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  1. Getting rid of Calver, Copp, Bentley and Carter after all had outstanding reviews on the recent documentary is a little bit confusing. Calver and Copp were apparently the future of club?? Carters goal ratio was arguably the best around and they’ve all been released?? Hope this doesn’t come back to haunt them but looks a very weird situation going on.
  2. The Players that have signed for Truro in the last 24 hours would probably still be able to dual register for Parkway, which wouldn't really be a surprise as Parkway liked to use higher league players last year to help in some games when that said player didn't have a game for his first choice club. I just hope Parkway are careful and don't just sign any big player that becomes available for the sake of it, their current squad is by far good enough to win the league.
  3. With the money they are getting and will be getting at Helston, being good mates with the Manager becomes irrelevant.
  4. Only Ryan Richards at a push is good enough to play for Plymouth Parkway but with the financial firepower Parkway have at their disposal, they should be able to get someone who is proven at a higher level already or even plays at a higher level currently. Be interesting to see what Lee Phillips does this year, heard that 2 Teams (one from both the east and the west) would like to speak to him in becoming their Manager which could put a spanner in the works for Saltash as both the interested teams are located very close to Plymouth which could tempt a few of the current Saltash Players away.
  5. I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way but I’m not sure who the new Managers are but they must have some background in the game to get it over you Danny. Cant think there would have been too many applicants for the job who have played the game at the very best level, played the game at a local level most players in the St Piran/Combo would dream off playing at and won more trophies than Perranporth has sand dunes so to get overlooked, they must have some CV. Game has well and truly left us in recent years, better of watching Soccer Saturday in the local Danny.
  6. Sorry Devon 29, Only 1/2 way through reading your essay from a few weeks ago. I’m only commenting on what I hear, some maybe true and some not (money side of things is normally pretty accurate but the transfer talk is as always very hit and miss). But if you think every Manager waits until a presentation evening before deciding who stays or goes then your very much mistaken. Glynn will probably end up playing for a local side, at a guess I’d say MG so nowhere near the £500 unfortunately. Will answer you questions when I’ve finished reading the second 1/2 of it.
  7. Jordan Bastin a very clever recruit. Turned down a number of clubs (Taunton, Tivvy, Willard, Buckland and also Weymouth were sniffing around apparently) in order to sign for Parkway. One can only guess that ££ was a big part in this deal. Hobbs has told Bastin he’ll be number 1 choice so Carter (Bodmin bound), Annear (Bodmin bound) and Smith (Tavi bound) have all been told they are not guaranteed to start. Parkway also keen to add GK Shaun Hillier (currently with Saltash) to his squad.
  8. Tavistock are in for only 1 striker and apparently that’s Mike Smith from Parkway. Most of the squad seem to have committed apart from 2 (1 departing to play at a higher level and 1 going back to his first peninsula club).
  9. Devon 29, If you think that every player is on the same - £187.50 as stated then you need a wake call. 4 Players are on £250 plus so there is nearly a 1/3 gone already. Maybe more than 16 in the squad and do the Management get paid? Gates and Senior figures is where the money comes from.
  10. Tavistock will reportedly have the 2nd biggest budget in the league. You are dead right in your statement that Parkway have the biggest budget (approximately 3k a game). Winning the league is the minimum requirement coming from the Bolitho hierarchy this season. Club have invested a lot of money into the team and weren’t happy to finish 2nd to team who pay out approximately £500 a game, the cup win did lighten the thoughts however.
  11. Be interested to see how many players go between Plymouth Parkway & Tavistock this year. They shared players last term in order to field sides but the same can’t be done this year. Tiegan Rosenquest being a Tavistock boy is going back to Langsford Park and also heard Mike Smith is joining him.
  12. Jordan Bentley, Billy Palfrey, River Allen & Tyler Harvey has all been made lucrative offers from Plymouth Parkway in recent days. 2 of the four have agreed in principle whilst the other two are awaiting further offers. Club have supposed to have made a name your price policy to Andrew Neal which he has declined to stay at Taunton.
  13. The current squad should be good enough judging by ££ they get. Being paid 5 times more than other squads in the league (some teams don’t even pay). Without doubt the best midfield in the league, defensively look solid enough although all their CBs look liable to a quick nippy striker, GK average at best and not so sure Carter has another season at this level and with Annear not happy with limited game time, 2 strikers are on the wanted list. That said, to finish 2nd and get to two cup finals (and win one), all in all, a successful season has probably been had. The whole setup is built for leagues above and every time I visit, I continue to be impressed. Next year, the league is a must.
  14. Teams like Polperro, Torpoint Res, Liskeard Res & Saltash Res will struggle massively in this new league, not necessarily on quality but for consistency. Only so many times players will want to travel to the bottom end of Cornwall for nothing and looking at the makeup of teams that could be in the league, those journeys will nearly be every other week.
  15. Parkway by far the better team in this game and played some good football considering the conditions, the lad Krac again impressive for me. Credit to Cadbury Heath though, horror journey on a weekday and combined with the awful conditions they never gave up but the difference in class was evident to see. Teams 7th place and below are average at very best. Would say Parkway nailed on for a top 4 finish judging by this performance.
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