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  1. I can see the way the squad is shaping. A few more Academy players to sign.?????????
  2. Representitive of the new owners,the Cornish Pirates,was at the launch of the new Truro Supporters Trust,last night. Colin Groves addressed the Meeting,and he was very positive about the future of the S4C and Truro City. Lets hope ,this really is the start of a bright future.After all,we have heard all this before.
  3. Absolutley. Is Paul building a good solid defence. Keep a clean sheet,and you dont lose the game.
  4. Noah Keats signs for the season,after impressing against Exeter last night. Squad ,slowly coming together.
  5. Louis Rooney sign's. Good signing. Should score a few goals in Southern League Prem.
  6. And I thought things were going to improve with the new owners in place.
  7. Niall Thompson has signed a contract for this season.
  8. First Pre season get together tonight for TCFC. Several Chelsea Academy lads,in attendence.
  9. Cory Harvey,has refused to sign a contract extension,and said he is leaving Truro City.
  10. Despite being offered a contract at Truro City. Tyler Harvey has decided to join Bath City.
  11. It is also looking like the new owners are going down the route of bringing in young promising talent. If this is the plan,it needs to be implemented and applied for a few season's,and not abandoned within a month or two,like the last time.
  12. Dan Steadman,a 18 year old goalkeeper signs for Truro City,from Wendron.
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