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  1. Newquay 3 vs 2 foxhole St minver 2 vs 2 st cleer st newlyn east 0 vs 3 st blazey st teath 0 vs 1 torpoint Plymouth marjon 5 vs 0 Roche 🤷‍♂️
  2. Christ, isn’t it time to grow up abit? good luck with your duchy 4 league game tomorrow or whatever standard you’re at now. Nice to see you’ve left your former team right in the mud. Proper club legend stuff that 👏
  3. Haven’t had any Predictions for a while so here’s mine for Saturday. altarnun vs marjon - 1-2 looe vs Roche - 2-2 st minver vs foxhole - 1-4 st Stephens vs st cleer - 0-2 st teath vs gunni - 0-5 torpoint vs Newquay - 4-0 Be Interested to hear from snogger, star man and co? Gone quiet this season….
  4. Nice open league this year.. interested to see how “the nuns” do against the bigger teams but leading the pack well so far 👏
  5. Torpoint 2nds Did in fact play (and fully deserved to beat) liskeard last night and with 3 third team players (me included) 2 of which started and one 4th team player. No first team players were in the squad 👍
  6. Hello glen, Torpoint 3rds of the ECPL will take the 12.30 game on the 3rd of July at your place. I’ve tried to message you but unfortunately you can’t receive messages for some reason.
  7. Glen I’ve tried to message you regarding the game on the 3rd of July. Torpoint 3rds of the ECPL will take it 👍
  8. Why would gunni then let MG use their ground for the remaining games if this all happened??? 🤣
  9. Fair enough mate, suppose if we were that far down the table with nothing left to play for id wanna sack the league off and play a few teams around us 😂 at least you retained the title again #champs
  10. Vote no to play out the rest of the season but want to play your own league 😂 can’t make this up. Thought you couldn’t play because of the cricket?
  11. Just like to come on and confirm that whoever this is making those kind of comments is certainly no player of torpoint. I’ve personally spent my own time marking/digging in the goals up at horsen when we’ve had to play games there as and when the “mill has been OOB” so for us as a team to be complaining about other teams pitches would be abit silly. Enjoy the banter as much as the next bloke and that’s about it.
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