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  1. Any news on Ryan Richards injury?? I know an ambulance was called but no mention of his suspected broken ankle ??
  2. My opinion is .. If you start the season earlier you will have so many players away on holiday and it’s bad enough as it is. There are always players missing during the first three weeks of the season. What you could do is just keep programming in midweek games Every week. There has been many weeks where the weather has been absolutely perfect for football and there has been no fixture. For example I believe Saltash have had nine games postponed so far and there have been nine weeks where no midweek fixture has been programmed in at all... I for one would be very happy to go and watch twice a week even in November to February
  3. Leeds , They were just having fun that got out of hand. It happens all over the country every day. i’m not saying what happened was alright but don’t think they set off in the morning with an agenda to cause trouble. Maybe they shouldn’t have been served in the bar ??? Many reasons I’m sure. At the end of the day we all like to have some fun now and again ! Even you !!! Well. Maybe
  4. Don’t think you read it properly tbh Second place within touching distance so are helston! But will they drop any points? I think they will lose 2 games but the game are running out !
  5. Wendron 0 Saltash 5 Went down to Wendron to watch Saltash today and it was my first ever visit to their wonderful ground. The pitch was an absolute pudding to play on but Saltash ran out comfortable winners with three goals from Hughes and two from Richards. Saltash controlled the game from start to finish and to be honest should’ve scored a few more ! I counted about nine home fans if you exclude all the committee members and youth players which is quite disappointing for a club with such a fantastic stadium to play in. During the second half a pot was Taken around the ground for people to pay the entry fee of a fiver which I thought was a little unprofessional in my opinion seeing as though there was an unmanned ticket booth by the entrance !! Wendron worked very hard but have a long way to go if they are ever going to challenge at this level. The clubhouse was very nice and the food although of very limited choice was to a reasonable standard and went down well at half-time ! all in all, not a bad Saltash performance some very clinical goals and another clean sheet on the road. Second place is surely now in touching distance for the ashes. Hopefully with a promotion at the end of the season. Away support.... About 25
  6. Proper qualified stewards or a couple of old guys with a yellow tabard on?
  7. Ivybridge Town 3 v 2 Millbrook AFC Torpoint Athletic 2 v 4 Cullompton Rangers Bodmin Town 2 v 2 St Blazey Camelford 2 v 4 Falmouth Town Dobwalls 4 v 2 Godolphin Atlantic Mousehole 3 v 1 Sticker Porthleven 2 v 2 Callington Town St Austell 3 v 2 Helston St Dennis 2 v 4 Newquay Wadebridge Town 2 v 2 Launceston Wendron United 1 v 6 Saltash United
  8. Personally I thought they were average against a poor side and definitely had all the decisions in their favour ! But yes... definitely favourites and it’s theirs to lose.
  9. Went to watch Saltash at dobwalls today. It was great to see such a nice ground and a lovely clubhouse. The game ended with a comfortable 4-0 victory for the ashes against an impressive dobwalls team. However I have to have a little bit of a moan! Unfortunately there was absolutely no food available at half-time for the 90 plus supporters that were present which means that a potential income of possibly £200 or more has been missed out on. Unfortunately this isn’t the first club I’ve known that this has happened to on a regular basis and maybe a little bit of discussion with the people that run the snack bar may have been sensible. I do understand that with the dodgy weather at the moment it may be difficult to buy food in just in case of a postponement but it may be a good idea to get some tins of hotdogs and maybe grab some Rolls before the game as a back up.Especially as there is a massive Morrison’s store less than 2 miles away fans expect a little more and it’s disappointing to see.
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