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February Kick Off Times

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Me again, 

February kick off times for St Piran League matches is 3pm.

Cup matches will be earlier than this to accommodate extra time and penalties etc......

A lot of matches from earlier in the season were rescheduled into February and some of these games were originally a 2:30pm kick off. I have just been in the system and all League Matches are now scheduled for a 3pm kick off.

However, we are expecting Clubs to use common sense. If you feel that the light will be poor towards the end of the match in your area of the County then we ask that you clear it with the Away Team's Secretary and your Match Official BEFORE you bring it forward to 2:30pm. If all parties agree, and only if ALL PARTIES AGREE, then the Fixtures Secretaries need to be informed so that it can be officially entered into the Full-Time system.

We would like your feedback during February as this is the first season that we have had all divisions starting their matches at 3pm.

Any Cup matches must remain with their earlier kick off schedules.  

Davey Green, East Divisions Fixture Secretary.

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46 minutes ago, JonColenzo said:

No matter what part of the county you live, very unlightly to get a 3pm ko completed without lights in February !!!

Exactly - what’s wrong with trying to keep things simple and so just decide that all games should be 2.30pm!?!?

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Me and the better half went out for a walk at about 10 to 5 yesterday.  It was grey and overcast all day but was light when we went out.  Sunset was at 5:12 where we are (5 minutes earlier in Saltash, yes, sadly I checked) and the light started to go at about 5:20.  Sunset changes by about 2 minutes a day so even on a grey day like yesterday a 3pm KO shouldn't be too much of an issue for most.  There were no issues with 3pm KO's in the previous seasons of St Piran even for the 50% without lights.

The change to 3pm for those that had previously only ever had 2:30 KO's was well received from the feedback I had as it allowed more time for travel and less rushing around post Saturday morning work.  The clubs have the opportunity to change this at the AGM should they wish to and there is the facility in League Rules to bring the KO time forward if all are in agreement. 

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