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  1. Fair enough, it’s a shame we at St Dominic had a cup run so we were behind on our league games and due to the wet winter. We also had St Columb to play twice, but there you go things like this happen in the new weird world we’re living in. Congratulations to St Columb.
  2. Is it right that St Columb have been promoted? If so, on what basis have they been given it over other teams?
  3. Paul, hugely respect the league on decisions they make, but struggling to understand why the Duchy can’t follow the other leagues within the county and release fixtures and a plan on when they are looking to start. we at St Dominic are in the east Cornwall league and are putting in measures for safety of players and spectators, why won’t we be able to do the same for our duchy side come the beginning of September. I understand there will be clubs against starting straight away, but the majority will be raring to go. Please don’t take this negatively, it more of a question to clear
  4. St Dominic ECPL team are looking for a friendly on Saturday 27th against a St Pirans League team, happy to travel to mid Cornwall or happy to host. If interested please contact Martin Hunn through this feed or give him a text on 07712706394
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