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  1. That’s in the perfect world! But in the ECPL games I have done the club assistants have been first class.
  2. Anyone any idea exactly why these games are off?
  3. Must agree, lovely friendly place to go and the pitch is always well prepared with good markings, grass cut and well fitted nets.
  4. What happened to Lanreath yesterday, they looked very strong a couple of weeks ago at Saltash Borough?
  5. Well Mr Lynx I had Mount Gould v Foxhole, no reds, no yellows, no sin bins and two great assistants! Both teams were great to referee, a credit to the league.
  6. I thought this was headed Callington !
  7. Well Bill welcome back, I take it you have had a hangover for the past six weeks 😂
  8. Very varied response around the grounds with different numbers in changing rooms etc.
  9. Sorry mate, wondered why the St Cleer game was off
  10. It would help if people stick to the rules! Social distancing between spectators leaves a lot to be desired. Also the use of changing rooms seem to vary between clubs.
  11. Well that’s a lot of years Billy and I’m only 40 !!!😂
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