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  1. A weekly dig Dave or people of the same opinion sharing that on the platform you provided for exactly that if it’s a weekly thing maybe there is some truth in it?
  2. Why did t the ref do something I asked him the same thing his response was simple what can I do he said he was as intimidated by the thugs as the supporters was nearly a week on I’m still in shock to what happened. The young supporter was my boy and with his mum working Saturday I have asked him to come with me to football his response no I don’t like football it’s too scary. Absolute ******* joke that is and if any one disagrees with that hang your head in Shame
  3. We also had a no show after the game football is dying different game to how it used to be
  4. Win or lose always go for a drink at Dom looking favourites for me
  5. Fair play to ref Alan Howells today he done a really good job in a very difficult game 👏🏻
  6. Never been involved in agame like it before today at st Stephen total disrespect to everyone shown by the away side of that’s what football has come to now I don’t want anything to do with it anymore
  7. Also great sportsmanship from foxhole heckling our kick takers in the shoot out 👍🏻
  8. Many thanks to Ian osbourne for getting you into the next round
  9. I was one of the few who voted st pirans feel like it’s a step backwards with out going anywhere staying in east Cornwall st pirans league looks competitive with a lot of lovely pitches to play on
  10. As club it’s was voted on with the decision to stay in east Cornwall feels like a step back now as you say the whole situation is mad
  11. I’m sorry but what a joke this is. Fair play to st mawgan for taking the jump up bit for years st Stephen was close to go up a league then we done it and won div 1 back to back same as foxhole deservedly going up always on the rule only one up from duchy now two teams jump straight in to this league I just don’t agree with it all.
  12. I ca t make sense of this basically introducing a new combo and ecpl scrap the whole idea stick with as is I say
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