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  1. Padstow v Looe showing as 1-1, but 3 goal scorers for Looe on fulltime site ?
  2. Appreciate everyone is a volunteer, but I assume they were still volunteers when they had to write out and post teamsheets to a deadline as well.
  3. I notice on the full time site that there are still incomplete teams sheets from matches played so far in the ECPL, with no paper copies being sent to the league now is there not a cut off point each week before teams get fined etc for an incomplete entry , or can they just play who they want with no comeback/record?
  4. Surely it is unfair to have a red card rescinded correct or otherwise due to video evidence at this level, as not all teams have footage of matches / incidents?
  5. Could we not have thread or similar for clubs to post team photos near to the start of the season?
  6. Leagues can be called recreational by the FA if that is the current wording but surely nothing has changed much over the years, Except perhaps maybe the standard but that will always be discussed mainly by us older ex players ! I and I would think many others still see the leagues within Cornwall as 1 Peninsula League ( Old South Western League ) 2 St Pirans League ( Top teams from old East Cornwall and Combo equivalent ) 3 East Cornwall / Combo Leagues ( remaining East Cornwall and Combo sides ) 4 Duchy and Trelawney Leagues . Still four levels regardless of w
  7. Having previously coached a youth section of a club that has no direct connection to any adult team in the county, it has been good to see that 11 from last years under 16 squad have all moved on to play adult football this season, but in the case of the other 5/6 I think it was possibly a case of two much organised football at a young age and the hunger/ interest disappeared. As for how many of those youngsters will be at the same club in 15-20 years time, how many players in there 30’s now are still at there first club?
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