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  1. Yes the vacancies can be filled by election Dave and that's covered in the standard rules. A play off to decide who goes forward for election isn't so if that path was taken it would need sanctioning. For the last week we have been looking at options for when play is allowed again so we can have some meaningful matches at that point. Those plans should firm up over the coming weeks.
  2. Not quite that easy Dave. Any number of possible scenarios would have to be catered for all of which would become nugatory if, as is seemingly more likely every day, the FA declare the season null and void with no promotion or relegation.
  3. There are a number of variables in that scenario. Will the FA carry out the final part of the NLS restructure held over from last season? If they do how many SWPL clubs will move up from each division? It could be two from each division. If clubs move up from the SWPL under the reorganisation will they backfill from St Piran or run with fewer teams per division? All of the above would tell us how many vacancies there would be in St Piran for 21-22 over and above the 3 that we currently have. If the season's voided St Piran vacancies could be filled by election and the
  4. With the deadline for promotion applications now passed I can confirm that the following have applied: To the SWPL Penryn Athletic (confirmed as carried forward from last season) Hayle (confirmed as carried forward from last season) Bude Town To St Piran East St Dominick St Stephen To St Piran West Hayle Reserves (subject to the first team gaining promotion) Ludgvan Ruan Minor All are subject to the season completing. However, should that not be the case the vacancies in both divisions can be filled by election and the applicants wil
  5. Surviving fixtures as of 9:30: St Ives v Perranwell (Reversal of original fixture - Saltings wet but playable) St Agnes v Helston (At Truro College) St Day v Hayle St Austell v St Mawgan (pitch inspection at 10:30). Game off, failed pitch inspection. Saltash Borough v Liskeard.
  6. As a Devon based club they are not eligible for promotion to St Piran and their only avenue would be to apply to The Devon League. I don't believe that the ECPL is a nominated feeder league for the Devon League so that process wouldn't be as straightforward as a standard promotion application.
  7. A reminder that any club seeking promotion to the Kernow Stone St Piran League at the conclusion of 2020/21 season must submit their application to the League (info their current League) by 31st December. The secretaries of the ECPL and Combination Leagues have been sent the procedure to be followed with a request that they forward it on to their membership. Clubs that have any questions on the procedure or want any clarification on the finer points should contact me in the first instance: stpiransec@hotmail.com/07971380404/01736 762612.
  8. The FA have now issued the procedure to be followed and the documentation to be completed by any clubs seeking promotion to Step 6 for 2021/22 and these have been forwarded to all member clubs. This process is managed entirely by the FA and all applications have to be lodged with them by 31st December. Clubs that applied last season will have their applications carried over unless they choose otherwise. In tandem with this I have sent the the secretaries of the ECPL and Combination Leagues the procedure to be followed by any clubs seeking promotion to the St Piran League with a request
  9. Games at St Dennis, Torpoint, Callington and St Agnes all postponed due to unfit pitches. St Ives is a COVID postponement as is their fixture v Illogan next week. Following negative test results St Day are now clear to play after last weeks COVID postponement. St Mawgan v Saltash Borough is now at Saltash.
  10. From the information I have Dave the thirds are not affected. It's unlikely, but not impossible, that the Reserve team are affected but the respective League Officials were copied in on my cancellation e-mail so no doubt will be asking the right questions if they haven't done so already. I would also add that St Day have been absolutely spot on in the way they have dealt with this so if there was an issue with their other teams the conversations will have been had.
  11. Two options Dave. Either the stats can be unlocked by the League Admin for the club to do the changes or the the League Admin can go in and update the info if they have it.
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