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  1. His unprovoked action injured the linesman who was unable to continue Dave as he took his right knee out so that was the reason of the abandonment as the linesman is classed as a match official. Obviously all of this now in hands of CCFA so I won’t comment further on a public forum just didn’t want a player to be hung drawn and quartered on here for a silly mistake that he apologised for afterwards
  2. Ref Holmans v Goonhavern the player had scored a goal in the dying minutes the testosterone and elation of scoring had kicked in and he decided to take the out of the Lino of the home side by sliding towards him in his celebration and ended up misjudging it and taking him out and going through him silly & foolish, yes of course and something neither team wanted to see and a str8 red deservedly received and match abandoned due to the action against an official......before everyone starts building gallows and gets the tar and feathers out though just to add that no punch was thrown towards John the Holmans Linesman. The player realised he had made a huge error in judgement and sought out john after the game to apologise which is admirable as not all players would have done that so a rather strange ending to 115 minutes of a full blooded cup game
  3. Haha I like the ‘Zorro’ hashtag though good to show a bit of passion - in the context of my original post though would a non-appointed referee associated with the home side been swayed by the reactions on the sideline and the players on the pitch and awarded the goal still despite the flag going up 🤔
  4. 3 observations about the ref situation 1.the ref appointer does a great job and moves mountains with limited resources to ensure the majority of games have an official ‘impartial’ qualified person to conduct a game between 22 grown men who occasionally may feel they disagree with a decision given 2. All clubs pay the CCFA a yearly financial sum to be provided with a service over the season - if that service cannot be provided should clubs be reimbursed 3. Their are too many teams and not enough players or referees. do the leagues need to look at how many divisions they have and reduce the size of their leagues Having played in a game yesterday that had a ref appointed at the last minute on reflection after the 90min of a full blooded affair with let’s just say a few ‘talking points’ I am glad we stood our ground and insisted on a CCFA provided official and not someone provided by the home side. I am sure whoever would have done it would have done a sterling job but their will alway be that doubt they might have subconsciously been influenced into making alternative decisions - and this is coming from someone who had a penalty awarded against them (was cast iron though should know better to wave my hands about thinking I’m at a rave in Ibiza in 1993 when someone is going to try and flick the ball over my head 😉😩)
  5. Holman v St just off - away side unable to raise side which to be honest is. bit of a joke with 36hrs to go to try and secure some players
  6. Div 3 Holman Sports Club Reserves 2 - 0 Troon Reserves great first win of the season for the home side nice to finally get some points on the board 👍
  7. So a football secretary with a computer then 😉😂😂
  8. We may need miners lamps to finish the last 20min!!!! #darkness
  9. Refs are allocated by the county not the league and you can’t expect the co-ordinater of that list to know if the ref allocated played for a club on a wet and windy January in 1998 😂 A ref can request to be allocated to another game if they feel their may be a conflict of interest and i know a couple who have done it over the years if they have a strong connection to a club or may have a close family member playing. LLF ‘let it go’ mate far to early in the season for all this nonsense 😉
  10. Penzance Reserves 6 - 2 Holman Sports Club Reserves Not the greatest start to our league campaign. Things didn’t get off to the best when waking up in Dartmouth this morning after a works doo and discovering that i’d dropped a logistical left bollock as it was a Saturday and eleventy billion cars were heading down the A30 and I obviously still had to cram in a fat boy brekkie before the two hour trip.........I think the wife is still talking to me after slowing down and shoving her out the car as we passed Camborne on the way past to Penzance but I made it with at least a minute to spare nice to be playing back at Penlee Park lovely old ground and pitch looking resplendent and green (opposed to blue which would be weird). We did our usual methodical warm up as in talked rubbish for 40min did a couple of lunges and tried to pass a ball 5 yds without looking foolish......the added technical drill of ‘Keppie Uppie’ clearly had the home side quivering at one point when we got to at least 3 in a row on to the game - PZ were knocking the ball around well and I was instantly regretting that cooked breakfast 4 hours earlier but we managed to go 1-0 up after lumping a ball up to Conor upfront and were looking lively until the first of our injuries cropped up when Mitchy pulled his hammy......well it was either that or Franco realised we had exceed the Trelawny League ginger player rule even though mitchy in an attempt to evade this stigma had died it a bit ginger blonde so we had to pull him off the pitch for being made of glass and put all the rest on ginger overheating safety watch due to the big yellow thing in the sky making an appearance. Sadly it all went a bit pear shaped at this point and Ben gave away a penalty normally I’m a bit sceptical on contact but the home player didn’t go for to many theatrics which was a tad disappointing as I like a good Elias from platoon moment With adagio for strings playing in the background. Al got a hand to the resulting penalty but chose that moment to go more limp wristed then Alan Carr