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  1. middle mans mate

    Is this forum becoming a farce?

    Abuse, vitriol, racism, libellous comments?
  2. middle mans mate

    Is this forum becoming a farce?

    How about introducing a red/yellow card system Dave, 5 yellows against your name leads to a one month ban from the forum?
  3. middle mans mate

    Bodmin Town - resurgent or lucky?

    Look on the SWPL site.
  4. middle mans mate

    SWPL - Wednesday 17 October 2018

    Never fancied managing a team Leeds? It would be good to see how you get on, at least Stu Morgan has given up his time and no doubt money, to have a go regardless how he did. Its a thankless task doing any job in amateur fooball, and I would never knock anyone who does.
  5. middle mans mate

    Bodmin dismantled by Tavistock

    Could/should have been more than 7...
  6. middle mans mate

    SWPL - Saturday September 15th 2018

    I think he was referring to the spelling......
  7. Game off. Pitch already unplayable and heavy rain due overnight and tomorrow