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  1. Jack Calver is the only one that plays for Parkway Steve? Tinsley left months ago and Dingle plays for Saint Austell ??
  2. According to the latest news the government are likely to be lifting the ban on grassroots spectator sports from next week. Obviously with any supporters needing to be socially distancing. I was just wondering whether the county cup finals Would be likely to go ahead in the next few weeks? What are everyone’s feelings on this? Obviously being in a bar maybe a little bit difficult but I’m sure this could be overcome by using a serving hatch and a queueing system....
  3. Ivybridge Town 3 v 2 Millbrook AFC Torpoint Athletic 2 v 4 Cullompton Rangers Bodmin Town 2 v 2 St Blazey Camelford 2 v 4 Falmouth Town Dobwalls 4 v 2 Godolphin Atlantic Mousehole 3 v 1 Sticker Porthleven 2 v 2 Callington Town St Austell 3 v 2 Helston St Dennis 2 v 4 Newquay Wadebridge Town 2 v 2 Launceston Wendron United 1 v 6 Saltash United
  4. Not me..... not a traveller who wants to get home at 11pm on a Saturday !!
  5. A very good exercise for both teams last night, with very strangely Launceston being 4-0 Down at half-time in a half where they actually played quite well at times. Parkway will more than likely be disappointed that it wasn’t eight or nine but let’s just say launceston and we’re resolute in the second half and scored a consolation goal. Just one mention of the fact that Adam Carter was almost impossible to defend against at times. Still an absolutely great threat up top. And Will Tinsley was superb right back for Parkway Especially in the first half winning just about every tackle and Header Looking good for both teams for the tough season ahead
  6. Its Tiverton Very poor last year, the result doesn’t shock me But..... The scores count for nothing at this time of year. It’s TRAINING
  7. I’ll be watching as I disagree with giving my money to the Devon FA headquarters as the whole set up seems to be a moneymaking scheme. I believe the finals should be awarded to neutral clubs in order to make them some much-needed cash !!
  8. Don’t forget he’s also signed for Ivybridge town !!! Plenty of brown envelopes !!!!
  9. I think Scott used to do it but maybe has lost interest... Maybe Gavin could take it on !??
  10. Quality of the league not better !! It frustrates me seeing the same comments about a gulf in quality when there is no difference. Parkway have not improved since last season But should still have enough quality to finish in the top six as indeed would any of the teams in the top six of the south-western Premier League... I personally think the only thing that’s changed is the running of the club, the facilities at the ground and the pitch quality. I would think in order to get out of his league crowds of 250+ would be expected on a regular basis And that will really happen anymore. Definitely agree with the goalkeeper comments though
  11. I know Exactly who you’re talking about but it seems a little early to change anything after a few defeats !
  12. I think you are absolutely correct in making that point. A number of players have already left this season and suddenly turned up at SWPL clubs To be honest it’s been happening for a number of years at Parkway at the end of the day that is the managements decision And I guess they know best. I’m sure everything will sort itself out eventually and that the club will have a pretty good first season at the (supposedly) higher-level. Personally I am not in a position to really judge the teams performances this year as I have only seen them in action once but that was a particularly bad day again St.Austell.
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