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  1. What constitutes a "real" journalist? Surely journalism is like every supporter - opinion and interpretation. Nobody is forced to watch the videos and with regards to being narcissistic, I think every/most clubs can be guilty of that - there are lots of examples on here of self-promotion - it helps draw newcomers in to see what all the "fuss" is about. There does seem to be an unbalanced bandwagon of negativity towards Helston and Mr Massey is not everyone's cup of tea but why aren't some of the things levelled against him levelled at other clubs when they are quite clearly doing the same thing - no one says anything when other clubs sign more and more players when they are doing very well with what they have got. I suppose it's Helston this season and next it will be someone else. Jealousy or just not knowing the full facts I guess. With regards to the treatment of referees, are we to only speak about them in glowing terms saying how wonderful they are? Nanny state comes to mind. I know all the arguments for referees walking away from the game but why can we say that a player was rubbish but not the referee - I often read that a referee had a good game, so there is that balance. I've played in games absolutely destroyed by poor refereeing and equally by bad football so everybody just needs to suck it up.
  2. Don't think many will dispute what you are saying but I still stand by what i have written. No s**t stirring just how it is for football people of Cornwall.
  3. The question you ask about Falmouth Town is perhaps best answered by their adoring fans who will give a balanced and well-evidenced answer - what you have described is a similar scenario that other teams are now being heavily criticised for - oh the irony eh? I guess the over-riding feeling is tht there is nothing more holier-than-thou than a passionate football fan. Got no problem with how Falmouth blazed the trail long ago - and lessons will have been learnt by them and hopefully other clubs. With regards to Truro - don't think Heaney really endeared himself to the fans of Truro and if the rumours are true about his external dodgy dealings, then he had no one to blame but himself. League committees are always seen as filled with a few dinosaurs who hate to have their feathers ruffled but not everyone is going to be happy all of the time. Still - Truro is Truro, Falmouth is Falmouth and every other club has their own supporters, few of whom could be classsed as outsiders. Always has been, always will.
  4. As has been mentioned before - nobody outside of Truro gives 2 hoots about Truro - everyone has their local club, especially in Cornwall and possibly Devon. If people are going to travel any great distance then it would be to see an EFL game. That will never change even with a fancy stadium with little or no atmosphere.
  5. It was all them Falmouth Town ex-fans there watching and one or two players too. James Ward the next signing for Helston by the look of things.
  6. So you think personal opinions will all be supported? And there will be no sniping? Time will tell. Shall we make you the next on the list then lol?
  7. Be interesting who the next individual will be that this forum are asked to comment on. Is there really so little going on in local football that the forum allows topics like this - because everyone knows this is going to end up with lots of people sniping him personally - is this really the platform for things to get personal. A famous film star once said - "if you can't saying nothing nice, don't say nothing at all." Come on moderators - moderate!!! And no this is not me sticking up for him this is a matter of principle. There's enough hate going around without this tripe.
  8. Once again the age-old issue of the referee's performance. Now I know no one is allowed to pass comment on the referee because more and more of them will walk away from football, but when a referee stops a game to lecture two players about a coming together which he had earlier deemed within the rules of the game, only for the referee to be lecturing the wrong player, even after being told by the correct player that it was"him", certainly does himself and referees in general any favours. The lack of punishment for both sides for very recklees/dangerous challenges was also mystifying but c'est la vie. With regards to the game, Helston had the better of the first half but Millbrook were by far the better team in the second with a lot of Helston players going "missing". Says a lot when the Helston man of the match is a defender who has just conceded 3 goals. Millbrook quite rightly deserved at least a point. Not sure about Helston "bottling" it - don't think they got scared or the like - perhaps more credit to Millbrook for achieving what they deserved.
  9. Be careful what you say - teams will be throwing the last 7 or 8 games so they don't get promoted again.....
  10. The bus back into Helston will be busy then. But seriously it is very sad to read a once big and successful club are obviously struggling.
  11. I have no clue if the figures being quoted are correct but one thing is certain - the club are not paying those sorts of figures. It really is odd to read all those with an opinion, who sound surprised as if it is a new phenomenon. Do you think Truro players winning the Vase did it for free?Did all the ex-pros who have played in local football did it for free? There are many many examples of money being paid - even in the Trelawney League, so unless it is coming directly out of your pocket, I don't see what the problem is? Today it is Helston, yesterday is was Parkway or some other ambitious club and tomorrow it just might be your club. If someone wants to spend his OWN money, then who are any of us to say otherwise. Suck it up fellas - your club could be next!! But then it will probably be ok then lol. And yes, some holier-than-thou person will come on here and say that it wasn't anything like those figures now quoted but I know of people who were given jobs etc and figures now are also relevant to the cost of living.
  12. So where were you all when the club was going thru the rough times when the ground fell into disrepair - bandwagon and jumping spring to mind!!!
  13. Remember the refs you are referring to and totally agree with what you say. I swore as a player, but never at an official and when I managed, if any player got booked or sent off for gobbing off, no sympathy was given to them and the club had the "open your mouth - open your wallet" policy and by in large it worked. I don't hold with referees complaining about the abuse from players - laws are there to deal with it, so use them, even if it means teams ending up with 8 or 9 players - they'll soon learn the expensive lesson. Think is's a little disrespectful for refs to ref games differently according to standard - would the ref want to be treated differently according to the standard? Lastly, sadly social media is here to stay but everybody still has the choice to use it - media comments would not affect you if you did not read them - don't give idiots the oxygen and they will soon go away and stop abusing people.
  14. Very clever to use the word "pandemic" as part of the reasons why a team has been withdrawn - allows you to walk straight back into the league in a couple of seasons without any questions asked. What really jumps out of the statement is "who did not wish to play in the Combination League" and "be competitive across the club" - where is their ambition? - the Combination League is not that much better than the Trelawney League - smacks of being big fish in a little sea.
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