertinent point about the volunteers who make clubs happen - They are the lifeblood of the local game and from what I can see are in a permanent decline with less people being asked to do more. It won't matter about the decline in players if the stalwarts behind the scenes become more and more frustrated and leave the game for good as the enjoyment factor is no longer there.
  12. I have been asked to post this on behalf of the Holman Sports Club Committee as unfortunately our current manager who has done a cracking job will be relocating to the North of the UK at the end of the season and a 500 mile round trip on a Saturday may even be beyond his commitment levels Managerial Vacancy Holmans Sports Club first team require a new manager for the 2019/2020 season. The team currently plays in the Trelawny Premier League and has been rebuilt over the past year in to one which can more than hold its own in the league and boasts x7 regular starters this season aged between 18-22. With some exciting talent already in the team and a great atmosphere in the changing rooms and off the field, the club is looking for the right person to continue the development of the squad by keeping the current players together, while being able to add some more depth with the addition of a couple of quality signings. The club want to ensure that the team and ethos that has been built this season is not lost. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate where everything is set up for them to really challenge next season. Please PM me so you can be put in touch with the management team. Applications should be received by Friday 19th April and will be handled in strictest confidence, with the intention that a decision is made by Friday 26th April so they can be introduced to the players before the Summer break.
  13. What now happens to the remaining 7 sides in the combination league? Do they continue with an additional 9 sides from Trelawny Premier or Is the combo to discontinue and the 9 sides are absorbed into the Trelawny league???
  14. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  15. is living the dream

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