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  1. Don’t think Rubber Duck was intentionally throwing dirt around Ben. All of our players play week in-week out for us and are available for selection every Saturday. His point was more about players playing just because their normal higher league team doesn’t have a game or are cup-tied for Senior Cup and are brought in at the expense of normal players , one assumes, simply to help them get a result. Agree with your report that it was a fairly even contest with both teams not taking some golden opportunities. The lack of ‘pretty football’ also wasn’t helped by your U16s only finishing their game on the pitch at 1pm (an hour before KO) - not sure who made that crazy decision to let them play!!! We also didn’t mind the fact that we had no changing room and had to all cram in to the refs room - thank god it was bigger than most! Good luck with your season, we’ve enjoyed the 3 even games we’ve had against you and hope to see you in the Duchy Prem as with the team we faced yesterday am sure you will get there. Cheers, Jiggy (manager)
  2. Polperro 0 - 1 St Newlyn East The game was settled by a Ross London winner late in the second half. Newlyn deserved winners on the day. Mom for Newlyn was Cam Buchanan for winning his battle with Polperro’s Luke Cloke.
  3. We charge the same £5 for match fees Kier (£2.50 if a player is a student or not working) but charge nothing for training atm.
  4. We were informed that as of this current season there is no direct link anymore.
  5. Polperro Res v St Newlyn East now being played on Saturday 8th February as Polperro 1sts are already fixtured to be at home on 15th and 22nd February in St Pirans.
  6. Agree with you Paul that a draw was probably a fair result over 90 mins although Polperro prob had the clearer cut opportunities late in the 2nd half. Great side at Polperro who have pushed us close in both cup games and who try to play football the right way and am sure will be in the Duchy Prem sooner rather than later. It’s always great to see Duchy Committee members out watching games and supporting the league and it’s clubs. Hope to see you or the legend that is Colin Burrell at Cargoll Road soon. Happy New Year Jiggy, St Newlyn East AFC
  7. Why only 2 games. - and cup ones at that- in the whole of the Duchy League? Seems absolutely crazy that there are no other games fixtured.
  8. Charter Standard Clubs receive 4 free Nike match balls every season they complete the ‘Annual Health Check’. Might not be the quality needed at St Pirans level or above but is certainly worth it for Duchy/Trelawny clubs. Like Paul said earlier - our players can make a ball go anywhere 😂😂😂
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