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  1. please note I was not at the game, and have not spoken to anyone involved in the game. I am posing this from watching a video, with 1 angle from 50/60 metres away! Definition of Serious foul play A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play Picture these two descriptions of watching the video. I’m sure any defending team with 2 players down would be insisting there was a push/shove. 1- defender and attacker running after the long ball. Gk comes to collect the ball
  2. Paul does a great job as groundsman, many hours spent at the club so 2 teams can rock up and kick a ball about for 90 minutes and go home again, but floodlight repairs are a specialist job, which is not going to be cheap, and I’m guessing not overly easy to arrange in the midst of a global pandemic, when people are still furloughed. credit to Paul/St Blazey for trying to arrange a temporary solution to the floodlights, just a pity it didn’t provide enough light. The old adage of no ref = no game isn’t strictly true, as we’ve seen many times down here. Hats off to all the ground
  3. Do the Onesport balls have any of those logos? The one i saw certainly did not. The ball listed as £25 each on the website, says exceeds FIFA standards, but doesn't have logos on them as this would make the balls more expensive When I messaged Onesport, they said even the £90 SWPL Xcite ball exceeds the standards but does not have the logo.
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