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  1. Any team applying could state that it is of no interest or benefit to them. There have been many teams who were obviously too good for the lower divisions of leagues but still did it and opponents saw it as added incentive to beat them.
  2. If Truro are not affiliated, does this set a precedent that any team could apply even if they are not in the region or even a veterans team? Surely there must be some criteria other than a ground and changing rooms etc to prevent a team from Dorset et al.
  3. I'm all for promoting youth football and them "finding their level" but surely finding their level is all about earning it rather than it all being dropped in their laps. For many years now, clubs just give give give and the youth don't have to earn anything - that is a generalisation, but believe me it does happen constanly, and then when these youth players move to adult football and ARE asked to earn something, many, not all, don't want to and just walk away with daddy "we'll find you another club who doesn't make you work for it" Be also interesting if this new Truro side becomes the next Cornwall side en mass - wouldn't surprise many.
  4. So are we citing that because Truro are in such a high league, that they are above rules and/or due process? It was them who chose to detach themselves from all things CCFA related during their meteoric rise not looking back once and now that it suits them, they are looking for special dispensation? Why? Because of their previous history? The same history that we are now asked to forget? I wonder if other now-defunct clubs who have had a long history within local football asked to rejoin, would be put in a higher league instead of starting at the bottom. Smacks of double standards. Truro do very little for local football. Trelawney bottom league if they are really serious about patronising the CCFA again and let them work their way up.
  5. it was not my list and there is no way I would ever forget Rappo!!! He was alright I seem to remember lol.
  6. Glad the ground was saved - always enjoyed playing finals there but it did use to look a little tired. Now with a lot of hard work and a proper wealthy businessman at the helm all is well and even the new F-Troop HQ squeezed in beside the clubhouse lol. Glad the club's mindset has changed and you are going for promotion now and wish you the best of luck for the season.
  7. would be really nice if one of these bang-average journeymen who have travelled around the league clubs following the money to actually state how much they have made from their football "careers". I suppose they will have to spend some of their money to buy a large cupboard for all those different track suits that they have accumulated.
  8. naïve not to have something in writing to protect your plans and the investment you "pumped" in. Especially after what happened to you at Madron previously with just a verbal agreement. Lessons not learnt appear to have been costly.
  9. sadly it's a little naïve to rely on the charity of another group, i.e the rugby club and also you seemed to have put the cart before the horse - nice to have big plans/dreams, but without a foundation, that's all they will ever be. Best of luck in the future but your set up isn't the first to suffer in this way and won't be the last.
  10. So it's just pure coincidence that the man behind their recent upturn in fortunes, both on the field and off, has apparently fallen out with the club and has left? If you say so lol. What were you using for a ground in the last few seasons?
  11. Probably won't affect Penzance for 5-10 years anyway lol
  12. Others have made noises about not wanting to take promotion if my memory serves me right. Two very close to each other locally I believe
  13. Thank god for Land's End Airport!!!! Be interesting if those teams who have refused to be little fish in a big pond actually take promotion or will they find new excuses not to go
  14. Shouldn't they be starting at the bottom in the Trelawney League like any other new club? They DID withdraw from local football leagues I believe.
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