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Friday night games are great for attendances. Lots of players/officials/managers like to watch occasionally and many fans don't mind watching as a neutral. The committed fans can then watch reserves or other games on Sat. Obv not convenient for you, but more winners than losers.

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In that case I will wait in anticipation for the attendance figure on Friday althought it is now Wednesday and raining so no doubt the referee has already called it off !

The only previous SWPL Friday night at Bickland was 2008-09 v Blazey only 131 was recorded

For your collection Big Al

Tonights Bodmin v Torpoint Throg.Cup called OFF yesterday 10-00am

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Falmouth 2 - 1 Penzance

1 Bodmin 21 17 3 1 77 16 61 54
2 Parkway 21 15 3 3 55 29 26 48
3 Elburton 21 14 3 4 49 29 20 45
4 Launceston 24 14 2 8 46 34 12 44
5 Tavistock 24 14 1 9 58 42 16 43
6 Saltash 21 11 4 6 57 26 31 37
7 Camelford 23 11 4 8 49 26 23 37
8 Liverton 24 11 3 10 51 36 15 36
9 Ivybridge 23 11 2 10 51 48 3 35
10 Witheridge 18 10 4 4 44 24 20 34
11 St Blazey 22 9 7 6 54 35 19 34
12 St Austell 19 11 1 7 31 29 2 34
13 Newquay 22 10 2 10 51 41 10 32
14 Torpoint 23 6 5 12 32 48 -16 23
15 Falmouth 23 5 6 12 31 48 -17 21
16 Bovey 22 6 3 13 28 62 -34 21
17 Cullompton 22 5 1 16 27 67 -40 16
18 Liskeard 25 2 4 19 31 79 -48 9
19 Penzance 26 0 2 24 17 120 -103 2

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Whats this I seen on twitter about Kevin knowlesy having a bit of hassle in the tunnel at half time with a Penzance player

I question the appointment of Kevin Knowles for this game when he is a Falmouth person with his nephew playing for Falmouth. On top of this two penalties turned down and surprise surprise one of them against his nephew. Not sour grapes but facts that were backed up by neutrals and referees assessor at the game.

Kevin is a good ref but should have declined this game when asked to fill in at late notice. Just to answer 'the man himself' Kevin did not fall out with a Penzance player in the tunnel.

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Kevin has not lived in Falmouth for at least for 5 years, he has every right to referee Falmouth town. I actually live in Falmouth and have been appointed 3 times at bickland, good referees are impartial and Kev is definitely one of them. It was a very poor game last night and it grips my shxx when people start blaming officials when in fact teams are really not good enough for standard they are competing in.Even if Howard Webb was refereeing they would still complain.

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I was at the game and maybe i didn't see the incidents, but don't remember any time where i thought there should of been a penalty given. Thought the ref was equal to both sides and that's all you can ask. I've watched 3 Falmouth games recently and i thought this was the worst they'd played, but probably just about deserved the result. stood near a group of pz fans and one said "if there was points for moaning, we'd be alot further up the table" which probably sums up why the ref booked a couple of pz players in the second half. Thought the crowd may have been bigger for a fri evening fixture, i'd guess at about 125.

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This was a very poor game and Falmouth found it difficult to pass to their own players and were very slow in going forward. Although I do not agree withj any ref from the same town as the team offficiating. the standard was good. Also I do not think that playing this on a Friday evening drew many ,if any more spectators. Surely this arrangement canonly be for very close teams as dragging teams all the way from Devon on a Friday evening would seem unfair.

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I feel that if a referee comes from the same area, or his sons/nephews or any other relative is playing for that matter the ref will usually be less lenient towards that team as he does,nt want to look biased so it sometimes backfires.

Kevin Knowles is a top Referee (absolute dirty player mind you) but would definately give what he sees 100% if it was a penalty then he could,nt of seen it or it would have been given. Maybe sometimes as players/managers chairman ect we see what we actually would like to see

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