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  1. Parkway are staying in the same league .
  2. Rob wears his heart on his sleeve . I can not say that I have noticed anything out of the ordinary . Proper Captain material that lad . One of the finest players I have seen over the years in a Parkway shirt.
  3. Any idea what size crowds Truro get please ?
  4. Where was Shane Krac on finals day ? Would love to see Rob Farkins as Captain next season. I had a few doubts about 2 players this year and want to say how they have done a good job. Carter and Rosenquest . I did not think they would be able to perform as well at a higher level. How wrong was I. Well done lads . I think Annear needs to be playing in a front 2 to get the best out of him. A good young potential. This has been a great season and what an addition for the younger players footballing cv's. Another big shout out to an unsung hero , the Manager always gets praise when things go well ,but Karl Curtis has had a big impact on the team too. Well done Sir.
  5. Great guy , great reports ..... massive respect . Thankyou Graham.
  6. Great effort that lads . A big well done to Lee and Karl and all at Parkway. What a great first season at this level. Will be interesting if we get promotion too . The ground is coming along nicely also , a lot of hard work going on at our club. Keep up the good work please and I am already looking forward to next season. Cmon Parkway .
  7. Lol..... "You took the words right out of my mouth ...... boom
  8. Yes agree Rob. The top 6 clubs from the league below would do ok .
  9. Would like to see them back at Parkway . They would be great signings. If we had them this season we would have won the league ........... I think. Not taking anything away from what the boys have done though. Great effort taking it too the last day and what an unbeaten run to catch back. So close in one cup final and a very tough but winnable one to come . Looking forward too next season already .
  10. Well WOTP ........ I think RVP has summed it up nicely. If you are not on your "A" game , you could lose very easily. The top third of the SW Peninsula Premier are more than competant enough to hold their own in the Western league. What I have noticed about the other teams is that they nearly all have very fast wingers , a fast front man and a solid defence. It has been a good season to see Parkway rise to the challenge. Not much at all between the top 3 or 4 teams. I think the best performance I have seen this season ( other than Parkway ) has been from Willand when they hammered us early on.
  11. Buckland = Mid table. Shepton Mallet = Mid table.
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