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  1. Thought of Darren this weekend, some appalling refereeing on view. The decision to disallow the Cavani goal was pitiful. how any referee can watch the reply of that and do anything other than book son for his pathetic reaction is beyond me
  2. Yes mate - What a treat - Aryle under the floodlights then race home via Saltash in time to catch the King Cockle : )
  3. Isn't it something to do with the Dockyard Apprentices ?
  4. I can't disagree with anything Darren says either, but it still seems strange to see an individual whose reputation and outside interests ( clothing design etc ) are based at least in part on a " cool " reputation and " street cred " would run around gurning and sticking his tongue out !! I quite like Lingard as a player and he comes across as a decent enough lad but the celebration bit baffles me Perhaps it's our age
  5. Must admit when I watched the infamous video I didn't think that many of them were trainee teacher material !!
  6. My missus said " does he know how stupid he looks ? " I replied that he was probably too thick to care
  7. Looe played in Green or Green and Black for many many years - Now in Yellow and Black
  8. Brian Clough told his teams when playing lower league opposition that on their day the part timers could be as good as them. It's just inconsistency that means they're playing several leagues below
  9. There was pre season tournament in the early seventies called the Watney Cup and another called the Texaco Cup Im sure one of those competitions experimented with no offsides
  10. Looe & Boscastle Definitely Tintagel and Bude I think ! Padstow ??
  11. Excuse my ignorance but when ( not really an if is it ) Mount Gold win the ECPL what division of what league do they go into ?
  12. I once asked our manager why I was always in the second team He replied " Because we haven't got a third team "
  13. Unfortunately Fenman The BBC will continue to cull presenters, producers researchers etc until all that remains are all like Zoey Ball - Her breakfast show is like listening to an adolescent teenager
  14. I think you'd be better off spending less time on here and more time on an English language course
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