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  1. Spot on Older, it’s apparently how You-tubers and the like make their money. I wonder what the “additional content” is. Something controversial I would hope! Question 10 indicates that the magazine itself would be free so you’d want something special for your donation, unless you’re a rich philanthropist! Perhaps they should do lots of stories about how wonderful Helston are‼️
  2. Oh dear.........competition Dave & Rappo📖❗️You wait and see, it’ll be🎤&📻before long‼️
  3. This is an awful lot of posts about one, admittedly, fairly competent player. It just goes to show what happens when there are no games to report on, or fight over and no officials to whinge about! If it goes on much longer it could even turn out to be(at) “ Interesting”‼️(although not while Older et al have a patch of grass to worship🌾🚜🟩).
  4. Since they look semi-organised, with their matching kit etc. I would be asking the Club Secretary to write a letter to the students union seeking restitution either by way of a financial penalty or a series of work parties. I’m sure you can find lots of little jobs for them (putting up shelves etc.), which might teach them a little respect (a subject not taught at university!) and might win you a few fans, or even the odd term time player! A few years ago we made up a couple of foldable frames covered in heavy duty agriculture fleece (l thought clear polythene might be better, but was ov
  5. There is no doubt that brain trauma is a precursor of dementias (definitely in the case of vascular dementia, the jury is still out on the other types, but it would clearly be a contributing factor). Even a single head injury event can be enough to to increase the risk considerably, repeated lesser impacts, as in the case of (particularly old style, laced) footballs or boxing gloves will multiply that risk. The evidence is so clear that even the F.A. (not known for their speedy reaction to anything) have banned heading in some age-range groups of youth and children’s football. I believe tha
  6. Spot on herbie. The first three words of my post rather give it away!
  7. I don’t think it’s going to work quite like that Harry. Having delayed the lockdown for far longer than we should (the Welsh got away with a two week “circuit break” by getting it done over half-term), the lockdown is now open-ended. No guarantees it will be early December, more likely a brief partial lifting over Christmas/New Year then back to lockdown ‘till we see if one of the vaccines work! Sorry!
  8. I always think that daffodils and tulips look nice on the pitch in spring🌷💐‼️
  9. Come on Older, if you were going to make something up, you could have done better than that!
  10. Looking good Older, never mind, you’ll be able to do it all again next week/month once those ruddy players have done their worst!
  11. I would have thought that the new management would take all the help and advice they could get, particularly with the experience on offer which, over the last couple of seasons, has taken the team from strength to strength. Nice to take time out though to support your son. He’s a lucky lad. n.b. ‘Twas I who suggested before the game with Lostwithiel last month that the two teams would be fighting it out for league honours.
  12. As Phineas T. Barnum so rightly (or possibly wrongly) said: “ There is no such thing as bad publicity”❗️
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