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  1. Thank you Forgot to say I hope they are signed on !!!
  2. why is the Mount Gould game being played at Elburton ?
  3. Gunni stepped in as St Cleer pulled out as they were not allowed to play the ringers they were signing on. Well done Gunni who gave a good account of themselves against Mount Gould, look forward to hopefully seeing you in the ECPL next season.
  4. Within 50 miles Saltash.
  5. ECPL and Duchy League, long trip for St Just !
  6. Max fine to all concerned starting with 10k to the organiser of the ‘night out’ plus sacking of the manager and players concerned for ‘Bringing the game into dispute’ simples!
  7. Unfortunately for St Teath the pitch was perfect at Mount Gould.
  8. Sad to hear this, played with Mike and against him, a true gentleman. Thoughts with the family, another great player has left us.
  9. I think end of story and call it a day, there is much more to life at the moment without people getting involved with stupid comments, grow up lads and SHUT UP ! PS, no I wasn’t
  10. That’s in the perfect world! But in the ECPL games I have done the club assistants have been first class.
  11. Must agree, lovely friendly place to go and the pitch is always well prepared with good markings, grass cut and well fitted nets.
  12. What happened to Lanreath yesterday, they looked very strong a couple of weeks ago at Saltash Borough?
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