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  1. Must agree , fantastic setting . So proud of the hard work paying off. Huge credit to the committee. What a fantastic job they are doing. Great atmosphere and a decent performance against a professional outfit. Well done lads.
  2. I did go too watch Sir . I just wanted to hear what someone else that went thought ! Lewis Daw is hoping to make a comeback after his injury. I always forget the mature mid fielders name for Tavi lol. He always has a good game every time I see him. Class act. Several comments made by the Tavi bench how Grant was putting the tackles in against them , yet never put a tackle in for them lol.
  3. Anyone watch the Tavi v Taunton match ? Would like to know what people thought ? Tavi 0 v Taunton 5
  4. I've seen you play footy Way of the Park . You would not even get a packet of pork scratchings .............. you are awful ( but I do like you ) .
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