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  1. Any referees available to officiate a game at St Teath on Saturday 24th July 2.30ko,please msg me here or text/call 07763653437. Thanks
  2. Any referees available to officiate a game at St Teath on Saturday 24th July 2.30ko,please msg me here or text/call 07763653437. Thanks
  3. They are listed on the Devon league website as being in the south and west division for the new season, although these are only the proposed divisions so not sure when it will be confirmed ?
  4. Stupid decision, I wonder which clubs voted for it and if they have ever been in the combo or ECPL, was always something to look forward to when you played in those leagues a chance to play against a top club. Which side wouldn’t want a chance of being drawn away against Falmouth in front of the new f troop ?
  5. Travellers moved onto their ground according to Twitter.
  6. Why didn’t they enter the ECPL cup if they wanted to play football seeing as they are in that league and not the Duchy , less travelling possibly ?
  7. Correct decision, if the ECPL was the only league continuing then it would be flooded with players from higher leagues for the remainder of the season ( I assume that is why Padstow were upset at the decision ). Mount Gould were unable to gain promotion from a Cornish league anyway, so it has only really affected St Dominck and anyone else who wanted promotion to St Pirans.The clubs voted for this outcome not the volunteer officials of the league so not sure why they should be criticised.
  8. Cancel the league this season as some teams will be totally different come august anyway if it is paused/restarted, play an optional cup competition as suggested for the remainder of this season.
  9. Now that steps 3-6 have been cancelled, surely the sensible thing to do would be to cancel all league below as well or else as previously mentioned results will be distorted by teams using players from higher leagues just to win games. Yes all clubs could do the same , but lads in combo/east Cornwall and below all want to play football as well as the lads from higher leagues, and they will be the ones still at their clubs next season when others are back chasing the brown envelope.
  10. Continue the season on if at all possible, as long as all leagues do the same,otherwise results will become distorted due to teams pulling players from higher leagues that may have decided to void the season.
  11. Apart from clubhouse not opening as you mention I think it is just being used as an excuse not to get games on especially at this level, Mount Gould and Marjons have both held east Cornwall league games whilst in tier two and Cornish clubs have travelled into the area. Surely clubs would want to play games while they can as we may go into lockdown anyway fairly soon and all football end up getting stopped again.
  12. At least it gives Gary time to sign a few new players before the next game 😉
  13. 3 more worth a read are, A life too short -Robert Enke, The good , the mad and the ugly - Andy Morrison and Journeyman -Ben Smith.
  14. The boy on the shed is a good read about ex Newcastle youngster Paul Ferris, also Please Don’t Go the John Hartson autobiography was excellent.
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