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  1. bigbadbarry

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 8 December 2018

    Is Danny Ford not in goal for the 1st team anymore??
  2. Didn’t watch the game but heard it was a cracker, any reports, line ups etc...??????
  3. bigbadbarry

    Perranporth appoint new manager

    Should be a one club rule, to much movement it’s hard to keep up with who’s gone where
  4. bigbadbarry

    Perranporth appoint new manager

    It seems to be take what you can when you can these days, no loyalty but as you rightly said that’s football today
  5. bigbadbarry

    Perranporth appoint new manager

    Or they could just take a team from another club 😜
  6. Seems like the easy thing to do nowadays is to just walk away when things get tough
  7. They will be off to mousehole next ??
  8. Perranwell are on a good run, great to see the club getting back to how it was
  9. bigbadbarry

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    What was the starting 11s please???
  10. I normally watch games at illogan next to the tea hut but ventured around by the clubhouse and the club has a great family feel to it m, the manager handing out sweets to all the young lads was a nice touch but think the adults enjoyed them more haha
  11. Strange game really as illogan played all the football but couldn’t convert chances, perranwell good on the counter attack , sloppy defending for the Wells 1st and 2nd goals and the 3rd goal coming late on When illogan pushed on for an equaliser. Personally think a draw would of been a fair result but with perran taking there chances the points went there way, a great afternoon for football and got to say the illogan ground looked fantastic, managed to have a sneaky peek in the home changing room and must say what a set up, well done to all those involved
  12. Illogan v perranwell for me, watched the cup game a few weeks ago and was a well contested game with a few incidents which went through the mill on here
  13. With Argyle 1st team having many injuries there swpl side are still doing well, when they start getting players back it should only make the swpl side stronger?
  14. bigbadbarry

    ludgvan deducted points?

    When was he at those clubs as going back over the last 10/12 seasons can’t think of him