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  1. The first draft of the St Piran (East) fixtures were completed @11pm yesterday. I have one or two checks to complete today when I get home from work before passing them out to the clubs for them to run an eye over and spot any errors. They will have a week to get back to me with any proposed amendments. Torpoints fixtures will be forwarded to Mike this evening.
  2. Yes providing they are not a contract player with the other club. Nothing has changed in this respect.
  3. My mistake Mark. The first couple of months were completed by about midnight on Tuesday so an old lesson about working when you're tired has been re-learnt. No excuses as it's in bold red on my spreadsheet and now I've finished chastising myself in true armed forces (rtd) style and regained my good humour I'll make the corrections.
  4. A DRAFT version of the West Division fixtures was sent to those clubs yesterday for a them to check for any errors, omissions, etc. The clubs have a week to get back to me with any corrections that may be necessary. Unfortunately without the use of the Full-Time fixture tool these have had to be drafted by hand and this has involved late nights all week so I'm sure there will be some corrections needed. The finalised version of the West fixtures should be out in about 10 days time. ANY fixtures you may see at this time are to be treated as provisional. A start has been made on the East fixtures and I hope to have these out to the clubs for review by the end of the coming week. It's a bit of a tortuous process so be patient people!
  5. Two up from the ECPL to the East Division and 2 up from the Combination to the West Division is the simplistic answer but there are a number of contingencies. Promotion is not automatic. Feeder League clubs seeking promotion must apply to the League (not the FA) by 31st December. All covered under Rule 22 which the clubs have all had - the rules will be published on the Full-Time site once it's active and that date is dependent on all of our clubs completing their CCFA Affiliation process. The relevant bit of Rule 22 is reproduced below: Rule 22e. i. Promotion to this League from nominated feeder leagues shall be as described below. For the purposes of this Rule the nominated feeder leagues shall be the East Cornwall Premier League for the East Division and the Cornwall Combination League for the West Division. ii. Devon based Clubs playing in feeder leagues shall not be eligible for promotion to this League. iii. Only two teams from each feeder League shall be eligible for promotion to this league. Should more than two clubs apply from any given Feeder League then the highest placed eligible clubs, as described below shall be the only ones considered. iv. At the conclusion of fixtures the Champion and Runner-Up Clubs of each feeder league, provided they have the necessary grading criteria as described at Schedule E (subject to any FA dispensations in place at the time) will be eligible for promotion to this League. Where either the Champion or Runner-Up club does not apply or is either unable or unwilling or ineligible under Rule 22e(ii) to take promotion then an eligible club finishing 3rd or 4th shall be able to be promoted. Where the clubs finishing 3rd or 4th also do not apply or are either unable or unwilling or ineligible to take promotion then no promotion shall take place that season. v. In the same way, where a reserve team or teams of Clubs in membership of this League fill feeder league promotion places and the league has the maximum allowed number of reserve teams in membership, then a club finishing in the top two of the teams eligible to be promoted may be permitted to fill any vacancies but a club promoted must still finish in the top 5 of the feeder league. Should no clubs be eligible under this rule then no promotion shall take place that season. vi. Where Devon based Clubs fill feeder league promotion places as described in Rule 22e(iv) above then a club finishing in the top two of the teams eligible to be promoted may be permitted to fill any vacancies but a club promoted must still finish in the top 5 of the feeder league. Should no clubs be eligible under this rule then no promotion shall take place that season.
  6. Yes they do! Come on Bash - lighten up! Take a peak here - blatant plug follows😉 https://www.granite-worktops-cornwall.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/kernowstone/ Shortly to move into the old Atlantic Windows site at Pool.
  7. Club Assistants, the same as last season at this level. Courses will be arranged for those that need them in due course.
  8. The draw for the first round of the Kernow Stone Cup was made at tonight's AGM and is as follows: St Just v Penryn Athletic Launceston Reserves v St Austell Reserves St Agnes v St Ives Millbrook Reserves v Lanreath Bude Town v St Day Hayle v Callington Reserves Perranporth v Sticker Reserves Ludgvan v St Mawgan Wadebridge Town Reserves v Polperro Saltash Borough v Mullion Perranwell v Torpoint Athletic Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves v Saltash United Reserves Liskeard Athletic Reserves v Morwenstow Illogan RBL v Wendron United Reserves Falmouth Town Reserves v St Dennis Reserves Redruth United v Mousehole Reserves Dates for the ties are yet to be fixed.
  9. 7pm. All clubs were sent calling notices 2 weeks ago with the agenda etc.
  10. The AGM is on Monday 10th June. The Officers were appointed about 6 months ago for an 18 month period and their names were well publicised. The season will start on 17th August. The cup draw will be made on the evening. The constitution of the two (East and West) divisions was publicised a couple of weeks ago. The fixtures will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The SWPL fixtures only came out yesterday and these were needed before ours could be progressed.
  11. That's always been the case, it's just the league names that have changed over the years. It's not unknown by any means for some of the Cornish clubs on the border to play in these leagues.
  12. I agree, the timing was terrible but it was driven by unfortunate circumstances.
  13. From next season's Junior Cup Rule 1: b. i. The first teams of all Clubs who competing solely in the Duchy League, Trelawny League, North Devon League Division One or lower and the Plymouth and West Devon League Division One or lower, all of whom are affiliated to this Association, must compete in this competition. ii. The highest place reserve or other side of any Club competing in a more senior competition and playing in the leagues identified at Rule 1b(i) shall also enter this competition.
  14. I'm not going to get into the rights and wrongs of the Combination debate Dave but I will defend the CCFA on this one. Ultimately there was no choice but to change tack. At the risk of going over old ground, the remit from the FA was that all clubs must have a clear pathway (should they wish to take it) from the very bottom of local football into the NLS. The way things panned out, albeit late in the day, there was going to be a very significant inbuilt disincentive for any club in the east to progress which would have been very difficult if not impossible to change. The only way to maintain the pathway and meet that FA remit was to go to two divisions and after discussions with the FA that was the decision. It wasn't a decision that was taken lightly as the implications were clearly understood. There was a meeting with the ECPL and Combination Leagues very soon after the decision was made to make sure everybody knew what was going on and when and what the options were. Those leagues have now made their decisions and formulated their plans to implement them.
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