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  1. ECPL

    Fred Binks Cup ?????

    FRED BINKS PREMIER DIVISION CUP QUARTER FINAL DRAW Dates TBA Polperro v St Austell Tavistock v St Stephens Borough Torpoint Athletic v Liskeard Athletic Millbrookm v Plymstock United
  2. And your point is. When a computer goes down , it goes down so stop being a smart ass
  3. ECPL

    Fred Binks Cup ?????

    This will be drawn at Callington v Tavistock match on Saturday
  4. Premier Division Launceston 2 Looe Town 1 Callington Town 4 Tavistock 1 St Stephens Borough 1 Wadebridge Town 3 Division One Morwenstow 1 St Stephen 4 Newquay 3 Lanreath 4 Padstow United 2 St Teath 1 Roche 2 Mevagissey 2 St Blazey 1 St Minver 3
  5. MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL Fixtures For Saturday 5th January Premier Division Callington Town 4 Launceston 3 Millbrook 5 Looe Town 0 Plymstock United 2 Tavistock 2 St Austell 2 Wadebridge Town 1 Division One No Fixtures Roy Radford Division One Cup sponsored by The Shoe Boy quarter final first leg Morwenstow 9 St Blazey 1 Newquay 2 St Minver 2 St Teath 1 St Stephen 2
  6. All this to fix what was not broken in the first place.
  7. MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL Premier Division Millbrook 6 Wadebridge Town 0 St Austell 0 Callington Town 0
  8. It would appear that under the new rules for the step below the Peninsula League the ECPL will be able to accept as many teams as they want from the Duchy League. Any thoughts?
  9. MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL RM Graphics Design League Cup Quarter finals Saturday 2nd February Mevagissey v Callington Town Polperro v St Austell St Minver v Torpoint Athletic St Stephen v Plymstock United
  10. Premier Division as at 26th December Name Club League Cup Tot Matt Barton Polperro 17 6 23 Max White Callington Town 7 7 14 Gino Garside Plymstock United 10 3 13 Sam Lane Polperro 8 4 12 Ben Holter Saltash United 11 11 Jake Howson Plymstock United 7 4 11 Jake Howson Plymstock United 7 4 11 James Green St Stephens Borough 10 3 10 Bentley Alcantara Liskeard Athletic 7 2 9 Eobbie Spencer Polperro 6 3 9 Jordan Bunworth St Stephens Borough 8 1 9 Lee Robinson St Stephens Borough 6 3 9 Division One Name Club League Cup Total Sam Hockin Morwenstow 19 1 20 Norman Foster Morwenstow 11 11 Craig Coad St Stephen 6 1 7 Courtney Rowe St Stephen 4 2 6 Steve Wootton St Minver 5 1 6 Darren Roose Padstow United 5 1 6 Any different let me know
  11. RM Graphic Design League Cup Second Round Launceston 2 St Austell 3 (AET) Roche 1 Torpoint Athletic 2 Premier Division Looe Town v St Stephens Borough (Postponed) Plymstock United v Liskeard Athletic (Postponed) Polperro 3 Millbrook 1 Tavistock v Callington Town (Postponed) Division One No fixtures WEATHER PERMITTING
  12. Premier Division Callington Town v Millbrook (Postponed) Liskeard Athletic v St Austell (Postponed) Looe Town v Torpoint Athletic (Postponed) St Stephens Borough 2 Polperro 5 Wadebtridge Town v Saltash United (Postponed) Division One Lanreath v St Blazey (Postponed) Morwenstow v St Miinver (Postponed) Newquay v Mevagissey (Postponed) Padstow United v Roche (Postponed) Roy Radford Division One Cup sponsored by The Shoe Boy quarter final first leg St Stephen v St Teath (Postponed)
  13. Premier Division Callington Town v Likseard Athletic (Postponed) Plymstock United v Torpoint Athletic (Postponed) St Stephens Borough 5 Launceston 2 Tavistock v Wadebridge Town (Postponed) Division One Lanreath 4 St Minver 3 Mevagissey v St Blazey (Postponed) Newquay 0 St Teath 0 Padrtow United 1 Morwenstow 6 Roche v St Stephen (Postponed)
  14. Nope, have checked every day since posting and it still says 4-0 Are you looking at the right season.
  15. Durning Lawrence Cornwall Charity Cup First Round Polperro 9 Ludgvan 1 Premier Division Callington Town v Looe Town (Postponed) Launceston 2 Millbrook 2 Liskeard Athletic v Sr Austell (Postponed) St Stephens Borough 3 Torpoint Athletic 6 Division One St Teath 0 Padstow United 4