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  1. Does anyone have the lineups for st austell parkway game?
  2. mockey jackson

    SWPL - Tuesday 9 October 2018

    It's because he's dans dad and still reckons he can play a bit
  3. mockey jackson

    FA VASE 1st Round Proper draw

    Can't see how this can make much of a difference parkway would still want to turn over one of their old rivals and imagine some players may be friends so would want bragging rights
  4. mockey jackson

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    Can't see this being a real Plymouth parkway fan, just someone on a wind up
  5. mockey jackson

    SWPL -Wednesday August 22 2018

    The two premier games really could see who's shaping up for serious title challengers to tavistock. Still can't rule out bodmin and st austell have had a great start hitting early form, very interesting
  6. mockey jackson

    Parkway Squad Announcement quashes rumours

    Stewart yetton is one
  7. mockey jackson

    Parkway Squad Announcement quashes rumours

    Hobbs out annear in
  8. mockey jackson

    Parkway Squad Announcement quashes rumours

    Exactly that hobbsy has already decided he doesn't want to and is going to sign for bodmin
  9. heard yesterday up goals from a pway player Carter was returning to pway?
  10. I wonder how many players St austell tapped up over the past weeks. Just out of interest Ben are there any players you think St austell should sign from either parkway or bodmin