at a hot tub convention. A second for the home side followed soon after and we then went into Japanese pilot kamikaze mode for 15 min gifting PZ another two before half time which meant I was really looking forward to the half time team talk - luckily we stayed out on the pitch and managed to hide any crockery from Franco to chuck but most importantly kept all the gingers in the shade preventing any of them catching on fire. things were a little bit lively in the 2nd half and both sides did some commendable hacking....I appear to have left some skin off my right buttock down in PZ after an over ambitious slide tackle that probably should only be attempted on a wet soggy January afternoon and not in the sun drenched August on grass cleverly disguised as sandpaper .....I don’t think I’m the only one bed sheet sticking could be a national sport. We got a penalty to make it 4-2 but sadly the home side got another 2 and then just to cap it Kyle enjoyed getting his yellow in the first half so much he asked the ref very kindly to give him another in the 2nd to which he replied of course and as you asked so nicely have this rather snazzy red one too!!! Oops! So a loss which is a shame but quite a few positives to work on and PZ will defo be up there for the season challenging although might be interesting if they can play their style and keep their cool on a wet Tuesday night at Stoke 😉 Onwards and upwards for the boys from Blaythorne lots of stuff going on - off and on the pitch this week but the new nets kindly contributed by the CCFA are all ready to go up for the season for our first home game at blaythorne in 10 days time 👍
  11. Even better as the home side beat Holmans not Troon the statto that is CTB got it wrong😂 just warming up my match report be out later when I can maybe move after a hot bath.......lots to sarcastically comment on 😉
  12. Pitty

    Combo prediction

    The score line coming out of Port would suggest Carharrack are going to have to dig in for a long hard season with 37 games to go 😳
  13. Both Ted - schoolgirl error didn't have my emergency plastic bag with 10 sheets of Andrex finest in it.....I blame pre-season out of practice
  14. Good hustle and bustle (is that a word!!!) down at Illogan park in a spirited pre-season friendly. Bit of a disaster at the start due to lack of toilet roll but once that issue was overcome with a pair of spare socks it was game on 😉 still getting to know my new team mates so half are still referred to as ‘mate’ however they are a friendly bunch and although I have been at the club longer then some have been alive we all seem to be getting along swell.......well apart from my screw up for the 3rd goal but hey why change the habit of a lifetime. The rain over the weekend changed the surface considerably from rock hard granite to just pure concrete so that was a bonus however no one dared any 15ft sliders due to a fear of overnight sticky sheets and a skin graft at barncoose A+E. New Inn Titans (NIT) had the wind 1st half and after 15min took the lead from a punt over the top but from the angle I was looking at looked a tad offside however I think Francos daughter who was running the line for us was distracted by an update on her phone about 💗 🌴 so must have understandably missed it. pleasingly we hung on in there and had a few chances and probably should have converted a couple but were finally rewarded with an equaliser but I can’t remember who scored it as I was probably just glad to have a rest as the ball was down the other end of the pitch and I was blowing out my backside at 1-1 NIT undoubtedly have some handy players in their side and their number 11 who I will refer to as ‘butterbean’ was having a grand old time pulling all the strings till we told Grasso to go and annoy him but they were creating some good stuff and earned a 2nd goal to go in 2-1 up at half time. 2nd half both sides had chances and a few controversial moments involving back passes and free kicks but all in all nobody came away with any nasty fines. Ivey & Keeno felt we needed a bit more possession in our last 3rd when I say possession I mean let’s take on 4 players and try a few Hail Marys and hope we don’t get dispossessed.......we got dispossessed!!! So that was occasionally troublesome and I screwed up for their third goal thinking in the words of the great Louis Armstrong “we got all the time in the world” and I didn’t and was left with that sinking titanic feeling trying to look around and blame someone else......like goalies do but realising maybe yes I’m a horses arse 3-1 and a few minutes later a 4th sealed it for the home side but Matt &Grasso kept plugging away in midfield and released Tom to slot home a deserved 2nd for us. Before the end Gibbo in goal managed to pick up his 12th injury of the game we may have to call Lee majors and rebuild him like the 6 million dollar man although that was a 70’s show so with inflation and brexit that price has probably risen to 6 billion so some freeze spray and a pint of Guinness will have to do instead. good luck to Trooners side for the season I’m sure they will do well and for us a defeat but lots of positives before the big kick off away to PZ next month on the 18th
  15. This could be a bit of a challenge!!!! Clijah never been the most pure of surfaces but whoever has gone up there and dug mine shafts then covered them over during the closed season should be sent to the naughty step on a serious note the council stating half a football season to sort out could prove a bit of a nightmare!!! (CCC statement below) https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news-room/media-releases/news-from-2018/news-from-july-2018/clijah-croft-playing-field-out-of-action/
  16. Making a comeback with them this season Martin 😉 looking forward to playing for Francos barmy army in Div 3
  17. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  18. is living the dream