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  1. Come on Older, if you were going to make something up, you could have done better than that!
  2. Looking good Older, never mind, you’ll be able to do it all again next week/month once those ruddy players have done their worst!
  3. I would have thought that the new management would take all the help and advice they could get, particularly with the experience on offer which, over the last couple of seasons, has taken the team from strength to strength. Nice to take time out though to support your son. He’s a lucky lad. n.b. ‘Twas I who suggested before the game with Lostwithiel last month that the two teams would be fighting it out for league honours.
  4. As Phineas T. Barnum so rightly (or possibly wrongly) said: “ There is no such thing as bad publicity”❗️
  5. I am not surprised that you stick to a pseudonym, reading your first paragraph (last sentence). Or maybe she doesn’t read the forum! I completely agree with your latter point and have had to resort to a quote and emoji on occasions 💙🏆❗️
  6. I bet you were exasperated when the effects of your fertiliser were exacerbated! Bloody urea and predictive text, enough to drive you to distruction!
  7. Perfectly clear Mrgreen, wouldn’t you be insulted if someone had the temerity to call you Donald? Then to infer that you have all his GREAT attributes?
  8. Hmm, not so sure about the watered 🚰, I’m sure he’d prefer 🍺, although always a risk of🌧❗️
  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah, just keep taking the prills Older!💊🍺❗️
  10. ECPL, Have you got room in your time machine so we can all go back to September 7fh (which isn’t a Wednesday) to watch the matches?
  11. Might have guessed that you’d have your finger on the button Older! Must have been born before yesterday!
  12. Sorry Older, but as far as the revenue are concerned all monies paid to players is considered to be paid via the Club, so even if it’s a brown envelope exchanged in a dark car park, HMCR will expect the Club to pay the relevant tax and national insurance as the “presumed” intermediary. The Club rather than the sponsors and players will face the most serious charges. The fines do not come cheap along with all the presumed back payments, often going back years. There are clubs in Cornwall still paying off fines/back payments in instalments ten years or more after being nicked, and still clu
  13. Just making a point, that some very average players are apparently worth more than, not only hard working care staff, but the majority of workers in Cornwall!
  14. How about these monied “supporters” sponsoring a Care Assistant at their local Nursing Home? They’re paying some players more for a 90 minute game than most carers get for a forty hour week!
  15. Just a couple of points Leroy. 1) Cornwall is a county rather than a state! 2) If you paid $5 at the current exchange rate you got in cheaply! 3) I was under the impression that shaking hands is frowned upon during the Coronavirus pandemic. You should be criticising those who did rather than those who declined! Other than that, an interesting report.
  16. All MQ’s work paying off at last, I’m sure he knew it was coming!
  17. Poor?; definitely, innocent? mmmmm OK maybe not, cheerful? You got me there AL, but I am definitely, certainly a person. Indeed a person who doesn’t get m(any) offers of entry/pasty/pint, so when you have the money, don’t wash here buddy!
  18. Very smart BIG AL, people with chronic misery should be staying at home and shielding, you never know when you could pass on your dreadful condition to some poor innocent cheerful person!
  19. Well done to the green army of bears. One of the few. Looked like a tough match on paper, look forward to hearing what it was like on grass!
  20. Well, fancy that, the League DID notice what was going on. Let’s see if the sport in general takes any notice of them because I got “attacked” when I mentioned the problems. I suspect that BIG AL is only the (vocal) tip of the iceberg! I rather expect that some players go to illegal raves too!
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