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  1. Well they would do.Truro dont create any atmosphere. A bit hypocritical really. In one sentence you say a poor crowd,was hardly surprising because of the weather. Then in another sentence you say well done to all the Stones fans that made the long journey,to make up a quarter of the crowd. Was the weather different,where the Stones fans were standing. Its called having a Club where everyone sings from the same hymn sheet,something TCFC are a million miles away from. Not good news today about S4C. Think the slide will begin before the Stadium get built.
  2. somersetspur


    Top effort,lads.
  3. somersetspur

    Tyler Harvey.

    Just signed a new contract at Taunton. Club with ambition,getting players on long term contracts. Unlike some Clubs ,who seek the the cheaper option of short term loans.
  4. somersetspur

    Tyler Harvey.

    Rocky has 14,so far this season.Playing up at Taunton. Doing really well. Top player.
  5. somersetspur

    Tyler Harvey.

    According to rumours,a five figure sum is being put on Truro's table ,for Tyler Harvey.
  6. Im sure Pete Masters will do a welcome home special. Bargain at £15:00.
  7. somersetspur


    R.I.P John Webster. Played in many Malabar v Carharrack games. Johnny was more than a handful. Condolences to all his family and friends.
  8. Strange statement by the Club. Returning for St Albans,and possible cup replay. Nothing about returning for the rest of the season. Surely the League will not allow TCFC, to wonder to and fro from Torquay. Will also be very interesting to see the team that plays and what players are available,and will all the management team turn up.?
  9. somersetspur

    Truro staying at Torquay !

    Spot on. I have major issues,with him,along with many others.
  10. somersetspur

    Truro staying at Torquay !

    Looks like others listen as well. Who is the fool Goldeneye.
  11. somersetspur

    Truro staying at Torquay !

    I have never heard so much rubbish in all my life. Not even going to bother to reply to any those responses.
  12. somersetspur

    Truro staying at Torquay !

    OK superdario. As others have said,the owners are in it for the money.Why else would one of the owners be involved in football,when he never attends any games,and would'nt know what a football was,if it smacked him ,full in the kisser. Here is a list some of Masters achievements since taking over. RESERVE TEAM =GONE. YOUTH DEVELOPEMENT =GONE. LADIES TEAM =GONE. SOCIAL CLUB = PERMANTLEY SHUT. PROMISED A NEW STADIUM AT SILVERBOW = HE FAILED. PROMISED NEVER TO MOVE FROM TREYEW RD,UNLESS THERE WAS A NEW STADIUM TO MOVE INTO. =HE FAILED. TOOK TRURO CITY OUT OF CORNWALL. Oh yes ,superdario,I cant understand all the anamosity.
  13. somersetspur

    Truro staying at Torquay !

    If true ,its disgusting,that certain players and management,are dictateing where Truro City play their games. Treyew Rd is sitting there all ready for games of football,but the Club may not return because these people dont want too. Who the hell do these people think they are.
  14. somersetspur

    Truro v Wealdstone--OFF

    Yes they are in credit. Helical sponsorship money,plus bank loans, against the club and other income,means they are not pumping in their own money, that is being ,reported.
  15. somersetspur

    Truro v Wealdstone--OFF

    TISA and other supporters,kept the Club going on a weekly basis,with fund raising and collections ,with players deferring their wages,whilst in administration,allo Masters and Perryman to swoop. So yes,others did step in to save the Club.FACT.