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  1. Sorry Older, Mr. H has obviously been reading my posts!!!
  2. Q). How do footballers keep their cool during a match? A) They stand near the fans! Boom boom!🦊
  3. Spot on 100%, that’s why I’ve been advocating the roll over, so we don’t get caught out again by a new winter variant as some virologists are predicting. But no, the FA will plod on as usual, losing the plot as they look backwards over their shoulders rather than forwards to what might be coming (Oh no, I’m beginning to sound like BIG AL again!).
  4. Don’t despair 100%, the FA will sort it all out. Hmmm, on second thoughts, do despair!
  5. Consistency has never been a strong point with human beings, particularly when they’re given power! What do they say? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
  6. While the England football team were visiting Brazil for the World Cup they went to visit a local orphanage. ”It was heart-breaking seeing their sad little faces with no hope” said João, aged 6!
  7. I’m amazed that Truro have the finances to pay (probably furlough) their squad of players and a league quality manager along with all the other outgoings that don’t disappear just because there’s a pandemic. They obviously have a more stable financial position than in previous incarnations, but even so, when you see established Clubs several leagues above them struggle and fail it’s surprising that, as a little club in the far flung west of the country, they’re able to carry on.
  8. Don’t all these opinions show that we need more technology to aid hard pressed referees, not less. It just has to work! Is that too much to ask? (I eagerly anticipate a “yes” from someone!)
  9. I do hope you’re right Teflon, at least about the players. St. Blazey have been east of the Tamar for far too many years as far as the playing squad are concerned, the managers as well on many occasions. They used to train in Devon a couple of years back to save anyone having to travel!
  10. Keith, I am sorry if I offended you or indeed anybody else. I specifically didn’t mention which God I was referring to, although from the context it would certainly be monoatheistic which could still cover a number of world religions. Either way, if there is a god, and I’m still on the fence on that one, I would certainly hope that he/she has a sense of humour.
  11. Up in the far beyond, God and the Devil were having yet another dispute. “Let us settle it with a football match” said Satan. “You’re on”, said the all-mighty, “but why? Up in heaven we have all the very best players!” “Aha”, replied the evil one “but we have all the referees!”
  12. To all the “Start again next season” warriors: Think mutations, the Scientists are already developing a new vaccine to combat the new variants that the current vaccines won’t stop completely, they haven’t started on a vaccine for the mutations that haven’t happened yet (But they will). Expect regular winter lockdowns and seasonal jabs for the foreseeable future. Why start yet another season which might end in a third abandonment? Roll over this season, arrange a COVID Cup to fill the gaps and let’s see if we can play a season to conclusion! Oh, and just for Older and his gang, look a
  13. Once you’ve made a stand you’ve got to stick with it or you’ll be seen as woolly minded. Enough sports and sportspeople have made their opinions on discrimination clear without the need to publicly discriminate between the causes you support, be it racism, sexism, homophobia or any other ism’s and the like. Enough is enough, the point has been proved, I think it’s safe to get off the knee and go for a Hakka, that’ll wind up the players, the opposition and the fans. Just tell everyone that it’s a pan-phobia support stance!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AS INTERESTING YOU DO YOU’VE KEPT US SANE THROUGH THE PANDEMIC HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 💥🍸🍾🎂1️⃣ YEAR OLD TODAY🎂🍾🥂💥 NEARLY 888 POSTS (certainly will be before the day is out) and congratulations to Older, the instigator with nearly 500 gems of knowledge. Must be some records on there!
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