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Heard a rumour while out fishing

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I was out fishing last night and got talking to this chap from Truro about football and he said that Truro football club tried to get Newquay Isaac Vassel to play for them but he said he was going to play for Godolphin this year he also said Truro are looking at Newquay player Jack Bray Evans as well but he is also going to play for the G . I think this bloke was talking crap really because i cant see Isaac going from Plymouth to the G but he would be a brilliant signing but not so sure about the jack Bray Evans situation dont think he would get in the G team anyway . Hope theres some decent pre season friendlies to watch so far i got 3 trips planned to Bodmin but hopefully my local team Newquay will have some decent friendlies i expect they will have the Brian Biggin tournament which will be good with Godolphin no doubt winning that .

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I noticed when i saw him play for parkway at BODMIN when Parkway lost, he doesnt do much team work but if a player is going to get you 60 goals your not going to want him to do much , im looking forward to seeing him play in pre season friendly for Truro hopefully when they play at Bodmin cant wait for the pre season to start already

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