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  1. Bruegel the Elder

    Hodgey resigns!

    I would like to announce that I expect imminently to be named as Truro City’s new manager. It is my intention to appoint Older as my Head Coach with immediate effect. I am not sure who I will get to do the bodies yet‼️👨‍🎓🚌☑️
  2. Bruegel the Elder

    Especially for our friends from across the Tamar!

    Boundaries are boundaries, or perhaps not. I thought the forum already had a non-Cornish football sub-forum! Maybe next a League 1/2 forum for those who support Argyle and Exeter, and why not extend the Coference South forum to include the whole Conference set up, let’s face it, Torquay already features prominently! And, of course a special Scottish League forum just for Cody Cooke.