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  1. So sorry to hear this, thoughts are with you Mark and of course the rest of the family.
  2. None of those played when I reffed them so don't know if they are regulars
  3. Yes, I have been there many times over the years, it's a typical Plymouth Council pitch, no dugouts, basic changing rooms but pretty flat. I shouldn't think any higher league would accept them.
  4. Nothing wrong with St Dominick, grass short, well marked. It is a friendly country village set up and at least the game was on when many others were off.
  5. Yes mate, to be fair they were no worse or better than anybody else on the day
  6. Darin there was no problem with the coach and to their credit all of the Foxhole players shook hands with me at the end of the game with absolutely no animosity. I must say another very honest report from you.
  7. Well done George, got it spot on as usual
  8. Ha Ha harmless banter with no offence meant from either person but perhaps you should read things properly, who mentioned about refereeing longer ?
  9. probably a little less than mine.
  10. Thank for the lesson Mr Manning, I employ a full time admin assistant who runs around the field with me taking all subs, cautions, ko's, time stoppages, dismissals which just leaves me to referee, you should try it.
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