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  1. The "floors" or flaws are what exactly - there were lots of games left to play this season so who knows where any team would finish? The previous season was a little more decisive and it was pretty clear who the top two were going to be. So what is this more considered and robust process you talk of? I bet it starts and finishes with Mousehole lol. Ezra will have to by some more accommodation for his imports😆
  2. Or are you just implying that Mousehole should be included in the offer of promotion?? The sooner the Western League encompasses all of the counties in the West, the better. If more Cornish and maybe West Devon teams are in the league, then maybe more teams will be persuaded to take the leap and the travelling to Bristol etc will be the exception and not the rule. Ambitious clubs should be grateful that clubs are attempting to tip the balance in Cornwall's favour and to all those cynics/moaners - Saltash and Helston didn't make the rule......
  3. think the precedent was set last season when promotions and relegations did not happen
  4. But they cannot come up with different outcomes each time because clubs will think they were unfairly treated
  5. But that's not answering my question lol
  6. What happened when last season was cancelled? Can't see how the leagues could do differently this time.
  7. Perhaps a way to solve the issue of administration would be for clubs to set up something like a "Go Fund Me" page, where ardent fans/sympathisers can donate funds to said clubs. The voucher system is a loan system in all but name but still a good idea. One perceived problem would be that clubs may use any donations to pay players instead of keeping a club afloat so transparency would be paramount. It would be interesting to know if the clubs who have tried to implement season tickets have used these funds in times of hardship, or if they were spent long ago - season tickets were ridiculed whe
  8. Why were they unlucky in the shoot-out? Not seen the coverage so just interested to know.
  9. Wasn't questioning the standard of the very good video but if it makes you feel superior......
  10. Not the brightest eh? He was claiming that Falmouth were the greatest club in Cornwall but achievement will beg to differ with Truro winning the Vase. I have enough of a clue thank you
  11. Isn't this self-promotion the very thing that you and your cohorts were deriding and condemning when attempted by a neighbouring club and it's manager? Glad to see that the tired-looking Bickland Park is now being brought into the 21st century - well done Milchy - and hopefully the "greatest football club" will not refuse promotion this season if achieved. Oh, and perhaps you could show me where it says you won the FA Vase...… I admire your enthusiasm and your support and all the good things that can be associated with Falmouth Football Club.
  12. The ref was going to book Olly at first but then spoke to the player lying on the floor and changed it to a red - or that is how it appeared from the stand. Helston were not the better team despite having opportunities, especially in the first half which on another day may have resulted in a goal. Strange that the ref booked Howe for deliberate hand ball when he stopped a certain goal on the line when the ball hit him - double whammy that!! Fareham we very good at game management and were not really tested in the second half - both full backs were good and they did deserve the win. Well
  13. My point is that you cannot blame Argyle - weren't two players sent off? Which teams do they support? Do we blame those teams for their sendings off?
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