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  1. Hi Dave You say that a pound from everyone would suffice I've just tried to donate £2 and it won't let me it says I have to donate at least £5 Also the site is trying to get me to pay them a percentage Is this normal ?
  2. 1982 Looe ECPL left Hay lane - Had to drop down to junior football and played on the local secondary school pitch for a few seasons until the Council supplied the current pitch
  3. Couldn't agree more - If that's a penalty then footballs gone mad Just a matter of time before a player deliberately kicks the ball against a players arm / hand and gets a penalty for it In cases like that last night VAR solves nothing - It's still up to the interpretation of the referee
  4. Would the lawns be down in the village next to the river ?
  5. Well it's over forty years ago now but if my memory serves me correctly the pitch was through the village past the church, up the hill on the left
  6. Can't remember who it was but I think someone was in three different photos : )
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