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  1. Wasn’t he a St. Blazey 2nd team player a couple of seasons ago? Got some first team action too I believe, but was never given the opportunities or support that he deserved.
  2. Aha, I spy a change in the weather this weekend, at long last. So it’s goodbye waterlogged pitches and welcome to our old friend; frozen pitches!
  3. Gosh Keith, I wish that the policemen of today could spend half-an-hour putting someone straight. In my experience; every ten seconds a disembodied voice over the radio tells them to do something else, somewhere else (or it’s loudly for some other officer, and you can’t hear a word that your copper’s saying anyway)!
  4. I do rather like the idea of appealing to the better side of player’s characters! You must know some very different players than I! I suspect that those players with a better side to their nature already keep their bodily fluids to themselves. Older, I am also impressed with the “smack in the mouth” sanction. I presume that this is enshrined within the Laws of the Game, along with sin bins and yellow and red cards. Come on Referees, fists before notebooks!
  5. Keith, I agree 100% it is disgusting and as you say totally avoidable. You only see sanctions applied if the spit is clearly directed at somebody. Admittedly most bacteria in human secretions need a warm wet environment to survive, so will die off in dry, cold conditions, but this year it has been warm and wet all the way! I’m not quite sure how you can tackle this issue, but certainly it’s unpleasant to observe and as you say, potentially harmful to play on.
  6. Thank-you inflicted for at least a glimmer of response to the queries above. Are you involved in the organisation of the team or just better at digging out information than I am?
  7. You can always back Boris to get his priorities wrong!
  8. I’ve known Ken in his various rôles for many years. I would join you in wishing him well during his treatment and recovery.
  9. Not surprising, the Christmas/New Year fixture congestion would put a strain on anyone’s domestic set-up. Having young children only exacerbates the situation. With the Easter/end of season backlog to come, now would seem to be the least harmful time to make a change. Congratulations to him and them for a brilliant first half of the season and best wishes to both for the future.
  10. And how much support to implement/enforce do they get from the F.A.’s at all levels?
  11. I’ll give you 3/1 that they/he won’t. Boris knows that money makes the world go around, and that his government gets an awfully big slice of it!
  12. You should offer a substantial prize to the scorer of the 75,000th goal. Would make for some interesting games over the next few weeks. With 64 goals to go when would you predict the 75,000th popping in? Current average of 4.045 per game, should take around 15/16 games, so I guess in about a fortnight or so, weather permitting.
  13. You can however blame them for not implementing/enforcing existing laws!
  14. Should this comment be on the “Kernow F.C. are through” thread? Different set up, same old argument.
  15. Surely as a contraction of “it is” the apostrophe is mandatory, unless there has been a revolution in grammar since I stopped teaching English. If there has been I apologise unreservedly.
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