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  1. At last, something to feel (provisionally) optimistic about🏆! We live in hope of a government decision soonest!
  2. Well, give it a giggle emoji then, it certainly deserves one 😄❗️ (unless, of course that was sarcasm and I missed it!)
  3. I still think that “Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” was better💽❗️
  4. I see in the (top) picture that you are kind enough to provide ammunition for the football hooligans! Is this hard core for a path or potential drainage ditch? I do know that some Peninsula League clubs are being refused ground grading for having loose gravel close to the pitch, which is seen by the “powers that be” as a risk of use as missiles.
  5. It would seem that recreational cricket can return next week (after a government U turn)! However nothing yet about football, I wonder if the reason might be that Ministers and their advisers and Civil Servants have no interest, or knowledge about the game. I suspect that they believe that it’s a winter game so there’s no hurry to make a decision, absolutely no consideration for the administration of leagues and the time and effort required to organise a season. Perhaps we should get Marcus Rashford (the U turn king) to have a word!
  6. Incidentally, does anybody actually know BIGAL? I just wonder if he’s a “catfish” i.e. a comparative youngster who has decided to play (a slightly sanitised version of) Alf Garnett. For you younger ones, he was a well known bigot from the sitcom “Till death us do part” long banned for being spectacularly unP.C.
  7. I would disagree with Boris Johnson on just about everything but I would find it impossible to respect his (or do I mean Dominic Cummings?) opinion. However this forum is an entirely different matter, I like to see posts from BIGAL, Leeds and the like in the certain knowledge that I’ll get a laugh and a very different perspective on things. I rarely agree with them but it gets me thinking as to why not!
  8. Especially if you’re a pigeon eh Ieuan?
  9. Hi Bobjfh, sorry to see you go and glad that you’ve announced it or I might never have noticed. The forum is a diverse platform just like the rest of the world and there is as much room for BIGAL as there is for the stalwarts you mention and of course the “Interesting” team. We’ve all had a tough few months with a few more to come no doubt, and we’d all like to be debating a game or two, but this is where we are; live and let live. Look after yourself while you’re isolating and we will look forward to your input when you feel you have something to say.
  10. Aha, a degree of insight, at least in the first sentence, the second is more worrying. Give me a shout if you need someone to talk to.
  11. Kernowfooty, Mine was what they call a “use of a urinary catheter” post. You can indeed go and look at pristine empty pitches for the foreseeable future!
  12. BIG AL, paranoia is an irrational fear, there is nothing irrational in being very afraid of COVID-19, for those virus deniers like yourself, try another psychiatric disorder: La belle indifference, I think you’ll find that the cap fits!
  13. Did you hear that because of social distancing and the subsequent lack of available pitches for campers the government are planning to commandeer all the football pitches in the County for overflow holiday villages to save the economy, after all nobody’s going to be using them for footie this year ⛺️🚌⚽️🏕🗣❗️
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