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  1. Having read all the comments above, I can see where people are coming from on both sides of the argument. In my humble opinion, I think that if all due diligence is taken by the clubs to ensure whatever social distancing is the guideline at the time, then local football can recommence. It must be remembered that as for crowds, we are hardly talking thousands of spectators - there have been plenty of comments on here about the demise of the local spectator and surely we can grant people with enough common sense to keep their distances. The same goes for clubhouses and changing rooms. Yes it will be time consuming but having a beer or a cuppa is achievable if people are again sensible and patient. Teams can change in two halves to reduce the numbers in a confined space at one time and team talks etc can be done on-field. Surely people wont mind being inconvenienced just a little - its no different to doing the local shopping run. And as a last resort, if people still feel the risk is too great then remain at home and await the reports on here at tea-time on Saturday.
  2. One to Sticker for game time and to do some coaching with his father, another moving away for the RAF and a third concentrating on his Argyle coaching.
  3. There is a little more to it than just leaving. But please don't let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?
  4. Does it matter what the truth is? Everybody has already made their minds up. Helston has always paid their players no matter what team they play for
  5. They could also feel they have been kept abreast of the whole situation. You are obviously well connected to a reliable source or perhaps your bitterness towards Helston has continued from last season 🤣🤣🤣
  6. isn't the ambition of every club to win each league in which they compete?
  7. So when the manager goes the whole squad will follow him which I take has already happened at another club where both previously were? No offence but this pied piper scenario has been happening for several years and it is the clubs who suffer. Lessons don't seem to be learnt and it makes the leagues and local football something of a laughing stock.
  8. So which team is going to be Argyle Reserves - Truro or Parkway😉
  9. Lets hope their recent histories are taken into account, i.e. withdrawing from leagues and not fulfilling the fixtures. Doubt that will make a difference and the integrity of the league will be further diminished.
  10. Don't think anyone disagrees about the health issues but ultimately why do most play competitive football? At some point football will be back with us so what does it matter if it is the end of this season or the start of a new one? Shorten next season with everyone fully aware of the set up and then 2021-22 back to some sort of normality?
  11. And the lack of use of council owned equipment 😉
  12. Bet Argyle get the blame for this one too
  13. Whilst you might be right in what you are saying about your set-up, these are the same words echoed every time a new team applies. I get your self-interest but that doesn't solve the bigger problem. All the above facts about the number of teams in a catchment area is a clear indication of the problem. Many a club have had 60-plus players sign on but still cannot raise a side regularly. Whilst it is down to the member clubs to accept and refuse applications, I have been to enough AGM's to know they can be heavily influenced by the officers.
  14. I admire your self promotion but no, I had not decided which category you were in. I think the Ludgvan problem stems from the lack of players which stems from a lack of youth players staying in football. Football has never been an exact science and all the theory and coaching will not prepare a player to cope in a game but it will definitely help. Think this post highlights the lack of interaction between the two factions??
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