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  1. Well done Dave it had to come sooner or later! Veryan 2 Sticker Reserves 4 (J.Boardman 3, D.Hocking) First league win against Veryan!
  2. razor61

    Sticker vesus Saltash

    The less said about the referee the better! The red card was nonsense! Two players with their heads to-gether Saltash player goes down as if Mike Tyson had hit him! The sticker player gets a red card for standing up! The Saltash player gets a yellow for lying down! It should have been both red or both yellow or a good talking to! That's twice Sticker have been let down by a referee when playing Saltash!! As for the extra nine minutes well you will have to ask him why!
  3. Paul as you are a St Blazey supporter and I am a Sticker supporter we will never agree. There was red card incident though and that was a two footed tackle on Andrew Butler near the left hand corner flag early in the first half which the ref only issued a yellow card!
  4. It Looked a brilliant headed goal line clearance to me! Shame I cant slow the film down!
  5. I Don't know why Paul should think Sticker were very, very, very lucky last night as I think St Blazey were very, very, very lucky to have eleven players on the pitch! Also the constant moaning to the referee who was very patient!
  6. razor61

    Duchy League - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    No not a good day at the office for you Dave and it don't help having players Unwell!!
  7. razor61

    Duchy League - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Sticker Reserves 7 St Dennis Reserves 2 (J.Martin(2), A,Dalby, D.Hocking, E.George, J.Boardman, S.Began.
  8. More Like a great first win of the season! Goals from Bobby Hopkinson and a brace from Frank McAvoy!!
  9. Frank and Tyler and now Calum! Frank will be missed!
  10. Well said Bobjfh and you are so right it was really tough losing five of last years players and not being able to sign any replacements and two more have just packed it in so it looks we will be drafting in more youngsters. The trouble is losing 8 out of 9 doesn't do the confidence much good so a win would certainly help with morale!
  11. razor61

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 8 2018

    It was good to see you too Young Billy!
  12. razor61

    Looking for a club

    Dan if you fancy giving Sticker a try again I am sure you will get a response our SWPL team are a bit light at present!