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  1. Leagues/clubs in Cornwall fall into three categories 1) Those where the players pay subs to play. 2) Those that allow players to play for nothing. 3) Teams who pay players (far too much) to play. We’ve had a year of pandemic, no income for Clubs, but then again; no expenditure for players (on nightclubs, pubs and general entertainment). It seems obvious that sub payers need to pay a little more, those who pay/receive nothing, will have to open their wallets and the “semi-professionals” will have to play for nothing or even have to dip their hands into their pockets. Players would complain (it’s part of their job descriptions) but if they want to play football, it’s pay-per-kick. We all have to look into the future and see that for the game to be sustainable we have to cut costs. If the players are that desperate for a game of football, or a Cup competition, they’ll need to pay for the privilege!
  2. Thank you Professor Older, that post, or an extended version of it, should be sent to every Groundsman/Greenkeeper in the country/world. Professional Sports Curators are almost up there with agriculture/horticulture as far as putting lethal chemicals into the countryside is concerned. Not sure about rubber granules though, maybe my friends the worms dine on them, or maybe they just sit there forever!
  3. Hi Keith, Am back. They’ve done the urgent work, although left a few dents in the bodywork! Now I have to book in after Easter for a full service! Hope you are all well. I see the Forum is much busier now that there are subjects to discuss. It’s nice to come on and find lots of posts to read, much better than coming on day after day with nothing but the odd item from the usual suspects. Mind you, usual suspects, it would have been an even less interesting lockdown without you!
  4. BREAKING NEWS The top sixteen teams from the Combination League will be promoted to the Combination Premier Division.
  5. https://footballfoundation.org.uk/game-on The title says it all, do let us know if you’re successful.
  6. Thank you for the advice, I’ve sent them my homing pigeon so I’ll be first to know!
  7. WHAT? You have to book in? And they expect me to hand in my cloak of invisibility? What is the world coming to? They’ll be expecting us to stop playing inter-ward football next. Incidentally, in the last match the maternity unit beat us 40 - 0! (It wasn’t fair they had at least two extra little feet each as well!)
  8. I think there was a song called “I’m still waiting” I won’t be singing it because I have a crap voice. My “holiday” extends like a package holiday at the start of lockdown! To get back to the point, I shan’t be challenging for any of the above records, mainly due to the facts that I am not female and I can no longer play football (as if I ever could!).
  9. Well Isaac, that should take up more than enough time to take us to the end of the “season” and beyond. A very smart idea!
  10. I know that it’s a wunch of bankers, but what’s the collective noun for daft forum posters?
  11. Part of the learning curve 100%, they gave it a try then and watched it drain reserves and so know that they can’t afford to do it again now. It’s a shame but better to lose a few games of football now, than a few teams into liquidation by over-stretching!
  12. Agreed Keith, shows a killer instinct I don’t have, I’d have stopped the scoring at half that number, or at least let them walk one in! Am playing the waiting game here, I wish they’d just get on with it, probably waiting ‘till I’m match fit!
  13. Hmmm, the stats may well be impressive but surely meaningless as a game of football, a bit like my grandson’s nursery playing Liverpool; pointless (unless it’s three for a win!).
  14. Hi Keith, I was just checking my facts and yes Blind Cricket is thriving, with a number of World Cup competitions. The ball is larger than normal and filled with ball bearings! A team is made up of at least four totally blind (B1), three partially blind (B2) and the remainder partially sighted (B3). There are a number of rule changes but the sweep shot is king. I’ve watched some on T.V. and it is both skilful and entertaining. I may not be around for a day or two as I am away on holiday (despite Boris!) two guys in a big yellow taxi took me all the way to sunny Treliske where a team of entertainers will make every moment a joy! I might get a few posts in between activities. Am most impressed that the holiday camp (at least this chalet) has real WiFi definitely an improvement since my last holiday here!! Catch up again soon. Cheers - B.T.E.
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