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  1. Referee required Tuesday evening in Plymouth 8pm Ko.
  2. Due to my game being off I am available this Saturday 10/7
  3. Due to my game being off I am available to referee this Saturday 10/7
  4. Great game at Saltash with Utd coming out on top, really good to see the legion George Patterson at the game, top player, top referee and above all a top person, hope you found your way back to Helston !!!
  5. Today, Saltash Utd v Saltash Borough, 2pm Ko. (It will be better than England!)
  6. Hmmm I have been told that whisper! With a lot of Callington first team players, well the whole team!
  7. I didn’t pay last week DAVE if you overlook the ground.
  8. What on earth is going on at Callington? How can they let such dedicated people leave? Compared with 12 months ago the whole club is a shambles. What is the real reason all these talented people have resigned ?
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