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  1. Which club is that then? The hosts for a lack of security/stewards? The visitors who may or may not be aware that this man is a supporter of their club. Sounds to me as if the only thing that he’s “supporting” is his son, and frankly he’s not doing a particularly good job at that. Any sanctions (and I’m not at all sure I know who can administer what) should rest solely with the perpetrator.
  2. Presuming you’re using Roman numerals; 2 - 1 doesn’t sound that bad!
  3. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️ One just wasn’t enough‼️
  4. If Mr. Chambers it is indeed Cornish, then some smart bilingual would indeed be able to translate it (possibly as “gobbledygook”). However the term “it’s better than hahaha” seems to have its roots in English but is otherwise meaningless. My online English/Cornish dictionary also seems to be at a loss‼️ You will notice that I have refrained from insulting your name (for all that it would be easy) it would hardly be civilised (look it up)‼️
  5. Hmmm, I don’t somehow think that journalism is your forte! I should just stick to shouting!
  6. I may be very wrong (everyone knows that wouldn’t be at all unusual), but I thought that VAR officials were to be recruited from the legion of retiring professional whose legs/stamina have let them down, but whose footballing brain is still intact.
  7. An absolute joke, are FIFA/UEFA ever going to take it seriously? It’s not like it’s a first offence!
  8. Well that clears that up. It is being taken as seriously as it should. Incidentally, has the CCFA morphed into the CFAL without me noticing or are they separate entities?
  9. Apologies to the CCFA, I hadn’t worked out the chronology of the incidents, maybe they are getting a grip. Thanks to the Packet (and Leroy) for clarifying that for me.
  10. More I’d have thought, plus some compensation for the damage to the flooring in the club. The CCFA really do need to clamp down, or they’ll all be at it, and the governing body would bear some (at least moral) responsibly if/when anyone was to be seriously injured as a result of these lunatic actions. I think that I’ve already made my admiration for the team and majority of the supporters in my first few posts above. Please try to read the whole thread before posting inaccurate criticism! Just concerned, not grumpy (at least, not any more than usual!).
  11. While you chose not to answer my question regarding what the club was going to do about the people who perpetrated these acts despite “knowing who the guilty parties are”, I am happy to explain myself. The casual way that you shrug off potentially dangerous activities with a whip round and move on, suggests that you don’t take these illegal actions (hence the fine) seriously. That, to me, suggests a worrying culture of ambivalence within the club structure. Explanation over. Satisfied?
  12. Flares £800, Homophobic comments £70. Yep, sounds about right!!!
  13. Congratulations to all involved, hope it all goes well for you. As a former Club secretary I know the work involved in any major development; planning permission, matched funding, contractors and the like. A sugar daddy is all very well but it’s still hard graft to get it off the ground (so to speak)! Too far for me to travel but I hope somebody can post pictures/videos. First floodlights are always a huge step in any clubs progression
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