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  1. So a Football Secretary in other words?
  2. Think it should be left to the discretion of the administrators. Don't feel there is any need to comment on the referee's participation in any report on a game. If a post is not solely about the game then out it goes?? Sorry to the wind-up merchants and the petulant children who only want to criticise but most of us are bored now.
  3. I come on this site to read the reports about the local games and see who is beating who and all the topic consists of is the repetitive slagging off of the same teams and its players moving from one club to another. Am I the only one that finds it boring and childish? No wonder football is declining both on and off the pitch in Cornwall. If I was a youngster considering starting to play adult football an read this, then I would run a mile. Come on guys, lets talk about the football. Does it really matter who is playing for who and who is getting paid? Stop all the carping. I'm sure there are skeletons in everyone's closet so the holier-than-thou attitude is a little ironic!!! Administrators - can't you do something to stop all this non football clap-trap???
  4. "A proper budget to offer a new manager" ? Was this not available to the previous managers? Whilst the effort behind the scenes and the community now pulling together is admirable, it does beg the question as to where were all these people when the club was originally in trouble - before Anthony Reynolds took over and then when he left? Lets hope this community stick around to help the new manager in any way.
  5. If Ludgvan were a dog they would be put out of their misery. Its becoming a bit embarrassing for the club and the league
  6. le boss


    Then apologies all round
  7. le boss


    Back in the day players were encouraged to throw their hat in the ring and try out. Isn't there a danger of the invite system becoming something akin to the old Grammar School scenario? Not what you know but who you know?
  8. le boss

    Porthleven AFC Linesperson

    Wow. Hope your self proclaimed talent matched your arrogance!!! If it did we would have watched you regularly on MOTD.
  9. le boss


    So its not really a trial then is it. More like a closed shop
  10. hi matey hope your well , my son might be signing for Sid well there or at st blazey. reference  every fortnight, not sure you even watch do you pal......

  11. e-mail address kev.riddle@sky.com