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  1. Stickers keeper was tremendous last night and kept the score reasonable for the away team. MQx
  2. Agreed, always good to see local guys make the next step, will be a big learning curve but hard work and commitment will help. MQx
  3. Wow,,,, at last,,,, someone who knows exactly how much every single player in a particular team is receiving for each game!! Must be a committee member,,, or a sleuth,,, or a P.I. or something else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s.,, luv ur spelin) MQx
  4. It changed to the Ivy but unfortunately that is closed now,,, Albion for live music and fun and frolics !! MQx
  5. I had a really good Pelican curry the other night,,,, food was delicious but the bill was enormous!! MQx
  6. Nice to hear some good news that James Lorenz is staying at Liskeard despite some tempting offers ! MQx
  7. Or Penhole 1sts or Mousepants 2nds,,,,, MQx
  8. Think we might be moving away from "Confirmed SWPL transfers" a little bit here guys !! MQx
  9. hi martin

    john mitchell over at Perranporth just wondering if you could fit us in for a friendly evening game at yours in the middle of july, lost most of last years team due to no budget this year so it will be a team mainly of youngsters with a few older heads

    many thanks


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