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  1. Sam Hillson would more than do a job for Bodmin. Don’t know enough about the lad in regards to “being a bad apple” but his trophy cabinet isn’t too shabby and am sure Gilbert wouldn’t take any nonsense or let anyone disrupt the team, Carter also on Gilbert’s radar and looking to get him in the Bodmin shirt for a third spell. Lewis Russell would also be a good recruit and would probably pick up a few extra ££ at Bodmin after surprisingly being told he wouldn’t be a regular in the Saltash 11. Have also heard Bodmin are trying to convince Danny Brooks to sign and give the league another shot.
  2. It’s local football. Your getting a little bit carried away with the seriousness of all this, clubs will pay out what they want. For years clubs have paid out stupid money for average players (Helston supposedly have given 2 players 4.5k to sign on), You think Steve Massey has done that because what he has read on a football forum. As I’ve said in recent quotes, this is a forum, people say things true or un-true but can because it’s a forum, i comment on what I hear from people within the game, if I was that good at making up incredibly rubbish stories reference football I’d be a journalist and work for The Sun.
  3. This is a football forum Devon29, there will be comments made, statements made etc etc that won’t suit or please everyone, but again it’s a forum so get used to it.
  4. If you don’t like the views of other people then it’s very simple, don’t come on a forum.
  5. Bit of both I’d imagine. Again sounds like a lot of parties are in the wrong. Surely players though would be attracted to playing under a Manager who has played at the highest level and would Improve as players themselves.
  6. Liam Eddy and Mark Goldsworthy was a done deal months before irrelevant of what they say. Can’t blame them really, home club and abundance of money to go with it. Slateford and Brokenshire (both St Austell through and through apparently) going for the money pure and simple. Calver and Tinsley stepping up a league so cant blame them for that. A lot of parties are to blame for this situation and it’s been coming for a while, started a few seasons ago with poor managerial appointments and since Lafferty left, 4 or 5 managers have come and gone!!! All clubs however go through this cycle and will continue to happen for many many years to come. A big name isn’t needed, maybe someone with past club connections, someone with local knowledge and re-group and build from there. The usual suspects will be named like Lafferty, Hooper, Nancarrow, Chapman etc but someone like Martin Giles would be a good shout. Knows the club and probably has in-finished business down there.
  7. Don’t think that the new Management Team had a great knowledge of the local circuit and there seems to have been a mix up in communication between them and the club as to who was going to be doing what. The extraordinary amount of money that was believed to have being spent on Hodges and Todd was nothing short of ridiculous and club officials need to look at themselves. Speaking to a few players who have departed, nobody was spoken to by either the new Management or the club. Early indications are that the majority of last years successful reserves side will be stepping up with the managers included.
  8. Hearing that AFC St Austell are going to be parting with Manager Lee Hodges and Assistant Chris Todd after less than 3 weeks in the job.
  9. Sorry Devon 29, Only 1/2 way through reading your essay from a few weeks ago. I’m only commenting on what I hear, some maybe true and some not (money side of things is normally pretty accurate but the transfer talk is as always very hit and miss). But if you think every Manager waits until a presentation evening before deciding who stays or goes then your very much mistaken. Glynn will probably end up playing for a local side, at a guess I’d say MG so nowhere near the £500 unfortunately. Will answer you questions when I’ve finished reading the second 1/2 of it.
  10. Turn the clubs fortunes around? The two clubs that impressed me last season in regards to the overall package were Torpoint and Callington. Both clubs had decent setups, nice clubhouse, nice pitches and although Torpoint for me were always the better footballing team, Callington more often than not were ok. New management a joint role?? Never heard of the later guy and will Mr Borthwick be managing only or doing both? Combining playing with Managing is always a hard role at any level. Stewart Yetton has more chance of signing for Bodmin or Tavistock rather than St Austell, Stewart comes with a hefty pay packet and with St Austell's money pretty much tied up paying for their managers, little money will be left for big name players like Stewart. Tavistock also set to take Jordan Annear from Parkway with the promise of starting every week on the similar money. Straight replacement for Josh Grant.
  11. Believe he was with Bodmin and Tavistock. Talented striker who once was on the books at Portsmouth. Good addition to the Saltash squad. Agree that Launceston seem to be paying over the odds for players that they have named. The fact that Bodmin haven’t named any new signings yet shouldn’t let people think they are not going to be strong, Gilbert and Carey will be a force and both will have an eye on regaining the league title. Who is the new Manager of Callington??
  12. This was in the pipeline after they played each other last season in the Vase. With Ryan Richards looking Tavistock bound and Sam Hughes struggling to play every week, Saltash have moved quickly to secure the services of Vincent who wasn’t even being paid at Cribbs (one of few clubs not to pay in western league). Saltash also looking at bringing in another striker with Curtis Damerell, James Lorenz, Mike Smith, Dan Perryman, Ryan Lucassi and Jacob Smale all being touted.
  13. Jordan Bastin a very clever recruit. Turned down a number of clubs (Taunton, Tivvy, Willard, Buckland and also Weymouth were sniffing around apparently) in order to sign for Parkway. One can only guess that ££ was a big part in this deal. Hobbs has told Bastin he’ll be number 1 choice so Carter (Bodmin bound), Annear (Bodmin bound) and Smith (Tavi bound) have all been told they are not guaranteed to start. Parkway also keen to add GK Shaun Hillier (currently with Saltash) to his squad.
  14. Has there been any announcements from Bodmin yet? Speaking to a Senior figure at the club, they are bringing in Curtis Damerell and another to be confirmed from Millbrook and 1 or 2 from Saltash who are apparently being released. Launceston also seem to have done some good business already and would agree with someone above that a little cash injection has been thrown there way, Thackeray and the lad McCabe never come cheap. Watched several Callington games last season and surprised to see the much regarded tall young CB leave for Saltash although he always looked like a class act. Have they brought anyone in yet to replace him yet as was also informed that long serving CB Dan Jefferis has left?? Also new Management confirmed? Helston though look to be top of pile in regards to signings, 4 top notch players who would all come with ££ above their heads but ultimately are all winners and should see Helston in the top 3 guaranteed!! Alarm bells seem to be ringing at St Austell apparently. A lot of people seem to be disgruntled with what the Manager and assistant are being paid and the word is they are using this time until a bigger job becomes available at Xmas whilst still picking up a decent £ in the process. Chapman, Reski and Hart seem to be the only players staying although two of them have working connections with Hodge so no surprise there.
  15. Tavistock are in for only 1 striker and apparently that’s Mike Smith from Parkway. Most of the squad seem to have committed apart from 2 (1 departing to play at a higher level and 1 going back to his first peninsula club).
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