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Greetings ball kickers, I must admit I haven't played footie since junior school, and I was pretty appalling even then! Senior school was all rugger and I was even worse at that, I was usually relegated to cross country (down the road, into the park and behind the bushes for a leisurely fag)!

I moved to Cornwall about quarter of a century ago, found the nearest, cheapest ale-house was the local football club, and found myself drawn in.

I now actively support the club, occasionally manning the gate or raising money, usually by pushing it over the bar!

I started following the Forum a couple of years ago, firstly just checking out my teams / league and then expanding out. I admit to being a great fan of the famous match reports of Ben the Yeti, and the incomparable Pitty. Thanks also to Isaac Rosenberg, who I googled and discovered a fascinating byway of W.W.1 history which had previously escaped me.

So now it's my turn. Here goes......

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