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  1. Yea trophies 3 years in a row ideal ain’t it reckon you not playing showed in your teams league position this year. We was so far off the pace we jacked it in 😂
  2. We didn’t vote not to continue we said we will go with whatever. Correct we couldn’t of finished the season with the extension till June as our pitch is only available till mid March which gives us chance to get a couple games in against the teams local to us. Sorry little old st Stephen upsets the giant club that is torpoint all these years on and still so so bitter chin-up robbins 😘
  3. I’m putting out the idea of a mini friendly local league around 20 mins or so in around st austell/clay country just putting the feelers out as to my knowledge all leagues now finish either curtailed or null and void any teams who would like some sort of competitive football when we are allowed to return get in touch here or via 07972215899 so far have interest from a couple sides coady
  4. How many clubs would of been able to actually complete the remaining fixtures I know us at st Stephen couldn’t of due to a ground share with cricket I would of loved to carry on but it was never realistic I am upset there is no mention of a cup or anything as i personally would love some football to look forward too. I presume promotion to st Piran league will go ahead and from what I guess it’s a straight shoot out between ourselves and st Dominick? Also hear mount Gould applied to go back to the Devon league? Makes sense if there that upset with the ecpl be better for them than dominating th
  5. Is there any news on what is going to happen to this season I know there is no answers to when we can start again but surely a decision on what is going to happen has to be told to the clubs soon?
  6. The older I get the more of a moany old **** I am?? an I asking for a friendly?? Or am I asking if friendlys are allowed a simple yes or no answer would suffice cheers for your input tho 🥰
  7. With league games suspended how do we stand with arranging friendlys? Can we do that?
  8. Fair analysis there I felt we done enough to take the 3 points but as you’ve said couldn’t of argued had you pinched an equaliser good game in all. And fair play to the newlyn management team for good banter on the touch line always makes it more enjoyable 👍🏻
  9. Please understand that it’s one of my lads being a **** I promise it’s not me writing these reports
  10. Well the weather as bad as the forecast fingers crossed for not much more rain
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