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  1. I believe Liam Chapman has been recruited and about a dozen new players have joined the club. Has the makings of a decent game.
  2. With the circumstances presented to the league there was no hesitation in postponing last nights game. The outbreak is largely limited to the reserve squad and as the incubation period progresses the final number of positive case will become clearer.
  3. There are significant problems with the County version of Full-Time (slightly different to the version that the leagues use which, despite what some may say, is working fine if its set up correctly) and the software that runs all County FA websites. The FA IT department are promising a fix as soon as they can. Soon and please don't! The pile up of snags on the various systems means that things are taking longer to get done and the last thing the staff need is to be constantly interupted by phone calls about the draw.
  4. St Blazey v Wadebridge tonight Tom. Launceston without a game.
  5. Millbrook have advised the League that anyone attending this game this evening should be aware that due to resurfacing works there are road closures affecting access to the ground. If driving this means that you will need to park further away from the ground. If you get there before the closure @7pm and park at the ground you may not be able to leave.
  6. Can't lay this one at our door I'm afraid Tom. When the re-org was implemented the FA allowed a 12 month dispensation for those clubs whose grounds didn't meet the grading criteria which the slope at Perranwell didn't. The club were very aware of this and were working on a plan with the Parish Council to get the ground 'levelled' and were granted an extension. Obviously the work hasn't been done and my understanding is that progress with the Council has been slow. With the FA now standing firm on all grading matters in the NLS and the Feeder Leagues Perranwell had to find an alternative ground by the end of this season or leave the league. The pitch at Tregye is good and the changing facilities are excellent. Hopefully the club and the Parish Council can ensure a return to the village in the not too distant future once the slope issue is resolved.
  7. Redruth United v Helston Athletic Reserves postponed due to COVID.
  8. Lets not forget that despite the new/reformed teams that have been elected in by the clubs the League is way down on the peak membership of @97 teams in 12-13. Without those that joined the League for this season the numbers would have been in the low 40's. After the leagues formation the number of clubs/teams declined continually until 17-18 and then stabilized @67. The re-org in 19-20 saw the league lose 14 teams and when you take that into account numbers have been stable since. The biggest factor is that over the last 10 seasons the number of referee's has declined faster than the number of clubs/teams.
  9. Nothing to be suspicious of. Nothing at all to do with the FA. The league sees all of the positive test results but that's only one part of the equation.
  10. If it's the pitch I think it is it's been used for a long time, I played on it in a Junior Cup match back in the mid 80's! There are two aspects to the concerns raised, the technical and the 'reality'. Technically the Combination Committee can't entertain any complaint unless it was lodged with the referee before the game (Standard Code Rule 7). In 'reality', if a concerned Club Secretary was to raise it with the Committee you would like to think that a common sense approach would be taken and they would have the pitch looked at. As @John Mead says though, you'd be surprised how narrow a minimum width pitch is. 9 feet from box to touchline isn't much! I'm sure the match referee would be looking at that in his pre-match.
  11. As are we Dave. That's our overriding consideration. 0-5 Nigel.
  12. In simple terms because their situation didn't develop as it could have done. A bit of a bland answer I'll grant you but I'm not going to go into great and graphic detail as each of the roughly 13 or 14 matches that have had COVID postponements so far have all been under different sets of circumstances and there is nothing to be gained by going through each one on here. For each case we look at the number of positive tests, the numbers awaiting test results, those displaying symptoms and those that have to isolate due to not being double jabbed. Each case is given careful consideration bearing in mind the (incomplete) list of factors above and believe me when I say the clubs are as frustrated with it as we all are.
  13. The draw for the first round of the League Cup was made at last night's Committee Meeting resulting in the following fixtures: Redruth United v Helston Athletic Reserves St Mawgan v Callington Town Reserves Mousehole Development v Perranporth St Ives Town v Polperro St Dominick v St Day Saltash United Reserves v Truro City Reserves Sticker Reserves v AFC St Austell Reserves Bude Town v Wendron United Reserves Ludgvan v Torpoint Athletic Reserves Perranwell v Launceston Reserves Hayle v Illogan RBL Porthleven Reserves v Falmouth Town Reserves St Dennis Reserves v Morwenstow St Agnes v Millbrook Reserves Mullion and Saltash Borough received bye's. Confirmed dates for these fixture will be published on Full-Time shortly once cross checking for games that will take precedence has been carried out.
  14. Confirming whether the virus is present or not is impossible. Having lost an uncle to this disease I am all too aware of the dangers it brings but there are always going to be some harsh realities and one of those is that there is no guarantee that any venue is virus free. It gets tedious when having to repeat the same responses on different threads. I would refer you to the FA guidance link on the thread about Ludgvan.
  15. Yes. Yes. It's the players that are infected. Provided the facilities are Covid safe and cleaned there isn't a problem with the first team playing. Thank you Dave. It does get a bit tedious with the continual questioning.
  16. Lanreath have withdrawn from the East Division with immediate effect. As a result of this withdrawal no clubs will be relegated from the East Division at the conclusion of the 2021-22 season and two clubs will receive a 'bye' in the cup competition.
  17. Not going to happen. The cub presented their situation to the league and a decision was made. A consistent approach to all cases has been taken. You may not like the approach taken and that's your perogative but those of us that have to make these decisions will continue to do so in as fair a way as possible. If you and your fellow anonymous snipers want to carry on feel free but for me this conversation is over.
  18. As I said before, if the players going elsewhere to play or to play cricket haven't had a positive test and aren't displaying symptoms they are as entitled to do that as you and I. If you want to try and get your head around the guidance nick over to the SWPL section of the forum and listen to the clip from Phil Hiscox part of the weekly podcast that Dave's put on there. You can also find the FA document here: https://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2021/jul/16/an-update-on-non-elite-football. Our prime concern is the health and wellbeing of the players and others that they may potentially spread this disease to and always will be.
  19. No idea Andy. Grudges or some form of agenda? Not a peep about Truro, Perranporth, St Austell or Perranwell. Or any of the SWPL clubs similarly affected the latest of which is Penzance. Not ideal I'll grant you but if they've not had a positive test and aren't showing symptoms they can play.
  20. All because of COVID. Believe me the last thing we need are postponements at the time of the season when games can be 'banked' against future losses due to weather etc. Yes, Ludgvan have players missing as have a lot of teams at this time of year due to holidays, working in the holiday/hospitality industries, cricket and any number of other reasons, Ludgvan just happened to mention it in a match report. As I've said before there are protocols to follow and all of the clubs that have had their fixtures postponed have done so. We know the extent of their respective COVID problems and that is why they're not playing. With one exception Boardmasters is a continuing theme.
  21. Yet more posts based on complete ignorance of FA and league protocols. The clubs are all aware of what is required of them and are complying. You clearly aren't and your ongoing guesswork does you no credit. St Austell v Callington and Perranporth v St Day also now off due to COVID
  22. Yet another speculative post based on complete ignorance of the situation.
  23. There are indeed clubs in both St Piran divisions with promotion ambitions but it's a finite pool. It'll be interesting to see how the next three or four years pan out.
  24. Nothing closer than that car park that I'm aware of Paul.
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