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  1. Makes you wonder what standard Carharrack are at if a Div 2 junior league team put 6 past them. Leagues are a little embarrassing already
  2. Comedy gold!!! Aren't joint favourites supposed to have the same odds. Your turf accounting knowledge only surpasses your knowledge of all things Helston. What a clown!!!
  3. May have already been stated on here but I heard last night that this is the last season for the white kit.
  4. Helston being terrible is a little bit strong. You seem to forget there is three or four leagues between the two sides and if Truro were at full strength then their ability should stand out. The real difference was how Truro handled the ball under pressure and when they played with pace. I think Helston defended reasonably well except for the first goal but lacked any threat infront of goal but I think Truro have some real good, strong defenders who will do well for them this season if their manager has anything to do with it. Agreed Truro need a poacher to profit from Ryan Law's deliveries but its early days. Think Matt Bye and Slateford were good for Helston as was Ryan Beattie. Thought Josh Storey looked the real deal who you can see moving into the pro ranks and having an edge is no bad thing. Nothing mentioned on here from the Helston knockers about Rooney leaving a high foot in or wiping out the full back??? Overall a decent workout for both sides and both will do fine in their respective leagues Think Charlie was left out because the pace of the game would be too quick for him. Great player but does take a age to move the ball around.
  5. I have the feeling you will be getting another verbose diatribe from the omnipresent black cloud from England. Think he may be a large part of the reason why nobody wanted to succeed Steve. Never has anyone been able to cause such disharmony from such a distance!!! No potential manager worth their salt would go near the club because of the charade that has continued for quite a few years. All very sad but please, enough of the playground tantrums.
  6. So what is the difference between a non league contact and the rules that bind a player to a club when he signs Peninsula League forms?
  7. Shouldn't that be "you have a squad this season" ?
  8. The number 4 who played centre forward in the first half? He was awful - for a man of his height had no presence in the air and couldn't stand up for more than 30 seconds at a time. Agreed the number 5 at centre half and the number 8, Noah?, were very good. Argyle were distinctly average - tried to walk the ball in in the first half and the goal was a complete ricket by the centre half. Don't get carried away tho - think Truro will need one or two more players yet.
  9. Sounds like a defeatist attitude and implying that no one has the bottle for the challenge. Surely it is the duty of managements to improve their players each season and to come up with plans to stop a player being prolific and closing the perceived quality gap. Perhaps the league should just cancel this seasons fixtures and crown TMS as champions now.
  10. Teams should channel their energies into improving sufficiently to stop this superstar at TMS rather than whining on here. See it as a challenge and get a grip!!!
  11. Not very clever of the club or manager - a bit too trusting of them.
  12. But I think others have joined - that's football and youngsters can easily have their heads turned for greener grass or even pushy parents - not saying this is the case here though
  13. Could it be that the player who stated he was offered 1k may have been guilding the lily a little for his own ends/ego. We all know players love to think they are better than they really are.
  14. The money you claim being bounded about has arisen from rumour and Chinese whispers - not once have I seen clear proof of any figures so perhaps a little perspective is required. With regards to "those idiots" who wish to spend the money, perhaps the Chairpersons and committees who are in charge of these clubs should be questioned - after all, these are the people who allow their clubs to benefit from it albeit sometimes fleetingly. Maybe when the pound signs flash in front of their eyes, it is they who should think long term. Are you really asking us to believe that there is not a club in Cornwall who would not accept financial input for their day in the sun??? But back to Helston - knowing the Chairman very well, please be assured that if Mr Massey left tomorrow, the club will still be sustainable. Mr Massey has been a businessman for many years I believe, so he cannot be that naïve either but as been said on this forum, it is his money - so who cares. Best of luck to him and Helston
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