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  1. How can you call it cheating - where is the deceit? Sounds like, from your description, that it was a blatant foul and the laws of the game were perhaps not enforced. The keeper was punished with a penalty against him but I don't expect that he asked the ref to send him off - not then the keepers fault that DJ missed the goal completely. Perhaps he should stick to playing records...….
  2. It does seem to be the same few people who must make tiresome comments about the same few people or clubs - surely it wouldn't be difficult to censure them either for a short period of time or permanently if necessary. How about doing away with pseudonyms and using the real names - I'm more than happy to do it coz I'm not trying to hide
  3. Looks like you've actually upset somebody Rappo other than all those 'keepers and defenders you made look very ordinary. Anybody who knows anything about football knows you were the Cornish Pele, a complete star and a total gent who certainly doesn't have to justify themselves to some baiter. Hope the boss is all good too mate andshe is still visiting the tea huts huts of Cornwall. See you soon bud x
  4. Some good numbers there and all credit to them but James Ward has been a bit of a boomerang though lo. Hopefully he will stay this time and what about your guest player Mr Annear - what are his numbers like???
  5. Calling a person "son" is disrespectful at the very least. But should we expect anything less
  6. Wow!!! At least Rappo knows who is father is now - your rudeness is breathtaking!!
  7. Grammar and punctuation? Yes my thing - no sherbets? Of course not😏
  8. Isn't this the point when everybody starts to slag off Saltash for losing - all the money they spend blah blah blah??? Perhaps Helston's point against Newquay was a better result than the noisy lot (except for when they lost) at Falmouth thought. Makes you wonder how good Falmouth really aren't if they lost to Helston......
  9. Think that is all we should do. Just like any other club wanting to succeed and better themselves however they choose to do it
  10. Ha ha, Orders from whom? Been quiet because all this vitriol towards Helston Football Club is both tiresome and unwarranted. Is it really such a crime for an individual to spend his money how he sees fit? Who is it hurting? The way some of the idiots on here go on about Mr Massey and his players, you would think they were Jimmy Saville reincarnated. I get he is not everyone's cup of tea but some of the conjecture and comments are no better than a Disney script.
  11. It really brings a tear to my eye to think there are so many footballing brains out there who show a genuine concern for Helston Football Club. If you all leave your real names and addresses I will promise to pass them on to the chairman so he will they easy job of employing you all. Such a shame there is so much untapped ability out there and cannot believe that none of you are managing the top teams in the South West. Let's hope Helston don't get promoted because they wouldn't stand a chance against your teams.
  12. Does that happen at any other club? I know the club and its players have made donations to local charities. Maybe the wages of our care system says more about the care sector rather than anything else but that is going off the topic. Maybe Helston, as a club, as is part of their ambition, gain a larger standing within the community and forge stronger links therein, then it might be something they look at but I feel there maybe legal implications making it a little difficult to do - but you never know. It may appear from the outside that the club and its players do nothing for the community but
  13. Just playing Devils Advocate but why is "money ruining the game" ? If individuals CHOOSE to spend their own money how they wish, then who is anyone else to say otherwise. It is down to the club to ensure they are not left high and dry should the relationship end and if they don't, then that's their own fault. Money has always been in football at most levels and if anyone says otherwise then they are either naïve or lying. It's interesting to read so many times that "I heard that..." or "a player told me.." Perhaps there is a guilding of the lilly a little bit and people get taken in by gossip.
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