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  1. Think lack of depth in tavi squad will cost them during long tough season
  2. Was told yesterday Adam carter may be a target for truro now he has lost some weight and got himself fit
  3. Cant believe no one has mentioned Lee Hobbs?
  4. What will be parkways starting team next season?
  5. Was a serious question as hes always been known to throw the cash around like others have done, everyone's right their own money. But the likes of mewton, Gilbert have had silverware to back it up, so was not sure if he had the success in return
  6. A lot of players will get their chance 2night when they play in a trial match for truro
  7. Surely theres no smoke without fire Carter being linked to bodmin time and time again. Maybe Gilbert gets his man back
  8. Cannot see Carter or Russell going back to bodmin unless they offer ridiculous money
  9. Sam Hillson in talks of signing but wants to be captain
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