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  1. Leeds United is definitely not terry huddy, Terry probably hasnt ever been on the internet let alone use a smartphone or laptop. Leeds is definitely using Terry as someone to hid behind making out like he goes in blazey clubhouse after every game. I'm sure if you ask someone from blazey if they think its hudds they will laugh. So settle down accusing people as leeds has u and smoke the dog barking up the wrong tree
  2. Feel yettsy achievement far better as in higher leagues, especially if compared to goldsworthy who scored majority of his goals in lower league, but he could possibly catch Carter seeing as his goals for parkway wont count
  3. Way of the park, the bald one talk about tavy as often as they do parkway
  4. Think it's funny how parkway fans still worry about tavy
  5. Always funny how teams post loads when they are doing well but not so much when they aint
  6. Think lack of depth in tavi squad will cost them during long tough season
  7. Was told yesterday Adam carter may be a target for truro now he has lost some weight and got himself fit
  8. What will be parkways starting team next season?
  9. Seems like every time parkway lose there's no match report
  10. Only normally follow the updates of teams on Twitter will have a look at the other options
  11. What player's are currently injured or missing? Parkway never seem to put up lineups anymore
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