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  1. C'mon Leeds keep up. It's one league or, if you like, 11 places below Blazey. And they've only lost a couple of games all season.
  2. They can play on the pitch on the top of the hill Brian. Gets quite slippery but rarely called off.
  3. Wendron v Falmouth - off, waterlogged St Dennis v Torpoint - off, waterlogged Morwenstow v Liskeard - off, waterlogged
  4. To put this into perspective a little, whilst these rules are in place it is very rare that they actually end up being applied. The last time to my recollection was when Mawgan folded in the Falmouth-Helston League. That was a particularly difficult situation to deal with and in the end the clubs debts were referred to the CCFA. About half of their players paid their share and the rest were given sine die suspensions until such time as they paid theirs. And let's not forget that clubs can also use the scheme to recover qualifying debts from individual players.
  5. I suspect what the league have done is highlight the football debt recovery scheme which covers these circumstances. A situation made all the worse with the very sad loss of Morris. One of lifes good guys he'll be sorely missed. That all depends who applies for what Paul. I've had 2 expressions of interest from the east and one from the west already.
  6. Exactly! For example, I got the SWPL changes on Saturday evening and my changes were sent to the other leagues yesterday afternoon so that they can work on theirs. And that's before you layer on the County Cup matches. It all takes time. We just need the sky tap to be turned off!
  7. As of 11am only Saltash Borough v Saltash United Reserves (3G) and St Ives Town v Mousehole Reserves have survived the weather.
  8. Yes they can be called early. All clubs playing today were told this last night. No power at home so I'm catching up whilst shopping🙁. Power now back on after @2 hours. I have comms!
  9. The FA yesterday issued the procedure to be followed and the documentation to be completed by any clubs seeking promotion to Step 6 for 2020/21 and these have been forwarded to all member clubs. This process is managed entirely by the FA and all applications have to be lodged with them by 31st December. In tandem with this I have today sent the the secretaries of the ECPL and Combination Leagues the procedure to be followed by any clubs seeking promotion to the St Piran League with a request that they forward it on to their membership. The deadline for applications is again 31st December. Any clubs seeking promotion to St Piran that have any questions should contact me in the first instance: stpiransec@hotmail.com/07971380404/01736 762612.
  10. It is. For some reason Sue's e-mail went to junk. St Mawgan v Wadebridge now off.
  11. As of 11:50 Falmouth Town Reserves v Redruth United is on the 3G. Hayle v St Ives Town will be on the grass or 3G depending on when/if the rain clears through. Wendron United Reserves v Perranporth is now at Perranporth.
  12. With the heavy rain yesterday and overnight forecast to continue until later this afternoon I am happy for matches to be called off early without the need for a referee’s pitch inspection provided that the pitch is checked by a responsible Club Official. Clubs are asked to bear in mind that there are some significant differences in the various forecasts as to when the wet weather will clear. Whilst this will make little difference to those that have poorly draining pitches I would ask those whose pitches drain well to take this into consideration when making the decision to give the game, where possible, the best chance of being played. Clubs are reminded to ensure that all parties (opposition, referee, Referee’s Appointer and the myself) are informed of any postponements as soon as possible. Due to poor mobile coverage it is unlikely that I will receive notifications by text. E-mail, messenger and (preferably) my land line number should be used.
  13. Falmouth Town Reserves v St Dennis Reserves also off.
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