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  1. Definition of multiple consisting of, including, or involving more than one 3 is multiple so Humpfry11 was correct 😁
  2. Couple of games off, COVID ? or tactical to avoid possible large changes to their goal difference 😀
  3. Watched a peninsula league game recently where the referee was getting serious abuse from a supporter of the home team, when questioned on his comments by a visiting supporter this person then said it was fine to comment as he was a referee himself ! He was also stood with another referee who made a few jokes about his comments. Nice to see the refs backing each other up !
  4. Do teams in the Duchy league not have to enter their teamsheets online as per the other leagues or do they still get posted ,as there are a lot still not showing from last weekend ?
  5. I would have thought if COVID issues then you should have been allowed to play the games at a later date the same as everyone else with no punishment, just by fulltime site showing walkovers it was looking like we were getting a similar situation to Godolphin from two seasons ago. Hope the lads recover and you are back playing as normal shortly.
  6. Assume St Stephens we’re COVID issues as the games aren’t down as walkovers ?
  7. I see that Looe have had to concede two games as walkovers this week, but still remain on zero points, although nobody likes to see clubs struggling and I hope they resolve their current issues, surely it is unfair on teams that fulfil their matches ,lose the game and get a negative goal difference. Maybe the league should adopt the method that was used in the DJM league and I assume still is. If you fail to fulfil, a game it is a fine and a 3pt deduction, the game still has to be played at a later date. If this occurs 3 times during a season the the club is expelled from the league ,not that anyone wants this to happen, but there has to be a deterrent for failing to fulfill fixtures.
  8. Having spoken to Will several times this week I can only echo what Jon has said about him not been very well, also one of the younger lads at St Teath who tested positive is still having breathing issues. Maybe people need to take a step back and think before commenting on clubs postponing games due to COVID, this could affect any of us at anytime and as much as we all enjoy our football, our health is more important.
  9. 10 days isolation didn’t necessarily have to start last Saturday, just included last weekend ?
  10. Couldn’t St Cleer play Foxhole or Looe (depending on why the game was off ) or reverse the fixture v Marjon ?
  11. Any referees available to officiate a game at St Teath on Saturday 24th July 2.30ko,please msg me here or text/call 07763653437. Thanks
  12. Any referees available to officiate a game at St Teath on Saturday 24th July 2.30ko,please msg me here or text/call 07763653437. Thanks
  13. They are listed on the Devon league website as being in the south and west division for the new season, although these are only the proposed divisions so not sure when it will be confirmed ?
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