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  1. All MQ’s work paying off at last, I’m sure he knew it was coming!
  2. Poor?; definitely, innocent? mmmmm OK maybe not, cheerful? You got me there AL, but I am definitely, certainly a person. Indeed a person who doesn’t get m(any) offers of entry/pasty/pint, so when you have the money, don’t wash here buddy!
  3. Very smart BIG AL, people with chronic misery should be staying at home and shielding, you never know when you could pass on your dreadful condition to some poor innocent cheerful person!
  4. Well done to the green army of bears. One of the few. Looked like a tough match on paper, look forward to hearing what it was like on grass!
  5. Well, fancy that, the League DID notice what was going on. Let’s see if the sport in general takes any notice of them because I got “attacked” when I mentioned the problems. I suspect that BIG AL is only the (vocal) tip of the iceberg! I rather expect that some players go to illegal raves too!
  6. To be fair Paul, I think one could make an educated guess that the weather in mid September might be better than that expected later in the year or early 2021. Might have been nice to get a few games in before the next lockdown raises its ugly head as well! Can teams prearrange games if neither is otherwise engaged?
  7. Yep, that’s about it, 50% to the club, the other 50% usually split 2/3 ways (depending on the size of the pot) e.g. 30% first, 20% second or 25% first, 15% second, 10% third. If my arithmetic serves me well!
  8. I noticed, during the month that I allowed myself to go out to the local club (daytime only and sat outside). Week one (the week of restricted hours reopening), people followed the arrows, respected the taped off seats, and were social distancing. By the last week before I gave up and returned to isolation, people were trying to stand at the bar, despite appeals from the bar staff, moving chairs so that all the untaped ones were gathered together and some of the youngsters were pushing past people, crowding the toilets and ignoring the sanitizer. Memories are short and many revert to type
  9. Most clubs have embraced the equality legislation which accepts that men and women should be treated equally (about time, they tend to live longer than us), which is why the pension age for women is creeping up faster than men’s in order to eventually achieve parity. I’m not sure where the equation is now but my club membership changed to pensioner rate from age 60 a few years back (they didn’t backdate it and give us all refunds though!).
  10. Run away brain or run away fingers possibly, but mouth? No, unless he rang you up for a quick brag!
  11. Don’t you just love the first few weeks of a new season, new look teams still “bedding in” and every game as unpredictable as a cup tie (including the cup ties, eh Leeds?).
  12. Join the back of the queue Older, besides, you’re nowhere near grumpy enough yet. Work on it and we could have an old folks outing with herbie picking up the bill!
  13. herbie777, does that apply to me as well? I am also a miserable and miserly old sod who resents spending my pension on the wages of overpaid and underperforming players and an overpriced pint (have I convinced you yet?)!
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