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  1. Totally agreed, what the hell is their manager doing? How can you lose 9-1 in a local derby? Never seen that before! Surely the committee need to sort this out asap ? ? Well done to Ivybridge Town though
  2. Great start by Callington, I believe Paul Surrock has been taking the training sessions and has got them well organised Cullompton deserve a mention as well. Great start but tbh they have a brilliant manager
  3. If they can play Monday why can't they play today? Don't make sense 2 me. Let's hope they sort there problems out ASAP
  4. Personally think it's poor a team from step 6 can't raise a team, I believe they have a 2nd and 3rd team, so surely they could use 2nd team players tomorrow? Another point, why have a 2nd team if you can't use there players! ? Apologies if my facts are wrong.
  5. Impressed with Callington tonight, not sure about Bodmin yet, I know it's early but I think St Austell will be the team to beat!
  6. Surely Holsworthy could show Penzance respect and delay the kick off until the players arrive? ?
  7. Can anyone confirm all kick off s r 3pm thus Sat?
  8. Bottom 3 Camelford or Falmouth Elburton Bovey Tracey Top 3 Bodmin St Austell Parkway
  9. I personally think they will struggle this season! Swiggs has done a fantastic job though
  10. A good Centre Mid and a good Centre Back is Needed If they can sort theses 2 positions out, I would say a top 2 finish!
  11. Mooney what a manager! What club next Al Capone or should I say Mooney!
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