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  1. And there it is, the kind of ignorant thinking that perpetuates this pandemic...
  2. Statement from Callington Town FC on the Covid AlertOur first team have had the next two games cancelled following a positive Covid Test from one of their players. The player displayed symptoms on Sunday and got an immediate test. The result came back positive on Tuesday morning, and we immediately put its Covid Emergency Plan into effect.As soon as we were informed of the positive test, we advised the league, the FA, and Public Health Cornwall, and identified a small number of team mates who were in close contact with the player. We have advised them to self-isolate for 14 days and, if they e
  3. Fancy giving it a go? You seem very knowledgeable on the subject...
  4. Now the season has been expunged, does that mean any fines occurred will be repaid? 🤔
  5. So all local football is cancelled but the National league is carrying on 🤷‍♂️....
  6. The player was sent off playing in st pirans a full 6 weeks before he played for us in the game in question. The days prior to the game, the suspension list sent out by the cornwall fa each week didnt show this player as suspended and neither did his account on the WGS. You mention that the club need to update the system to reflect the game he will be suspended from, this wasn’t done. After looking in to it, it would appear that the club the suspension was for initially logged the game the suspension would be served which was then postponed, the club then failed to alter the system to re
  7. No, but a few weeks had passed since he was banned It was checked, because the club who the player was playing for didn't update the app it wasn't there to see....
  8. We as a club checked with all available websites, the player concerned was not on any of them, he had been banned for one game but didn't realise that the team he had been playing for(not us) when sent off had not played a game, the problem was the club he had been playing for had not updated the discipline web site. The league realised we had checked and had not played the player intentionally knowing he was banned, but felt they had no choice but to remove us from the senior cup with no further action being taken.
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