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  1. People have been saying that about him for years - He's still there, still banging em in
  2. I probably come from the same era as yourself, and the social media phenomenon intrigues, baffles and repulses me in equal measures. In todays society however the workplace can be an absolute minefield regarding comments to colleagues. I sometimes wonder where it will all end. Racial abuse is nothing new however, personally I think as a whole we are a far more tolerant society than we were. Football grounds appear to be places where certain people seem to think that they can behave beyond the boundaries of a polite, normal society. The bile and hate spouted at football grounds is appears to be common place. I'm no shrinking violet but some of what I've heard at grounds disgusts me I agree that the actions of these individuals are shameful, but I don't see it as shaming our country. They certainly shame themselves though. The Italian sports newspaper that recently printed a headline " Black Friday " because Roma ( Smalling ) and Inter ( Lukaku ) were in opposition that day is IMHO far more shaming and atypical of a countrys problems
  3. I think he's made his views quite clear on this forum regarding his home team. Big Mouth or not it would appear he was right
  4. Can't remember who it was but I think someone was in three different photos : )
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