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  1. Yes i know but everyone is concerned about ludgvan but no mention about other teams whose done exactly the same thing annoying that's all.
  2. Nothing against ludgvan so why haven't you mentioned other clubs that had to cancel for the same reason oh yes i think they might have reserve teams that didn't have a game as well.
  3. Can I just ask why are people picking just on ludgvan when there's other games been cancelled for the same reason, nothing said.
  4. Ok thanks for the information Steve.
  5. Truro city reserves that's interesting how can they be considered when they haven't had a reserve team for a good many years, surly they should start from scratch so starting in the lower leagues.
  6. Is there any news on the combination league restarting.
  7. Don't worry if Mousehole win the league or become runners up they will take the jump up into the western league I'm sure of that.
  8. Ludgvan fc 9-1 Roche ludgvan winning by that score after going 1-0 down in the first 5 minutes but went in at half time 6-1 game done and dusted,three more goals in the second half to seal a very comfortable passage into the senior cup second round.
  9. From all accounts Mousehole have only got two foreign players for the coming season and one of them have been at the club I think for three seasons.
  10. Went and watched Mousehole Res v wendron utd res today and what an entertaining game it was Mousehole had a couple of good chances early on,then against the run of play wendron went one up back came Mousehole to equalise 1_1half time.Second half end to end stuff mousehole goes on to score their second but not too be undone wendron scores a well deserved equaliser a really good game to watch, and also got to give a mention to referee Elliott green on a great game welldone to is assistants aswell.
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