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  1. 😘🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ I forgot it was! 😆 this is genuine trust me!
  2. KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION EAST Holsworthy 1 -4 Millbrook Torpoint Athletic 1-0 Axminster Town KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION WEST Dobwalls 1-3 St Austell Liskeard Athletic 2-2 Penzance Porthleven 3-2 Launceston Saltash United 4-0 Godolphin Atlantic St Blazey 3-1 Camelford St Dennis 1-4 Mousehole Sticker 2-4 Callington Town Wadebridge Tn 1-4 Helston Athletic Wendron United 0-2 Bodmin Town
  3. KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION EAST Stoke Gabriel 1-3 Millbrook Torridgeside 2-4 Torpoint Athletic KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION WEST Falmouth Town 2-2 Liskeard Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 1-3 Helston Athletic Launceston 2-1 Newquay St Austell 2-3 Saltash United WALTER C PARSON LEAGUE CUP (only involving Cornish clubs) (2.30pm ko) FIRST ROUND Dobwalls 1-1 Wendron United St Blazey 3-1 St Dennis
  4. Camelford 1-3 Callington Penzance 0-2 Porthleven Wadebridge 1-4 Mousehole
  5. FA VASE Bodmin Town 3-1 Buckland Athletic Camelford 2-1 Ashton & Backwell Helston Athletic 3-0 Axminster Town Saltash United 2-0 Porthleven St Blazey 2-1 Falmouth Town Torpoint Athletic 1-0 Portishead KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION WEST Dobwalls 3-0 Sticker Mousehole 2-2 St Austell Penzance 2-1 Wadebridge Town St Dennis 1-3 Wendron United
  6. KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION EAST Ivybridge Town 1-3 Torpoint Athletic KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION WEST Bodmin Town 3-0 Launceston Callington Town 2-1 St Dennis Godolphin Atlantic 0-2 Mousehole Helston Athletic 4-0 St Blazey Saltash United 3-0 Sticker
  7. Liskeard Athletic 3-2 Camelford Newquay 3-0 Wendron United Wadebridge Town 1-1 Dobwalls
  8. KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION EAST Holsworthy 1-3 Torpoint Athletic Sidmouth Town 1-4 Millbrook KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER DIVISION WEST Bodmin Town 3-0 Penzance Callington Town 0-2 St Austell Camelford 1-3 Launceston Falmouth Town 1-0 Dobwalls Godolphin Atlantic 2-2 Porthleven Mousehole 4-2 Liskeard Athletic Newquay 1-3 Saltash United St Dennis 0-3 Helston Athletic Wadebridge Town 1-1 St Blazey
  9. East: Lanreath 0-10 Saltash United Reserves Scorers: Lloyd Jones 3, Callum Brown 3, Connor Pritchard-Lee, Calum Courts, Alfie Daw and Mason Long Great start to the season
  10. Godolphin 2-1 St Dennis Helston 3-1 Wendron Penzance 2-2 St Blazey Porthleven 0-4 Mousehole Saltash 2-0 Launceston St Austell 3-1 Falmouth Sticker 0-2 Wadebridge
  11. Marjon 2-0 Millbrook Camelford 0-2 Dobwalls Liskeard 5-0 Callington
  12. Millbrook 3-0 Torridgeside AFC Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Crediton United KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER WEST Bodmin Town 3-0 Newquay Callington Town 1-0 Wadebridge Town Helston Athletic 3-2 Liskeard Athletic   Launceston 3-0 Wendron United Mousehole 5-0 Camelford Saltash United 5-0 Penzance St Austell 3-1 Porthleven. St Blazey 3-1 Dobwalls St Dennis 2-4 Falmouth Town  Sticker 0-2 Godolphin Atlantic
  13. Premier West (7.30pm)St Dennis 2-2 Dobwalls (6.30pm) Bodmin Town 1-2 Callington Town Penzance 0-3 St Austell
  14. Premier East Elburton Villa 1-3 Millbrook Plymouth Marjons 2-1 Torpoint Athletic Premier West Camelford 0-2 Godolphin Atlantic Liskeard Athletic 4-0 Sticker Newquay 3-0 St Blazey Wadebridge Town 3-1 Porthleven
  15. SATURDAY 10 AUG FA CUP (3.00pm) Saltash United 3-1 Clevedon Town Willand Rovers 2-0 St Austell PREMIER EAST (3.00pm) Millbrook 3-1 Elmore Torpoint Athletic 4-0 Sidmouth Town PREMIER WEST (3.00pm) Bodmin Town 2-4 Mousehole Penzance 1-1 Wendron United Porthleven 2-0 Dobwalls St Blazey 3-1 Callington Town
  16. Callington 1-4 Saltash Falmouth 1-0 Moushole Newquay 1-0 Helston
  17. Look at it a different way.. would you want your club's reserve side playing in the same or higher league than your first team? Doesn't make sense. I just don't see HOW it could happen anyway regardless of the rules. Let's say your reserve side is in contention for promotion to the same league as your first side.... you'd dilute the playing staff in to one good team and one emerging team. That would naturally even the balance to where it should be
  18. I was waiting for (and hoping) this would happen......
  19. This is precisely the way it should've ben done Dave in my opinion
  20. I think this just highlights the disjointed relationship between the (national) FA and amateur/semi-pro game not just here in Cornwall but all over the country. For decades our game here has been undervalued under-supported and underfunded. Some clubs in Cornwall have barely got through their season this year and it's only down to the dedication of those behind the scenes that they still exist. Being coerced into a position where clubs are forced to add to their expenses and expectations put on the playing staff (ie travel) will inevitably mean more clubs will cease to exist on the pyramid at that level. Maybe that's what the FA want? From the outset it seems rather authoritarian move from the FA
  21. Bodmin Town 2-2 Camelford Callington Town 2-0 Launceston Cullompton Rangers 1-3 Exmouth Town Elburton Villa 1-4 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 2-1 Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 1-2 Newquay Millbrook 1-0 Torpoint Athletic Sticker 1-4 St Austell Tavistock 2-4 Saltash United
  22. Camelford 1-3 St Austell Elburton Villa 1-4 Tavistock Saltash United 2-1 Callington Town Ivybridge Town 0-2 Falmouth Town
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