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  1. Steve Carpenter

    2019/20 restructure

    Yes it is Dave.
  2. Steve Carpenter


    Wrong again!
  3. Steve Carpenter


    1. Simply not true. The CCFA has passed feedback from the clubs to the FA and the FA officials took feedback at the meetings down here. 2. Not true. The FA have consulted widely across the country and the meetings down here were open to all clubs. This is a change being made by the FA to the NLS to give a true pyramid. National rules will apply. 3. Incorrect. I could name those others that have been invited to be involved but i won't because a. I don't know if they've confirmed their involvement and b. it's not my place to name them if they subsequently decide not to become involved. None of them are CCFA staff which means that your 'in house' comment is also..........incorrect.
  4. Steve Carpenter


    That, Dave, would be a whole different can of worms for the FA to sort!! Would certainly be 'interesting' times.
  5. Steve Carpenter


    OK where to start. For context one thing we have to remember is that this reorganisation is part of a refinement of the National League System and the restructuring at the higher levels has largely been completed. This alone means that it's highly unlikely that a 'more local' Step 5 league will happen in the foreseeable future. Nationally there have been changes to leagues and the areas that they cover, it's now our turn. The process is pretty clear and is describe in the FA letter at the top of this thread. ALL clubs wishing to compete at Steps 6 & 7 from 19/20 have to get there expressions of interest to the FA (not the CCFA) by 31st December. Clubs below Step 7 may apply and this does include clubs from the Duchy and Trelawny leagues. Lest we forget, anything below Step 7 is recreational football and any pecking order of leagues is determined by local arrangements ( i.e. in our case by a CCFA Rule) which can be reviewed and changed if need be. The FA do not differentiate. As stated above, promotion from Step 6 will be mandatory but clubs will be able to apply to the FA (not the CCFA) to not be promoted. There are no guarantees and the process will no doubt be covered in the new NLS Rules which are currently been drafted. As John Mead states the ultimate sanction for not accepting promotion will be relegation but the FA are aware of the concerns of clubs in rural counties - Cumbria and Norfolk for example have similar concerns. The Peninsula League Cornwall Division will consist of 18-20 teams and the Cornwall Step 7 League will have 16 teams. The CCFA do have an embryonic committee coming together to run the Step 7 league. I was asked to be involved and I agreed, others have also been approached but it's not for me to name them here. Their names will come out in time as they confirm. Much background work has already been done in preparation and the process will be accelerated through October. Much remains to be done but it will be completed in plenty of time and once the FA announce the composition of the two Cornish Leagues any necessary refinements will then be made. Full-Time will be used as the league web-site with Whole Game being used for player registrations etc. There is a degree of work involved for club secretaries in preparation for the player registration process but training will be given for those not already using the system. Change is coming. Some will like it, some won't but in the end it's going to happen so we have to embrace it and do what we can to make it a success. There will be issues along the way but I for one am confident that we can get there.
  6. The last referee to be found not applying this rule was suspended for 28 days.