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  1. The latest COVID guidance from the FA was released at mid-day today and has been sent to all St Piran clubs. The press release which summarizes the main document (too large to upload) is attached. Press Release RTF Guidance.pdf
  2. Liskeard Athletic Reserves have withdrawn from the East Division with immediate effect. As a result of this withdrawal only one club will be relegated from the East Division at the conclusion of the 2021-22 season and one club will receive a 'bye' in the cup competition.
  3. An appeal was lodged against the outcome of the Combination League AGM as announced on their Facebook page a little while back. The outcome of that appeal was passed to the Combination League on 9th July so all should become clear soon.
  4. For clubs wo don't have access to a defibrillator, and even those that do, there's a Sudden Cardiac Arrest course currently on the Boot Room which can be found here: https://thebootroom.thefa.com/learning/qualifications/medical-courses Got to be worth having a couple of people from each team completing this as well.
  5. I agree completely. After the appeals the NLS now has Step 6 Divisions ranging from 16 to 23 in number so where they go at the end of next season is anybody's guess. The FA certainly seem more willing to have more lateral movement at Step 6 than in previous times but that would tend to impact SWPL East more than the West. As an aside, there are some Step 6 divisions with three feeder leagues so that may explain some of the thinking behind the regulation change.
  6. No master plan @baldy. It's a change to the NLS regulations and applies to all 17 Step 6 divisions. There are a number of caveats and nobody's quite sure yet how it'll work but that'll be determined by the FA. I personally can't see it being a regular occurrence in our part of the country but who knows.
  7. As stated above it's the 14th August. The FA are doing some work on Full-Time at the moment which won't be finished until @4th July. If all clubs/teams are affiliated by then then the Whole Game to Full-Time integration can take place and the fixtures uploaded. The first draft of the fixtures is done but Ian is waiting on the Western League programme which is highly likely to result in amendments to his lists.
  8. Third or 'A' teams as they are also referred to as can compete as high as NLS Feeder League level.
  9. If you mean the divisional make up in the east it's last seasons teams plus St Dominick. In the west it's last seasons teams plus Ludgvan, Perranporth and Truro City Res. i.e. two divisions of 16.
  10. I'll be brief as I'm about to go on a long road trip. John is exactly right. Some key omissions from SCOR took us to this position. No they haven't. Appendix A, Regulation 3 to the NLS Regulations is what you're looking for. Regulation 12 in the main document also applies. They can be a little difficult to find using Google. Truro were not aware of this regulation and were following the SCOR appeals procedure. It was pointed out by the FA when advice was been taken. Proposed changes to SCOR have been sent to the grassroots department of the FA and these have been passed to their rules working group.
  11. I can confirm that Truro City Reserves will now compete in St Piran (West) next season.
  12. I can confirm that Truro City Reserves will compete in St Piran (West) next season.
  13. In a normal season it's a 2 up 2 down promotion relegation arrangement Dave. Hardly handpicking. Out of the roughly 40 clubs in the Combination and Trelawny that could have applied 4 did so plus Truro City Reserves. Ruan Minor folded and Hayle didn't proceed with their SWPL application which ruled out their reserves moving up. That left 2 plus Truro for 3 spaces. All of the applicant clubs made their pitch at the AGM and the meeting was happy that Perranporth would be of the right standard. All in accordance with the rules as written. It was an FA decision to offer Helston a move up not the SWPL and they operate under different rules.
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