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  1. Good Morning All, If I was a player I’d be delighted to see football restart, but as a Manager, Chairman and Groundsman myself it is going to be difficult with all the COVID rules to still enforce and no changing rooms etc. If it does restart I don’t think we can change the rules of who can sign and play , but keep the March 31st deadline. At St Cleer we currently have 5 players/ officials with pregnant partners so they will not want to take part so I think for all teams we can’t penalise who we have playing in our squads providing players are signed to the club. It could cause mayhem
  2. As things stand: Step 1 on-going Step 2 null and void Steps 3-6 who knows but seemingly heading one way. Steps 7 and beyond will have to follow suit FATrophy 2019-20 Final unplayed with one finalist now in the EFL FA Trophy 2020-21 on-going FAVase 2019-20 Final unplayed FA Vase 2020-21 suspended Senior Cup 2019-20 unfinished Senior Cup 2020-21 who knows Not looking promising!!
  3. Nice down Mullion mate, as we found out in Senior Cup, be worth leaving the day before though 😂
  4. Rappo’s covering that end of the County Keith, but sounds a cracking view!
  5. I thought the same, some of the non-league clubs have had cracking home ties against the big boys at home, but no crowd 😔, totally defeats the romance of the cup.
  6. Sorry Keith you re right, was just trying to justify my “meaningless “ comment. It feels like top flight football doesn’t excite at the moment, lack of crowds, COVID on people’s minds, fake crowd noise etc etc, not enjoyable in my opinion
  7. 98,531 Deaths / 3 points ? But don’t get me wrong, I am really missing our local football. Sorry that’s probably me just being bitter and twisted, Millionaires allowed to kick a ball around whilst the rest of us have to stay indoors, obviously starting to affect me.
  8. Although there seems to be many times during recent games where commentators have to apologise for bad language but I’m sure with a big crowd and the noise this brings it would be easier to disguise more fowl language and players having a little moment. I thing a crowd helps get the players wound up, for good and bad. Either way, games without a crowd are lifeless, boring and slightly meaningless.
  9. For this weeks podcast I’ve been tasked with finding all ECPL and Duchy sides who’s grounds you can see the sea from? Be grateful with some help from you kind folk please
  10. For this weeks podcast I’ve been tasked with finding all ECPL and Duchy sides who’s grounds you can see the sea from? Be grateful with some help from you kind folk please
  11. Will certainly test player loyalty that’s for sure! Let’s hope it works out for both clubs. Does this mean the Argyle youngsters wont be using Stadio Bolitho anymore?
  12. I’d be slightly concerned if I were Parkway that the likes of River Allen, Billy Paulfrey and a host of talented players aren’t asked to dual sign for Truro (not sure on the rule) and Parkway loose some talent to their higher league tenants. Some of the Parkway squad are very capable of performing in Southern League, the Plymouth based players would no longer have the hassle of having to travel to Truro so maybe fancying a step up? Just my opinion. But ground improvement wise, a good move by Parkway.
  13. 😂, Peace and Good Will to all men! Glad we can laugh about it, not much else to laugh about. Stay safe and wait for the FA to make there own rule anyway, they wont listen to us experts😂
  14. Haha just thought that! There’s always one lol, you’ll have to complete your season somehow 😂
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