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On several occassions this seasons myself and Way of the Park have spotted several tight gits who have watched a football match and have not elected to pay.

Here are some of the people we have noticed :

1. A bloke at Falmouth on the opening day who was staring through the cut out in his fence .

2. The woman at Torpoint who spent all afternoon leaning against her garden shed ( went in for a cup of tea at half time as well ).

3. Man who casually climbed over his garden fence at Godolphin.

4. A guy at Exmouth last Saturday watching the game from the road side.

Anyone else got any "tight git" stories to share.

Just a bit of light humour.

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I think the man at Godolphin may possibly be Stuart Lenton, I would gladly pay his entrance fee as he is a legend of Newquay football.

As a teenager I use to watch him at Mount Wise, the best central defender outside professional football.

(Also as neighbour to the ground, what with the shouting and bad language,I think he deserves to get in free from time to time)

What about all those that turn up at half time !!! Tight gits.

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