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  1. None that I know of Rich but my point is unlike the 1st Lockdown in March in Tier 3 Clubs can still play outside of the league format. Irresponsible yes in the current climate and with the leagues cancellation setting a precedent not to play but legal also yes........look on the bright side with the football cancelled again the weather is going to be fantastic for the next few weeks with guaranteed no rain and clear blue skies 🥴
  2. Then maybe the CCFA as the governing body should consider that if the leagues want to treat Cornwall as if we had gone into Tier 4 rather then Tier 3 where football is allowed under current rules they may wish to release blanket countywide D&G and suspend all football UFN. If anything this pandemic may have taught us is that if it’s not spelt out like talking to a 3 year old the rules can be stretched to still be within the letter of the law but might be viewed as socially unacceptable
  3. Thanks David for posting the decision.......who would be a fixture Secretary good job the league had the foresight to reduce the divisions to 10 giving it a fighting chance to still maybe complete the season by the end of May 👏👏😳🥴😫 The ironic thing with this is unlike the first lockdown clubs can still organise friendlies until the league starts up again. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I can back that up just received an e-mail from referee appointer stating only Flexi & Sunday continuing and just had my game Saturday cancelled 🤷‍♂️
  5. Why not the top team can be considered for promotion and the 8 teams that finish bottom of the pool games can play off for a bottom 2 relegation 🤷🏻‍♂️ Place the 4 teams that lose the first play off play again the two sides who don’t win finish bottom
  6. Disagree - why tread water? Why write off 2 seasons? Unprecedented times sometimes require thinking outside of the box. Speaking from current experience their is real player apathy out there at the moment! Give teams something to aim for! Yes it might not be a league title in a traditional format but it is still an opportunity to win something and celebrate it and also if possible towards spring play some competitive football
  7. The st blazey comment was a joke can we move off that back on to the finishing the league idea 😂😂
  8. I’ve just waded through 7 miles of mud walking the dog!!!! The chances of a full fixture list this weekend is remote but the chances of the country going into a Ross & Rachel from friends ‘we are on a break’ is high! Most sides from the Combo have at least 16 games left to play......The big question is this ‘will the league fixtures be finished?’ Let’s be honest Probably not the way we are going😳 Food for thought! Come the end of Feb could a team get 6 in? Yes? How about If the league can’t be decided break it down into 4 groups of 4 depending on league positions 1,5,9,13 pool A 2,6,
  9. A massive element to a Saturday afternoon is the opportunity no matter the result to relive it over a beer like a forensic slightly unhinged episode of ‘Cornish CSI’ sadly that opportunity unless a clubhouse has recently invested in a Kebab Machine or in partnership with a well known pasty manufacturer has been taken away and this Boxing Day onwards it will be for the first time for Cornish Clubs the sobering reality it’s ‘pitch up’ - ‘play’ - ‘go home’ which is frankly rubbish however necessary if we have any chance of completing the league fixtures! local football sadly needs to ad
  10. He’s claimed the hat trick on the team sheet I have been sent Tempo 😂😂 Agree on Sam top clubman off the pitch and collects the subs off the lads every week and is the clubs top Goalscorer on the pitch 👍
  11. Penryn v Porthleven 2001 by any chance the game in question Dave?.....unbelievable that we ever played that game my passing was never the best anyway but to hit a ball that would literally stop after 5 yds due to the surface water on Penryns immaculate surface did bring a bit of a tear to the eye 😳😢
  12. Modern game and modern players Dave 😂🤨
  13. ......Also making sure they don’t load up 😂😂
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