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  1. Why is the ludgvan v st day game postponed ???
  2. I took in the Illogan v Falmouth game and wasn’t disappointed as the game had everything and a good end to end game. Both sides looked to play football and the young illogan side after a slow start played some really good football and the lad CJ I think he’s called looks a very good prospect. Looking forward to seeing the new stand go up as the concrete slab is all in place ready, does anyone from the club know when the new stand is coming?
  3. St day , illogan, helston, redruth Utd and wendron with all great youth set ups and they will all only benefit from it
  4. They have a very young side throughout and from what games I’ve seen they have been playing plenty of young players, the 16 year old Kinsman started a couple of games , the Cornwall u16s player CJ starts most weeks and then you can look at Condie and Adams who are both 18/19 who also start most weeks, best of luck to them I say, it will only put the club ina stronger place going forward
  5. Illogan v Redruth 5-1 illogan played so great football in the 1st half and done most of the damage, 2nd half they brought on some quality young players and from speaking to others they are involving lots of youth this season which will only help them long term , will done to all involved at the club
  6. Would say Hayle, Mousehole and Mullion should be ok , Ludgvan and Penryn hold water and st ives well you never know with that pitch
  7. For a start yourself was on a good wage there 🤑
  8. I know he has fingers in pies but don’t know what they are but when you put money into things you expect something back which the players he bought in didn’t repay him for what he’s paid out, the figures I’m hearing is not “your normal” £20 a game
  9. When will perranporth learn, the chap Denton has been and gone so many times and as soon as results don’t go his way he jumps ship. what are the odds that the players he signed for cash will now bugger off and leave the club in the 💩
  10. There was a lot of moans and groans around perranporth last night, I was stood between the two dugouts and let’s just say the players bit the hand that feeds them.
  11. Is there any hot food available on the day as might have a day out and don’t fancy doing a packup???
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