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  1. You could say the same about Godolphin for the last few years but it’s not really got them anywhere in the end has it?Not won anything and now they’re leaving anyway ?? You’ll never stop the clubs with budgets But it’s great to see a club having a go at it
  2. St Austell will not pay anything like that kind of money I can guarantee it ! Not sure where you got this from tbh.... The boy is extremely young and has no experience at this level
  3. Blimey it makes you wonder how he won so many Trophies, What with him also being so fat as you politely put it last year ! Joker
  4. It’s probably a bit late now but I would suggest they ask all remaining players to attend Oh so I imagined being told that then
  5. The fact that Eddie and Goldsworthy were leaving was widely known throughout the club about three weeks before the season even ended ! The new management should have been in place before the season ended which would’ve been an ideal time to look at the talent on show !! The players were never asked, the board told the new management at interview stage that most of the players will be staying. Quite a few of them had already decided to leave way before the end of the season. Anyway hopefully they can get it all sorted out down there because as I’ve said before the fans deserve better
  6. They were told that the majority of players will be staying Shambles !!
  7. I think you’ll find that just because Launceston are making lots of changes that it won’t involve large chunks of money like some other clubs. You could say the same about Ivybridge but I know that they are on a low budget. If you take the two clubs home support I would say they would generate no more than 25/30 home supporters each game And the majority of any crowds would be away fans in most circumstances.(Not exactly big money spending clubs) I can tell you that one of the new signings will definitely be on less money than he was at his previous club and that would probably be the similar situation for a number of them. Football at the end of the day, is a hobby for most at this level and It’s not always about what you can earn and what certain clubs will pay out.Or even what trophies you can win. Maybe it’s just a case of the new manager being very persuasive and actively building a good young squad, admittedly some not so local to Launceston but good young fresh talent. I for one,wish them luck And it will be very interesting to see how well the likes of Launceston do against the big spenders.
  8. I very much doubt thats true and I wouldn’t give you 50p a week for one or two of them !! One of them in particular may as well have a Sin Bin with his own name written on it !!!
  9. Not quite sure how that’s going to help torpoint and Millbrook as surely “east is east” !! I think now they are classed as being in the east and that is probably how it will stay
  10. I did say this would happen ! Having such a long delay in appointing a manager has led to players being talked into disappearing elsewhere which hasn’t been helped by the fact that the budget has been cut for another season. It’s not going to be a particularly easy start to the season for the new management team that’s if they decide to carry on with no squad. St Austell Is a very well run club but this last 12 to 18 months has been a rollercoaster ! Fantastic club and amazing Fans deserve better
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