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  1. Congratulations to all involved in, not only putting this support package forward, but doing it so quickly. It will be one less thing for committees to worry about (amongst many). I am only surprised that BIGAL wasn’t the first to offer his own congratulations‼️
  2. I think that “Interesting” should have its own sub-forum! Also a shout to D.D. & Rappo: Get these guys onto your Podcast. There’s precious little to talk about on the footballing front, let’s have some sage entertainment.
  3. Seems that Mark was right, full on house arrest all round! Fortunately you’re allowed out for one “piece” of exercise per day, I guess for some that will be a longer piece than others, and I guess you won’t be getting too close to others; just shout “get off of my pitch”. You really will need to get out there and keep busy though, hosepipe ban next week!
  4. Dearly beloved we are gathered here in the sight of (pretty much everybody).........
  5. And the league for allowing it. How very worrying, that’s all we need now, an outbreak of common sense!
  6. Older, does your insurance cover you for players overshooting the pitch and ending up in your new pond?
  7. Come on ECPL, the red conditional statement should surely read: ONCE AGAIN WEATHER AND CORVID-19 PERMITTING!
  8. The F.A. have announced within the last half hour that all leagues from the National League downwards will continue as normal! I honestly expect those reassuring words to remain valid for at least the next hour or so!
  9. The season isn’t over yet (although it might be very soon)! It may well be a case of “postpone the remainder of the season” until it is deemed safe to play again; who knows, August, September, somewhere beyond? Then next season, finish off this season, with only about half a seasons games to complete we should get through them whatever the weather throws at us! Add in a new set of cup games and there should be plenty enough football to go round!
  10. It does seem to be something of an anomaly that we have women officiating in the (men’s) premier league and managing some of the leading ladies teams, that we have a man at the helm of the national team. Completely agree with your assessment Keith, Neville is out of his depth, time to give somebody of an appropriate gender/skill set the task!
  11. Nice to see five comments on the Falmouth/St. Blazey game and every one concentrating on events on the pitch!
  12. Would that be the subject matter, the state of the pitches down west or the rain?
  13. A miser with scientific roots - I do like that!
  14. It is worrying when the more respected members of the forum come out as coronavirus deniers. I am no apologist for the government or the red top media (both of which I loathe), just a simple Health Care Professional who can tell the difference between scare mongering and a pandemic. As I’ve said before on this forum; young fit players will suffer little more than a bad cold if they catch it, their elderly relatives, bloke sitting next to them in the bar, or next person to use their discarded supermarket trolley could end up with a death sentence, just because they couldn’t follow simple hygiene rules. Usually I can inject a little bit of humour into my posts. Regrettably THIS IS NOT FUNNY.
  15. 50th, AGAIN Rappo?!? Either you’re wearing well, or you’ve got one of those iffy birth certificates off the interweb!
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