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  1. rocky170267


    I think Scott used to do it but maybe has lost interest... Maybe Gavin could take it on !??
  2. I thought he was a striker but then again I guess he can play anywhere ! I’m sure that will mean another couple of Parkway players leaving
  3. rocky170267

    Parkway recruitment needed

    Quality of the league not better !! It frustrates me seeing the same comments about a gulf in quality when there is no difference. Parkway have not improved since last season But should still have enough quality to finish in the top six as indeed would any of the teams in the top six of the south-western Premier League... I personally think the only thing that’s changed is the running of the club, the facilities at the ground and the pitch quality. I would think in order to get out of his league crowds of 250+ would be expected on a regular basis And that will really happen anymore. Definitely agree with the goalkeeper comments though
  4. rocky170267

    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    I know Exactly who you’re talking about but it seems a little early to change anything after a few defeats !
  5. The player hasn’t got a nasty bone in his body and would certainly not do that to upset any opponent but because he just enjoys every single moment about scoring goals.... He’s not had the best season and was just obviously overwhelmed by the moment And scoring a couple of goals. I wonder if the tables were turned if something similar could’ve happened ????? Of course it could have, So just take the Defeat on the nose and get on with it. As for being embarrassed, that’s a joke..... You mean you’ve never played in a team where that has happened? I think most players could say they have seen that before. Would you be embarrassed to play in a team with somebody elbows and opponent in the face? exactly..... You can’t have it all ways
  6. rocky170267

    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    I think you are absolutely correct in making that point. A number of players have already left this season and suddenly turned up at SWPL clubs To be honest it’s been happening for a number of years at Parkway at the end of the day that is the managements decision And I guess they know best. I’m sure everything will sort itself out eventually and that the club will have a pretty good first season at the (supposedly) higher-level. Personally I am not in a position to really judge the teams performances this year as I have only seen them in action once but that was a particularly bad day again St.Austell.
  7. 100%.... lovely to meet you today before the game with smokie dog ! See you soon
  8. The ‘Fat lad’ ate all the Parkway food up so it didn’t go to waste !!
  9. rocky170267

    Falmouth vs St Austell

    No ! It varies, but more importantly the pasties at Falmouth are unbelievable !!!
  10. He didn’t say it guys
  11. There seems to be a lot of very average players at the club and that simply has been their downfall.... I guess it’s not just about One game, it’s about lots of average results and performances lately !! The club need somebody like Wayne Hillson or Danny Lewis to go in and freshen things up Good luck to Buckland, it’s been a bad year for them so far for various reasons. A great club and fantastic people
  12. Blimey Neil, you got that one wrong !!! Funny how are you are now dissing the quality of the SWPL !! I hope you get to Play Exmouth in the next round ...
  13. There is still plenty of good football about! Last night I watched st Austell play 18, 21and 17 passes in Various attacks in a game where both teams played some wonderful stuff. Not a game full of goal as Saint Austell only won 1-0 but both teams competed fantastically in what was a very interesting game especially in the first half If you don’t believe me, go and watch them !!
  14. Contact St austell