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  1. Or a pasty from Phillip Warren butchers just at the entrance to Pennygillam
  2. Genuine Question - Where do these people travel to in the wet dank dark winter months ?
  3. Well, I felt the same way and I feel that I may still be proved right in that I think Southgate is over cautious, but you can't argue that his game plan is working thus far. We don't concede many true enough but I am curious to see what happens when we concede first. Fingers crossed that we don't and I'm proved wrong
  4. If Truro keep that squad of players and enter the lowest Trelawney Division they'll probably win every game by a large margin. That's dis spiriting for their opponents and makes a mockery of the division. Doesn't really do much for the development of their players either does it It may stick in the throat a bit to some clubs and individuals but it makes sense to enter the team at a league and a level that's appropriate
  5. One of the worlds top coaches appeared to have a brain freeze. Against a team that had beaten them twice in six weeks he decided to dispense with any defensive screen !! He's saying we aren't worried about what you have, we're going to roll you over - He'd done Tuchels team talk for him He seems to be unable to stop tinkering in the important games
  6. What a lovely looking pitch - Oh to be young enough to stroll round that on a Saturday
  7. Must be me than Dave - I click on the link and it just says retry
  8. There's nothing there now - have they removed it
  9. Thought of Darren this weekend, some appalling refereeing on view. The decision to disallow the Cavani goal was pitiful. how any referee can watch the reply of that and do anything other than book son for his pathetic reaction is beyond me
  10. Yes mate - What a treat - Aryle under the floodlights then race home via Saltash in time to catch the King Cockle : )
  11. Isn't it something to do with the Dockyard Apprentices ?
  12. I can't disagree with anything Darren says either, but it still seems strange to see an individual whose reputation and outside interests ( clothing design etc ) are based at least in part on a " cool " reputation and " street cred " would run around gurning and sticking his tongue out !! I quite like Lingard as a player and he comes across as a decent enough lad but the celebration bit baffles me Perhaps it's our age
  13. Must admit when I watched the infamous video I didn't think that many of them were trainee teacher material !!
  14. My missus said " does he know how stupid he looks ? " I replied that he was probably too thick to care
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