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  1. Cheating is OK then. Doesnt matter about the injury. Just as long as TCFC have another crack at winning a game they were about to lose. Because its all about staying up.
  2. Club just released a statement. A fractured humurous. Micheal is in a cast,and gone home to Paris. Could be out for 3 months.
  3. I agree. The guy was on a stretcher,and obviously in pain,but how would moving him to the sidelines cause him more pain. Then you had the Chairman chucking his two pennith in saying they didnt have any security after 6:00. Also statements from the Club only state a suspected injury,if the player was released from hospital yesterday, why no statement of his injury and how long he could be out.
  4. Thats the whole point of the meeting to see what interest Truro supporters have.
  5. UPDATE. There was a meeting last night between representitives of the disbanded Truro City Supporters Club and TISA. Discussions were about the possibility of forming one supporters group. A OPEN MEETING for all Truro supporters,is planned for Thursday 25th April 7:00 at the Central Bar in Truro.
  6. Seen the Clubs annual financial report. So much for the owners telling everyone the Club is debt free. I can see why we have this crazy loan system at the Club.
  7. I think we are there. Must win,with a clean sheet.
  8. Drop a couple of League's, bring in Steve who would build a squad of young promising Cornish talent. A lot less travelling,saving finances,building a lot more Cornish interest,and maybe getting the community back into the Club. New owners have already said they would like to have a reserve team with a youth set up. If this did happen,I would certainly start watching TCFC again.
  9. Have the new owners,got different ideas for next season.? Exactly what I predicted. Remember you saying something different. I have also heard rumours,the new owners are also prepared to drop a few leagues.
  10. After a EGM , called by the Official Supporters Club,last night,after the annoucement of the change of owners at Truro City. It looks like the group ,was a shambles,and have called it a day,and are now seeking talks with another Supporters Group,to try and move forward under one banner. Funny how this happens,as soon as the old regime announces,they have sold the Club.
  11. Look where we were ,when he was brought to the Club.
  12. Well if the current owners,actually kept Leigh Robinson in the loop,and informed him of the take over,and answered his phone calls,when the manager found out on social media. Just maybe Leigh,would feel wanted. Now he has to listen to this garbage,that you are spouting. Leigh has proved ,if he is given the backing,instead of being treated like something off your shoe,he could do a job.
  13. Trouble is,people actually fall for Masters rubbish. Question is. Contracts were signed on Friday night. So who''s idea was it to reduce admission prices,and who kept the gate reciepts.
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