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  1. Two options Dave. Either the stats can be unlocked by the League Admin for the club to do the changes or the the League Admin can go in and update the info if they have it.
  2. Match postponed due to to the traffic chaos in Plymouth preventing most of the Millbrook players crossing the river in sensible time. Game now re-scheduled to Wed 30th Sep.
  3. If the stats haven't been locked then yes, it is possible to go back in and add the missing players providing their registrations have been sorted in Whole Game.
  4. A lot of variables will decide that for us. Let's not forget the weather in all of this as well. A decision on the cup competition has very deliberately been left until the new year to give room for manoeuvre there and league fixtures are scheduled to give a decent amount of flex. Could we cater for losing 6 weekends worth of games? Probably but it would be tight and it would be harder for some clubs than others. More than that and it starts to get tricky. If there was no movement on the end date set by the FA that wouldn't help either. More importantly, whatever unfolds, part
  5. The intention is to do the draw for Round 3 and subsequent draws live in a COVID safe manner.
  6. From the guidance document issued by the FA on 10th August: Team sheets: Physical team sheets should not be shared between the officials or opposition where possible. These can be sent electronically via photo or e-mail if required.
  7. The next round. Round two will be 10 ties with the winners joining the 22 SWPL teams in Round 3.
  8. To be clear, the administration fee for a caution and the fine levels for dismissals are set by the FA not the County FA's and are published in the FA Discipline Regulations. The fine for a dismissal will vary depending on the nature of the offence and I would suspect that the £55 level is for an offence of serious foul play, spitting, violent conduct or offensive/abusive/insulting language. Others will not be so high.
  9. Full-Time is always the master. Clubs have the license to change the KO of evening games providing the opponents and the referee are happy to do so and the league is informed.
  10. Also 7:30. All kick off times can be seen by clicking on the fixture in Full-Time. Outside the NLS there are no laid down limits on the number of spectators only a proviso that social distancing is observed and spectators cannot gather in groups of more than 6. Respective club COVID Risk Assessments may of course put other restrictions or limits in place.
  11. Possibly, but more likely they started with 11. With all of the Whole Game issues over the last week or more there are probably players awaiting processing that were eligible to play and would fill the gaps. All clubs have been advised what to do in these circumstances.
  12. Under the guidelines for grassroots football spectators are allowed providing they are in discrete groups of not more than 6 and social distancing is observed. Currently limited to no more than 300 at SWPL level and above.
  13. I'm lead to believe that a big part of the problem is that all of the FA's systems are on one server and it's creaking. Everything seemed OK until the update to Full-Time @3 weeks ago and it's been downhill ever since.
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