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  1. As mentioned on the Podcast 2 weeks ago too
  2. They were definitely not his feet in those flippers!😂. Great film 👍
  3. Didn’t get a chance having only played 7 games 😂
  4. Are they ringers if they are signed on Mr Lewis? And yes Jason, he has missed the point.
  5. We at St Cleer are looking for a duchy league friendly. Please give me a ring if your available 07920 497425. We can host.
  6. Looking for a Duchy/ Trelawney League Friendly this Saturday please Ring me on 07920 497425
  7. At a guess I would assume once we’ve had FA and DCMS guidance?
  8. CUP UPDATE 8 clubs have decided to enter and it is intended to have 2 groups of 4 based regionally to avoid travel. Group A Mount Gould;St.Dominick;St.Cleer and Plymouth Marjon Group B St.Stephen;Foxhole;Veryan and St.Newlyn East The proposal is to play each other twice with the winners meeting in the Final. In the meantime we await acceptance from CCFA who will set out Rules;and also any possible Government advice.
  9. Congratulations to all at Dobwalls, lots of hard work and effort from a small group of volunteers, look forward to a visit soon 👏🏻
  10. We have Will and Ollie Trevarthen who play at St Cleer. Nick Trevarthen’s twins.
  11. Its a great 100th episode, probably have time to cut in a few directions and a coat of paint on the dugouts 😂
  12. Good Morning All, If I was a player I’d be delighted to see football restart, but as a Manager, Chairman and Groundsman myself it is going to be difficult with all the COVID rules to still enforce and no changing rooms etc. If it does restart I don’t think we can change the rules of who can sign and play , but keep the March 31st deadline. At St Cleer we currently have 5 players/ officials with pregnant partners so they will not want to take part so I think for all teams we can’t penalise who we have playing in our squads providing players are signed to the club. It could cause mayhem
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