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  1. The whole country is in tiers!!!! 😂😪😪 MQx
  2. It's simple you take your tier with you as stated in first answer. It is going to be reviewed every 2 weeks so it is down to common sense and sensibility!!!! We are all buggered then I guess!!!! MQx
  3. So........... ur saying that Martin Hodge and Richard Woods have no passion!!!!!! I`ve heard it all now!!! MQx
  4. Some squad on show last night !! Is that the usual bunch?? MQx
  5. And.................... back to the Callington topic/issue !! MQx
  6. Dont lower urself to reply Rappo we all know ur a sodding legend in these ere parts!!!! Loved playing vets against you and long may it continue MQx
  7. I might be tempted to start playing Duchy again Ian. Loved the banter!! MQx
  8. Lots of hard work by a lot of guys and galls back then Bruegel!!! it is nice to see them playing well and winning,,,,,,,, now for the consistency,,,, I'm sure the management team will be driving them onwards and upwards !! Well done lads and support staff!! MQx
  9. I remember driving that distance just to play 45 minutes due to having to work in the morning,, and then paid my subs!! MQx #dontknowtheyareborn
  10. BBC website showing Parkway beating Saltash and Wellington beating Bodmin!!
  11. So,,,,, is it me or does it look like Saltash and Bodmin won on penalties,,,, have I had too much gin on my cornflakes?? MQx
  12. And a real gentleman to boot !! Helped me out many a time at Liskeard and wouldnt take a penny for it.... Also came on tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MQx
  13. £180 for boots !!!!!!!!! I would want a season ticket, all transport costs, food after every game, free beer and change for kebab on the way home for that amount!!!!! MQx Gumtree,,,, £25
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