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  1. We are looking for a referee for Tuesday evening 11th, for a friendly at St Cleer v Torpoint Reserves 7pm ko Please message me on 07920 497425, Thank You
  2. After the good news, finally, today, St Cleer FC (ECPL) are looking for an early friendly.We have Wadebridge on 15th and Saltash Reserves 2nd September. please contact me on 07920 497425 thanks
  3. Just for you Billy Davies, kept me smiling throughout, well done mate 👏🏻
  4. 😂 nice one grassrootsgary, sure we’ll speak soon.
  5. Yeah fair point, there are 2 ways of looking at it, good to have new teams but if they are attracting players of Camelfords quality, maybe they should be considered for Duchy prem, not Duchy 2 where teams losing by a cricket score are going to find it difficult to put a side out each week if they are going to be demoralised by heavy losses equalling more teams folding before season completed! We can’t afford to loose any more clubs. Or, instead of starting a new club, why not strengthen a club already in the Duchy system? Prime example, Southgate looking for a manager- while a new club in Lanson trying to enter Duchy league? Why not join Southgate and help strengthen an already existing good club?
  6. As you were able to use Camelford first teamers in the flexi league and beat teams of 16/17 year olds by double figure margins would you be better off rebranding as Camelford Reserves?
  7. Jack Calver is established in the Parkway team and has had a great season. Why would he go backwards to travel all the way down Helston?
  8. Let’s keep fingers crossed that North Petherwin get themselves sorted. with regards to season starting, with social distancing, I can’t see season starting before January. I’d like to think my centre halves will want to be closer to the opposition than 2 metres ! Don’t agree with zonal marking! Now is the time, if there is going to be a merge with Duchy, to get it sorted. No fixtures, no sponsor chasing, no kit buying, let’s sort it out once and for all or stop bringing it up every season.
  9. That cup format turned into a nightmare for Duchy with the awful winter we had, let’s not go down that route. I’d personally be very disappointed if we lose senior status, didn’t think Senior Cup format this season caused any problems? Wasn’t the cup that caused fixture backlog was it? Think this needs a discussion with East Cornwall committee Paul, not asking people to guess. I’m sure making contact with Mike Murray would help.
  10. My pitch inspection earlier, 10 inch holes overflowing
  11. But its what all us groundsmen are battling with. I find it very interesting and a bit reassuring that its not just my pitch struggling! Keep up the great work @TheolderIgetthebetterIwas
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