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  1. If you read it properly they don’t ! You still have the option to sign in manually, but you don’t need to worry about it because you don’t go to watch any games
  2. Not an excuse but..... 5/6 players left out for the FA CUP game on Saturday. Too many players had an off day but the game should have been over by half time. Subs were made when on top and the 2 main strikers were not used. Add to that, we have a very young goalkeeper who had to take a penalty !!!! A recipe for disaster but...... it’s the league that counts !! Hats off to Elburton for battling to the very end
  3. Most clubs can’t find anyone to do it but Saltash are advertising for a videographer and have been for a while !! Anyone interested please contact the club
  4. Shouldn’t fear anyone and worth a pretty penny what ever the result !! Good luck to the Ashes
  5. All hugging and shaking hands and none would have signed check and trace ! This cannot be allowed to happen again. Third team players and WAGS !! I think
  6. Holding his head In shame no doubt ! Let’s hope he has now seen the light 💡!! Obviously not too bright
  7. It should be noted that Dave Deacon actually said that comment tongue in cheek and it was the one previous to that that By someone else that is of concern ! Just in case anybody misread this thread
  8. Who is doubting them ??? Much stronger this season in my opinion !! A glance at their bench on the weekend says it all !! Class squad this season.they lost 3 players and gained 4/5 Of real quality
  9. Stop stirring ! If you’re not happy don’t go or find a space on your own like I did
  10. Where was river ( island ) Allen last night !?? 😂🤣😂
  11. What an amazing game ! It had just about everything really but Both teams went for it Saltash rode their luck second half but just about deserved to go through Parkway keeper a disgrace and needs to keep his mouth shut. Very lucky to not be sent off on 3 occasions tonight Apart from his antics it was a thoroughly enjoyable game. Officials need to clamp down on this awful language
  12. Sorry but much stronger without him to be fair ! Good player but been replaced by quality ! Saltash looking stronger this season but will miss Ryan’s goals
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