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  1. Nice to see all the new boys making an impact for st Dennis 😂
  2. Was right about a Hayle won’t be long until a mr Q steps in to rescue them
  3. Redruth have also brought players in for games 🎣😉
  4. Hayle will struggle to get out of there poor form if they continue to play as they did tonight, that said helston looked good but how good will they be when the 1st team play on the same day
  5. Illogan are now the boys to beat, looks like it will take a good side to do it as they look to have a great squad this season
  6. I’ve was told on Saturday at Illogan that Luke Johnson has left them to also be at St Dennis
  7. Think you will find illogan are playing a lot of youth throughout the club, watched there 1st a few times and they have some top quality youngsters that play regular, great to see them doing this as other clubs are now paying the price and have lost many players by not
  8. Helston looked very poor against a poor sticker side, for all that money that is being spent on the squad I expect more football for my money, put it this way I wish I stayed home and watched England v Denmark. Will be a while before I venture to watch Helston again
  9. Illogan are the best side I’ve seen so far, lots of energy throughout the side, always constructive from the sidelines and they seem to be getting the best out of there squad. All the talk about St Day and Penryn even myself got sucked in but so far It’s Mullion and Illogan are the two sides that will fight it out for the title. The league is shaping up good and looks to be and exciting season ahead
  10. Must be on better money at st Austell to stay there And penryn never pay 😂
  11. Thought sticker was the better side and deserved the win and as you said they need to defend a lot better as will come up against a lot better strikers than tonight. Always nice to get a midweek game in and enjoy my visits to the G
  12. Penryn have players to come back, from what I’ve seen of st day they need to bring players in, mullion and illogan looking very good so far, hayle will upset a few but don’t think they have the squad.
  13. Yes it has been a very poor start from them this season, watched there opening game v illogan and thought they couldn’t get any worse then they lost to helston 5-2 which could of been more (so I read as wasn’t at that game) and then this weekend losing on pens to what looks like on paper a penryn 2nd team
  14. Wasn’t at the game last night but after watching them on Saturday I said on here they need to ship a few out and bring in some fresh faces, maybe the manager being one of them, st day have lots of people doing Good things off the pitch and it’s a shame to see things going bad on it
  15. More than likely that when the new gaffer came in he brought in all new players and kicked out the old ones now that the 1st have lost a few players they are taking from the 2nds leaving them short. This is happening far to often these days and clubs always blame players but they need to look at why they can’t get players in or back at the club
  16. Went to St Day and watched a cracking game of football today, got to say the pitch looked fantastic and credit to all involved. I missed the first two goal as had to park up the road but still got to see a load more, watched both of illogan games now and got to say they have a cracking squad that in my eyes can do good things and they scored some real quality goals in the 2nd half. St Day had a few new faces but think it will take them time to gel but looking at some of there attitudes I dout a couple will stay around and think the manager will need to be stronger and get rid of some dead wood. Today was a great advert for this league and all in all a great day
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