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  1. Al Johns, East Cornwall based but will go anywhere ! ECPL, St Piran or SWPL. 07887567325
  2. Thanks Bill, yes all good and looking forward to another season, see you soon.
  3. Bill, are you on the bubbly again !
  4. Forgot the Referees again!
  5. Yes played against Mike many times, good keeper.
  6. So the players and the officials turn up all changed, stay on the pitch at half time and then go straight home after in separate cars and straight into the shower, good news, the games get played, bad news lots of traveling expenses for all traveling on their own.
  7. Referees always got a great welcome from Matt and never know him to rant or rave regarding any decisions, right or wrong! Enjoy the easy life mate but I think you will miss it.
  8. What has happened to Matt, one of the best managers around.
  9. Completely agree I actually think all referees should boycott the games, mad decision
  10. So why are you different to everybody else,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. So could someone make a definite decision !
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