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  1. Probably not as I think the squad is good enough to win the league. Silly slip ups have cost them
  2. Awful game at poltair tonight littered with mistakes,fouls and even a racial abuse incident !! All rather unsavoury to witness On the plus side plenty of goals And no injuries ahead of Falmouth in the cup on Tuesday
  3. I’m assuming that everybody commenting is in their 60s !! No disrespect to anyone but I wonder what the young players feel in 2019
  4. Fancy being a 33-year-old centre forward for example and telling your mates that you are playing in the JUNIOR cup !!!!! What an absolutely ridiculous name for a men’s football tournament. I don’t care how long this competition has been around but it is totally outdated calling at that. It’s just an embarrassment. Junior competitions to me mean under 16 or at the very least under 18. Does anyone else agree?
  5. Elephant what a very large trunk you have! I was merely pointing out that your not necessarily going to have bigger crowds if you play at a higher level. I don’t think I was slagging off Parkway in any way shape or form and for your information I still am a regular supporter. (6 home 1 away) But I will add that I do miss watching the big local derbies in this area
  6. “Bigger crowds” I don’t think so. Plymouth Parkway used to get more supporters through the gates then Saint Austell at one point but they certainly don’t now. Take away all the big local derbies and you’ll find the average crowd will drop
  7. Absolute Tosh .... Giles is still at the club and No way would Lafferty take the job. He’s way too busy and very rarely gets to see a game at Poltair or anywhere else. Not quite sure where you get your information ????
  8. To be fair ” Pople”was on the bench for Saint Austell covering for a massive shortage in players due to injury. He played about 15 minutes only. I agree with it in this sort of situation, but not to replace other players who are always at training and at games. Good point made But this has come up before on many occasions.
  9. I think Scott used to do it but maybe has lost interest... Maybe Gavin could take it on !??
  10. Quality of the league not better !! It frustrates me seeing the same comments about a gulf in quality when there is no difference. Parkway have not improved since last season But should still have enough quality to finish in the top six as indeed would any of the teams in the top six of the south-western Premier League... I personally think the only thing that’s changed is the running of the club, the facilities at the ground and the pitch quality. I would think in order to get out of his league crowds of 250+ would be expected on a regular basis And that will really happen anymore. Definitely agree with the goalkeeper comments though
  11. I know Exactly who you’re talking about but it seems a little early to change anything after a few defeats !
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