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  1. Not really going to need anyone for quite some time I guess ! Great club and a brave but correct decision I think
  2. A few decent ballers up for grabs now then ! All decent drinkers too by all accounts !
  3. Get a life guys !!! Too much history isn’t good for you !! Lol
  4. Brokenshire bound to follow him shortly I guess ? Great lad
  5. Tania brews a lovely cuppa. !! That will do nicely thanks ! But...... she could probably do ok !! She seems to do everything else!!
  6. Treble winning Wayne Hillson is apparently looking to get back into the game? Surely that would be a good appointment?
  7. To be honest I thought it had disappeared about three years ago
  8. Funny that !!! All local football is at the end of the programme !! Waited 55 minutes to get the full times read out !! Absolute shambles coverage in truth and gets worse every year. ITS 5pm so..... let’s hear a 15 minute interview about surfing or equestrianism (Big Al.. That’s horses bud !! ) And just for the record, the Saltash game according to one of their players was described as an absolute Sh@t Show !! I did say they would lose some !!! It was awful tbh !!
  9. Sometimes it would be nice to see the opponent get a little praise for their performance. Helston didn’t even lose the game and both liskeard and st Austell are doing well this season. Lots of teams will drop points this season including Saltash Bodmin and Mousehole etc Its the way it “Should be “
  10. Plenty of time to switch the game to Kimberley Stadium, I just can’t understand why they’re allowed to get away with it every year. As if somebody would’ve tried to put the floodlights on in the middle of the day. How gullible are the league officials
  11. Make your mind up Steve ! You said st Blazey yesterday for the league !! Lol Saltash next week then !!
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