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  1. Thanks Older for the lesson and more importantly that I'm not a local to your locality 🤣
  2. Totally agree We Two, the football community is often vilified, so some good positive publicity can only be of benefit and you never know the remaining cynics, on here, who find it impossible to see a positive gesture for what it is, may even start to feel good too. Never knew you could be so full of psycho-whatever - especially at this time of the morning😊
  3. This is all getting a bit tedious to be honest - NOT ONE PERSON IS DISPUTING THAT THE PANDEMIC IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - people are just voicing their opinion about what happens if and when football can resume. Is that so difficult for all to comprehend?
  4. This sort of topic will be seen by many as extremely poor taste in light of what is going on!! Football is not allowed to be seen as important or even remembered as part of the very fabric of life in Britain and must not be spoken about whilst we are in the grip of this pandemic - let alone think about when football may restart or even the mention of the word is allowed or thought about. Perish the thought if anyone looks for a beacon of light for the future...….
  5. I see on the BBC sport website that an objection to the decision is gathering pace - don't cancel the end of season parties just yet.
  6. Hypothetical question which may not be as unrealistic as it seems - what if this pandemic continues to prevent football from restarting until say February of next year - what do you think should happen to the leagues then? Got a feeling February next year might be ambitious......
  7. Am I missing something? Nobody is saying that football should be taking place anywhere in the country at this time or at any time in the near future because of this terrible pandemic.
  8. Totally missed my point - not advocating football recommence during this crisis so my morality is intact!!!
  9. Don't think anyone disagrees about the health issues but ultimately why do most play competitive football? At some point football will be back with us so what does it matter if it is the end of this season or the start of a new one? Shorten next season with everyone fully aware of the set up and then 2021-22 back to some sort of normality?
  10. I wonder if you would be quite so vociferous with your opinion if Bodmin were top of the table - and I'm not expecting too much honesty. I'm not disputing that there should be a huge amount of perspective but it does set a very dangerous precedent for the future. We can all laugh but if global warming continues and weather patterns change, fixtures in future years may suffer. We continually read on here now about the weather causing cancellations - so where do you draw the line? I guess a lot of replies will say that the powers to be will make contingency plans for the future, which begs the question - why cannot these plans be made now?
  11. Must be doing something right if you've watched them that many times. Graham Taylor once said there is no such thing as long ball football, just a team using longer passes.
  12. Please re read my post - I did write that I hadn't looked at the league standings but yes I do now see that St Austell are in second having played more games but as in the past seasons, are they still reluctant to take promotion. And yes, I do know about the second year rule.
  13. Think there is a train of thought that the league placings are pretty much decided other than who finishes first or second and other than Mousehole, I am not sure anyone wants to take promotion from the teams who could mathematically and miraculously qualify so far from gifting promotion I think Mousehole would be the only ones who would have a legitimate gripe. Not having looked at the league recently, I am not even sure Mousehole can qualify. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why nearly all your posts involving Helston and/or their manager have a tinge of negativity - I am intrigued.... So are you saying that Mr Massey is ungentlemanly and a poor coach?
  14. And that comment, like others you have made on this forum, and borne out of your utter dislike for Mr Massey. Priceless!!!
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