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  1. Seen that the St Day managers wasn’t at the game on Saturday ? Have they stepped down?
  2. Has the other pitch passed ground grading for combo football??
  3. bigbadbarry

    Who would be a manager

    What team do you manage?
  4. bigbadbarry

    Who would be a manager

    What are the longest serving managers around in combo, I know kimmo and Steve curnow are long serving but what else is about??
  5. Was the changing rooms locked?
  6. Good game at perranporth tonight . Illogan started well but then Perran scored aginest the run of play which got them going but couldn’t get the 2nd goal , then illogan got a life line with a pen which then moved the game in there favor and they finished the 1st half the better side. Perran came out the better side in the 2nd half and got there 2nd goal and had a few more chances but to no joy, some good subs from the illogan bench changed the game and if not for some poor finishing they could of pinched a point. Ref had a good game and the game was played in front of a good crowd so all in all a good advert for local football
  7. I’ve seen on the peninsula page about loyal members and players, think there are more loyal people involved at combo level with the likes of kimmo at Aggie and the curnows at st just. I visit lots of local grounds and it’s nice to see clubmen doing what they do for there clubs so I’ve put this up so some appreciation can be shown for these people and what they do not just on a Saturday but through the week
  8. bigbadbarry

    Loyal members

    Wow that’s a lot of years service there, well done to you all, I’ve got a soft spot for st day as a club and will be taking a few games in there this season and especially looking forward to when they play illogan as was always great games when both 1st teams met
  9. bigbadbarry


    Makes a lot of sense 🧐
  10. bigbadbarry

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 14th 2018

    The bloke steadman hasn’t got a good track record tho, everytime I’ve watched him play he always seems to be on one
  11. bigbadbarry

    Carharrack v Illogan

    Finished 7-1 but could of been a lot more , going to be a long season for carharrack as for illogan they looked a good squad with plenty of depth with quality also in the bench, on a better pitch they look like a side that can play very good football. A good match between them and lizard on Saturday should be a good test for both sides and I’ll be there wanting to see the outcome
  12. Carharrack looked like they have given up as a club, looking very run down, the grass on the pitch was ankle high and a very poor surface to play football but think it will actually help them as it’s not a pitch to come and play football which is why illogan struggled at times.
  13. Also looking at the port goalscores did they also load up????
  14. bigbadbarry

    Ludgvan Appoint New Manager

    Doesn’t look like it
  15. bigbadbarry

    Porthleven AFC Linesperson

    He went to mousehole 😂
  16. bigbadbarry

    Ludgvan Appoint New Manager

    What now for ludgvan, did Reno actually bring any players in apart from the 3 from Titian’s ?
  17. bigbadbarry

    Ludgvan Appoint New Manager

    The players left before he took over so he knew what the job was. Maybe thought with a pot of money would do the trick and get players in