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  1. Excellent report !! Exactly as I saw the game ! I was however very disappointed to see 17 children and a couple of parents playing football during the half-time interval on the pitch? I don’t think this is a very professional thing to have a going on at this level of football. It’s not the local park after all. To be honest there is enough football played on this pitch throughout the season with kids coaching etc…… if I was the groundsman I would be seething! No wonder the pitch looked battered and worn The Sausage rolls were awesome though !! Toilet Facilities on the day we’re really not up to standard. Two portaloos which are stinking and the clubhouse closed
  2. All this shock about Bodmin is understandable but hardly anyone has mentioned a superb Launceston performance, great team spirit and a Squad of mostly very young players it really shouldn’t be all about Bodmin to be fair ! Launceston will probably lose more games than Bodmin but right now they deserve all the credit after playing against such a strong and experienced team
  3. You were fizzing for 94 minutes buddy! seriously worked your ass off for the team ! Just keep it up that’s all I ask !! what a result that was… oh… and….
  4. Odds on that Cally will have a few disciplinary issues next season then ! Not the way the club should be going in my opinion
  5. I should imagine they are regretting this appointment already !
  6. Not really going to need anyone for quite some time I guess ! Great club and a brave but correct decision I think
  7. A few decent ballers up for grabs now then ! All decent drinkers too by all accounts !
  8. Get a life guys !!! Too much history isn’t good for you !! Lol
  9. Brokenshire bound to follow him shortly I guess ? Great lad
  10. Tania brews a lovely cuppa. !! That will do nicely thanks ! But...... she could probably do ok !! She seems to do everything else!!
  11. Treble winning Wayne Hillson is apparently looking to get back into the game? Surely that would be a good appointment?
  12. To be honest I thought it had disappeared about three years ago
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