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  1. Phil is looking to use Monday's and Wednesday's and I'll be using Tuesday's and Thursday's. Or at least that's the plan. One of the problems though is that we share clubs where both the firsts and reserves are in the same boat - no pun intended!
  2. No problem Andy. Time and the weather will tell for this weekend but a degree of common sense also has to apply. We're getting boxed in now in the East where I'm already having to put games in for May. It's better in the West but Hayle and Penryn have to finish by the 9th May regardless of any extension we may get from the FA which will, if granted, only be 'a few days'. Nomatter what deadline the FA may insist on not even they can stop the rain and certain realities come with that fact.
  3. Just to be clear, the games weren't 'pulled'. They all fell following inspections carried out under the weather protocol with St Day's being the last one to succumb. At that point I posted the 'all games off' comment.
  4. More like impossible than unlikely as only Penryn out of those three applied to the FA for promotion. Hayle have also applied.
  5. All games now off. If this happened in St Piran then: 1. I wasn't aware of it and should have been. 2. Any communication is to come from the club secretary or the designated team secretary NOT the team manager. 3. As postponements are a league matter if there is a disagreement the first point of contact is me not the CCFA. If deemed necessary I would then arrange a second inspection with the relevant parties.
  6. I have just advised all club secretary's that for this weekend the Severe Weather Protocol has been invoked. As such I am happy for this weekend’s matches to be called off early without the need for a referee’s pitch inspection provided that the pitch is checked by a responsible Club Official in accordance with League Standing Order 5. Where there is clearly no chance of play tomorrow I will accept postponements from now - 16:40 Friday. Where there is a possibility of play clubs have been asked to wait until tomorrow morning before making a decision to give their games, where possible, the best chance of being played though, given the forecast wind as well, that's probably more of hope triumphing over realism.
  7. Now we know who's through the arrangements will be made. I'll be in touch with potential hosts over the next week or so and I hope to have everything finalised as soon as possible. Because we have to complete all of our divisional fixtures by 9th May league fixtures have to take priority to ensure that this (FA) deadline can be met. Available dates are at a premium. The dates quoted are provisional and will depend on host ground availability and the impacts to any league fixtures. If they are confirmed as mid-week games then yes, then the venues will be floodlit. No dates as such yet but we'll be discussing that at our next Committee meeting a week on Wednesday. As was touched on at our SGM last Wednesday the plan is to have the East and West champions playing each other for the League Trophy as well as the Cup Final on the same day at the same venue with all proceeds going to the Benevolent Fund. This is of course dependent on who gets to the final and who wins the Divisions but we do have one or two alternative thoughts. The early May Bank Holiday being moved to Friday 8th wasn't very helpful as Monday 10th would have been ideal.
  8. 3-4 Dave. For some strange reason Full Time hadn't processed it.
  9. Result of the draw today is: St Ives Town v Falmouth Town Reserves St Day v AFC St Austell Reserves
  10. The draw for the semi-finals of the Kernow Stone Cup will take place at Hayle FC on completion of today's ties. The outcome of the draw will be published on here and Full Time shortly after. Provisional dates for the semi-finals are 7th & 8th April.
  11. Millbrook v St Dennis postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.
  12. It's not. It's a specific offence and can result in a 3 month prison sentence even if it's found on your person before it's set off. Fact sheet can be found here: http://www.fsf.org.uk/assets/Smoke-Bombs-Flares-and-Fireworks-Factsheet-for-FSF.pdf
  13. The Kernow Stone fixture at Mousehole is now a 3pm ko.
  14. It is difficult and it's hitting at all levels and I don't think anyone has all of the answers or even some of them. I agree with you that sustainability is the key and even that is getting decidedly tricky. Whilst your idea about a league statement certainly has merit it's unfortunately contrary to what's in the mandatory rules at the moment which essentially means that if a club was refused the opportunity of applying and they appealed they would be pretty much nailed on to win the appeal. I do wonder where the game will be in 10 years time and I fear it won't be anything like what we have now.
  15. Many good points in there Kev, it's what can be done about them that's the issue. Clubs and teams at all levels have been falling by the wayside regularly in recent years, look at how many have gone from the SWPL and Combo and Trelawny is about half the size it was when it started. Volunteers, supporters and committee members are increasingly difficult to come by and there are many questions around why that should be. With players it's probably more accurate to say not enough committed players. We have approaching 1900 players registered in St Piran for example, that's over 60 per team! The days when you could run a side on a squad of @18/19 are long gone. And lets not forget that it's not just football that's suffering this or just football in Cornwall. All team sports in this country and across Europe are suffering similar problems. Whilst it would be true to say that the NLS management haven't been down for a while the National Game Manager (he looks after everything below the NLS) was down in November (I think) and he was left in no doubt about the issues football in the County faces. The County FA are also well aware of the problems and no matter what people may think they do strongly represent those up to the FA. The perennial problem with being part of the NLS will always be that those areas on the edges will find it more difficult. We have some unique problems down here but many are very similar to those experienced by those regions on the other three corners of the map. The players become free agents. Difficult one this Bash. The rules allow them to apply and the clubs, as you say to vote on whether to let them in or not. If a club rep applying for membership stands up at an AGM and states very clearly that they have a ground, changing rooms and plenty of players on what grounds, that would stand up to an appeal, could entry be refused? Would someone really stand up and say yes, we hear what you say and we do need to maintain our numbers and sustain the game but we don't believe you when you say you have enough players so we're going to run a team (or two) short? Imagine what Trelawny would be like now if new clubs hadn't been allowed in. Down to 3 divisions perhaps? There are currently 57 players registered to Ludgvan Dave but it's not unusual to find clubs that are struggling to have high numbers registered.
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