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Exmouth not going up!

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From the league's site:

Official Statement: Premier Constitution 14/15 Season

South West Peninsula League Constitution 2014/15 Season

We have been informed by the FA that Exmouth Town have not been granted promotion to the Western League Premier (Step 5) and as such they will remain in the South West Peninsula Premier Division for next season.

This will mean that the bottom two clubs have to be relegated, the expected reprieve for the side finishing in 19th place (Tavistock AFC) has not been given.

Both Champions of SWP East and SWP West, Stoke Gabriel AFC and Callington Town AFC, have been promoted to the Premier Division.

Liskeard Athletic have been relegated from the Premier Division to SWP West.

Tavistock have been relegated from the Premier Division but which division they are placed in has not yet been decided, this will be considered when final league positions in the feeder leagues are known, and it is established which clubs are coming up from the feeder leagues into East or West.

Below are the results of the Grading Committees inspections and the decisions of the board as to actioning those clubs applications for promotion.

From SWP East to Premier:

Galmpton United Failed Ground Inspection 2nd Place Declined

Stoke Gabriel Passed subject to dispensation 1st Place GRANTED

From SWP West to Premier:

Callington Town Passed subject to dispensation 1st Place GRANTED

Helston Athletic Passed subject to dispensation 3rd Place Declined

Truro City Passed 6th Place Not Top 3 Finish

Wadebridge Town Passed 7th Place Not Top 3 Finish

A further statement regarding which clubs have been accepted into East & West and the exact make-up of those two divisions will be made as soon as possible, certainly no later than Saturday 24th May, the delay is due to at least two of the feeder leagues involved having matches which can affect clubs final league positions right up-to Saturday 24th May.

Philip Hiscox (Company Secretary)

On behalf of the SWP Board


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Would appear to be a FA decision and not the Western League.

Feel sorry for Exmouth and Tavvy too who are now relegated.

Apparently it could be down to the public being able to view the ground without paying admission does anyone know if that's true ?

If so then there could be serious knock on effects for FA cup entries .

Bodmin ,Parkway ?

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The Peninsula League website says simply

"Ground not acceptable according to FA statement."

As far as viewing without paying there must be loads of places where this would be possible so I can't believe this is the reason, though it might explain why Bodmin & Parkway didn't apply.mi

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Better off where they are. The league above is poor. Feeling very sorry for tavistock right now

Why feel sorry for Tavy, if you finish in the bottom 2 you get what you deserve!

I must agree with that sentiment. They've got good facilities and a lovely ground at Tavistock, but if you can't put the points on the board then you must expect to go down.

Having said that, I hope they bounce back again sooner rather than later.

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Think all the seniors figures at Tavi need 2 hold their hands up and say they got it 100% wrong all season. Making some awful appointments as managers has cost a club that is arguably one if the best and biggest in the peninsula league it's premier status. Heard Leigh Coopers name being mentioned 4 the post......be great 4 Tavi if they could get some1 like him and mayb he could get them back where they belong!!!!!!

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Why would coops want to drop down a league? He should be managing a club with asperations to progress up the football pyramid. Very good manager. Look how many of the bigger/traditional clubs have struggled in recent times, newquay, liskeard, tavi, st.blazey, falmouth all could do with a leigh cooper at the healm. Is it retirement leigh or seeking a new challenge?

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Totally agree, if your in the bottom 2 you should be relegated.

A big shame, with Tavistock facilities they should be a top 5 club in the premier

Poor decisions reference managers they appointed, no disrespect to Paul Blatchford, but he's a East Cornwall manager not A SWPL Premier manager! Surely Southy shouldn't be appointing his mate as a manager!

Cooper would be a great appointment!

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Exmouth Town pulled out of the Western League Premier in the middle of 2005-06 season

They then reformed as Exmouth Town 2006 and climbed up through the Devon& Exeter League to take promotion to the SW Peninsula League.

Winning the SWP Div.1 East in 2012-13 and then into the Premier Div.in this season

The FA in line with the Leagues have made many upgrades in ground standards during the past few years and Exmouth may have become a victim of the changes.

It was in this time that Bickland Park was downgraded considerably after having a long and chequered history in the F A Competitions (Cup-Trophy-Vase)and have since not been accepted for the past two seasons.

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I see Braunton withdrew at the last minute, allowing Millbrook promotion.

Congrats to Illogan and Millbrook for taking the step up. Finally we have a club from the Redruth/Camborne area in the peninsula! Rugby have had a monopoly on this area for too long.

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Better off where they are. The league above is poor. Feeling very sorry for tavistock right now

Not sure why you think the league above is poor? i assume you are just presuming this with very little (recent) knowledge of the Western League and its current standard. Most teams have at least 4 or 5 very good players, topped up with good players with the odd poor player, but its a tough league and a real challenge every week, if you play poorly you lose, where as in the Premier Peninsula league you can play poorly (Parkway/Exmouth/Bodmin etc..) and still win 4 or 5 nil against the bottom half teams.

Exmouth trying to step up and better themselves was absolutley the right thing for them to do, hopefully this is just a temporary delay and they can sort their ground out and gain that promtion the are striving for.

As for Tavistock, if you finish in the bottom 2 of your league surely the expectation is to be relegated.

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Is Andy bowker still the manager at Tavistock or is there to be a new manager next season ?. A pretty strange decision to employ him in the first stage

The Sunday Indie did a piece on Tavistock club and quoted that Andy Bowker was no longer the manager!

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