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  1. Thanks We Two I have been doing it for the last 14 years since moving to Cornwall and sometimes its difficult not to be biased as its my local team alas I didn't see the Dobwalls game so unable to do a decent report.
  2. Go and take a look at the Stickerafc.co.uk website We Two always a half decent report on home games on there!
  3. Never had the chance to see you play Mark but your record speaks for itself! Also finally meeting you at Sticker and chatting about all things football it was a real treat!
  4. Fair play to Penzance they taught Sticker a lesson and never gave up. Once they scored a second goal we home supporters could only see one team winning and it wasn't us! It seemed every time they went down the right wing we panicked and sure enough caused our defenders all sorts of problems and scored three more goals. That maestro string puller Kevin Lawrence was his usual influential self. What a player to have in your team!! Top man! Sticker though once they were 4-1 up should have just shut up shop but due to some very naive defending and not keeping the ball and frustrating Penzance they
  5. What do suggest then other than try and match them!
  6. When you come to Sticker Steve I will always have a chat with you and your dog!!
  7. Be interesting to see who Tyler Cheshire plays for to-night!! Or will he play a half for each team??
  8. Hi Played for St Austell X1 against Sticker on Tuesday!
  9. It looks like you didn't cheer loud enough as poor old Sticker went down 1-6!
  10. VAR to me is being used in the wrong way and undermining referees/Assistant Referees especially with those hairline offside decisions. The referee should be the one to consult VAR if he is in any doubt about anything! He should use the pitch side monitors more as well as VAR. Because VAR are intervening all the time, that's what is frustrating all of us. VAR is there to be used not to intervene, that's my opinion!
  11. I agree a sensible topic with and great solutions to our waterlogged pitches and a nice bit of humour thrown in! Well done Older!
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