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  1. If a team are defeated because of the submission of a team sheet before they start then surely it does not say much about their character. I know Perranwell teams of old would have used that as motivation and would did all they could to put one over on lauded opponents. Is that not good business sense?
  2. People complain about players only travelling from Devon for the money etc etc and then when they play for the club, they are in the wrong again - cannot win eh? Of course, no other club has ever "loaded" a reserve side have they????
  3. Not critical of the F-Troop - think you will find I have applauded them and have enjoyed their support of Falmouth Town. I have also been genuinely complimentary to Falmouth Town and their management. What I do find disappointing, is your constant reference to the perception that I am jealous of all things Falmouth Town and that Helston has no "glamour" and are a small club. Both those observations may be factually correct but whilst you bait me, I find it difficult to understand your vitriol towards Helston, who, unless you can enlighten me to the contrary, have done little or nothing to warrant it. I know who runs the club and can categorically state that it is run extremely well from top to bottom. Yes, the first team manager may have financial input but it is hardly a new phenomenon in Cornish football - maybe it is just Helston's turn? With regards to my identity, I feel no need to reveal to you - there are plenty on the forum who know me - these people have been involved in local football for many years, as have I and do not have a problem with my pseudonym which has nothing to do with any self-promotion, merely that I was once a team manager. Love and kisses, Le Boss Not an English teacher, just have a dislike for poor grammar and spelling - crucify me if you like lol. Love the Speedy Gonzales reference but rest assured not one of my football opponents would refer to me as he 🤣
  4. They were extremely well behaved at Helston for the time I was there , as they were at the cricket club beforehand. There was one strange man in cut off denim shorts acting like a crazed lunatic but I guess there is always one 😕
  5. Apparently its three charges all added together - £70 for a homophobic comment by fans vs St Austell? and then £200 and £600 for flares at the Mousehole game?? Only what I have been told.
  6. If stories are true, Falmouth Town have been fined £870 for bad behaviour. Very sad to hear seeing the officials and management have been doing a great job both on and off the field. Perhaps being a small club with no glamour is the way to go - would rather have no history than bad history. Unbelievable Jeff!!!
  7. Do you really think any manager would come on here just to be subjected to abuse and rhetoric from people like Mr Chambers?? I would really love to know if his vitriol is the consensus of all the F Troop and Falmouth Town FC or is he a loan wolf. Is his deep seated loathing aimed solely at the Helston manager or at Helston as a whole? All that Plymouth air has obviously affected his rationale!!!!!
  8. It's "you are" or "you're" and no I'm not saying I need shooting practice because I no longer play. I was suggesting that had those two efforts gone in, then the game might have had a different outcome. 😜
  9. My word - you really are a bitter person. Can you explain how you were so wronged by Mr Massey?
  10. Yes Helston capitulated after they conceded the third goal and Falmouth took their chances but had Helston not hit the cross bar and the ball bounced the other way off the post whilst I believe it was 1-0, then the story may have been very different. Good luck to Westy, Millsy and Falmouth in the next round.
  11. F-Troop were a credit to their club and were impeccably behaved at the cricket club and at Kellaway Park. Their presence made it feel like a proper game so long may they continue.
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