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  1. Wadebridge Town have have advised the League that they are withdrawing their reserve team with immediate effect. As a result of this withdrawal only one team will be liable for relegation from the East Division at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season in accordance with Rule 22f(iv).
  2. And in the time it took me to drive home having posted the comment above the information has been received. All clubs in the SWPL and St Piran Leagues have been sent a copy. Key extracts below: ALL friendlies involving Step 1 to Regional NLS Feeder Leagues Clubs should be played behind closed doors, until further notice. ALL pre-season or other matches held at Step 1 to Regional NLS Feeder League grounds, including, for example, all County FA and League Cup Finals, should be played behind closed doors, until further notice. Clubs can operate their Clubhouses in accordance with Government hospitality guidance – but there should be no entry to the ground for spectators.
  3. Clarification on spectators is imminent. The FA were hoping to issue it last night but it would appear that there's been a delay as nothing has been received today so far.
  4. Correct Not quite correct. Incorrect. I'm more than happy to discuss any apparent fixture nuances with the respective club secretaries but I'm not going to get into endless debates about them on here.
  5. As @John Mead points out there are a number of scenarios where clarification is needed. I've been chasing this with the FA for two weeks and have yet to get a response. Somebody at some time is going to have to make a decision or two. I just hope it's soon so we all have clarity and can deal with whatever those answers may be.
  6. Hmmm! That shouldn't be the case and if it is (and I'm not doubting your word here) it'll be changed! 19:30 Now sorted! The conflicts checker in Full-Time is set to catch any teams playing each other within a 28 day period and was/is showing completely clear. It's important that all clubs check their fixtures for errors and let me know of any they find as they can creep in. It's a bit of a tortuous process.
  7. As Step 7 is no more and St Piran is now a Regional NLS Feeder League it comes under the grassroots regulations the same as the Combo/ECPL etc.
  8. The bulk of the teams will start on 5th September but there will be a few evening games on the 2nd. In other news, the clubs were informed yesterday that the outstanding cup games will not be played. The emphasis for 20-21 will be on the league programme and if the circumstances and available dates permit a cup competition, in a format to be decided, will be played in the latter part of the season.
  9. Great to hear Dale. Good luck with the new venture, maybe we'll speak soon. It's been a long time!
  10. Now that I have the latest version of the SWPL fixtures I need to make my adjustments to cater for Phil's changes plus the FA Cup and Vase dates. With the ripple effect of these changes this will take a few days to work through and check. My aim is to have them into Full-Time as soon as possible and certainly by early next week. Full-Time is currently integrating with Whole Game and this can take up to 3 days to complete which will take us to PM Friday. Nothing can be entered until that process is complete.
  11. The new 'Platform for Football' will be rolled out soon which is a major upgrade to all of the current FA IT systems and ties them all in together much tighter. It should also fix the few outstanding issues. I've used Full-Time since 2009 and it is greatly improved from the early days. Whole Game and the App are quite new and could have been better when rolled out shall we say. They are now much better. Hopefully this time the FA will have got the bugs out of the new system before they roll it out. All players will have to register with an e-mail address from 21-22 season onward so the FA system(s) in use at the time will have to be used for that as a minimum.
  12. If a league is using Whole Game to register their players as soon as a registration is approved it automatically adds the player to the Full-Time squad lists. Extra effort by someone is only required if a league is still using a paper registration system.
  13. This isn't news Gary. Many weeks ago when the FA announced that the changes to the NLS were being delayed a year an exception was the Step 7 Leagues becoming NLS Regional Feeder Leagues. In effect not a lot changes as we still have strong tie ins to the NLS and they still have large elements of control. We may be able to start earlier than the NLS as they are committed to a common start date for all Steps but we will only start when it is safe to do so as dictated by Government and FA policies and directives. Key amongst the requirements is for all clubs to have completed a COVID Risk Assessment before starting playing. The FA's guidance on how to complete that has yet to be published but the CCFA have sent the Bluefin guidelines to all clubs which will provide a good start point.
  14. There are some good points made above but before we all get too carried away with the idea of a September start we should remember that at this stage this only considered to be the 'most likely' outcome. There is no guarantee or commitment attached to it. There are other potential scenarios including holding the leagues over until 2021/22. All of the restart options have the same caveats i.e. 1. Any re-start will only be when the Dept of Media, Culture & Sport (DCMS) gives approval AND will be subject to any conditions that the DCMS make. 2. Games cannot re-start at Steps 1 to 7 of the NLS without spectators and all Steps are tied together on a restart date. 3. All clubs have to produce and publish a Risk Assessment (FA guidance will be provided). For what it's worth, I think we'll be starting towards the end of September but in the end we should only be doing so when it's safe for all participants be it players, spectators or club members, many of whom are in more vulnerable age groups. And when I say safe I mean as safe as it reasonably and possibly can be because if you want 100% safe you're going to be waiting a very long time.
  15. This is true but it's because the FA guidelines are that divisions should be a maximum of 14 to 16 teams in size and that divisions with more than 16 teams should only be permitted if the great majority of those teams have floodlights.
  16. Separate Teams meetings took place between County and the east leagues and County and the west leagues last month to discuss the way ahead. It would be fair to say that County are keen for mergers and this was discussed in both meetings but this is very much a matter for the respective leagues. There certainly seems to be more of an appetite to merge in the west than the east. All of this though is a bit of a red herring to the main problem which could bring potential complications. With no agreed promotion/relegation arrangements between the Duchy and ECPL documented in their respective Rule 22's there is no clear and unambiguous pathway for the Duchy clubs to progress should they wish to do so and this is contrary to FA doctrine. Both leagues were very positive in the meeting that this can be rectified for next season. If arrangements can't be agreed then a pathway for Duchy clubs would need to exist and would be put in place and that's where it gets complicated on a number of fronts. Given the tone of the meetings I don't believe that we will get to that situation and the ECPL and Combination will remain as the two St Piran feeder Leagues. With the outcomes of the Duchy and ECPL AGM's due imminently we will soon know. If mergers do take place over the coming years the top division of the new league(s) would somewhat obviously become the feeder(s) into St Piran.
  17. This all very much depends on the admin actions taken in Full-Time. For example, in the St Piran League, all of the league fixtures that were played now show as 'Void' but if you click on a fixture you'll still see the teams and goal scorers. Likewise, if you click on the Stats tab the records are still populated. In the admin pages, not publicly viewable, the scores are still recorded. So yes, the season is void but the records remain.
  18. I'm sure Zebedee will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the TL are using points per game to finalise their tables.
  19. There are no dates FT3. Quite simply by the letter of the law if a player is registered to a club and he is approached by another without 7 days being submitted then that is an illegal approach.
  20. The league has received the great news that it has been awarded Charter Standard Status. This is in no short measure due to the efforts of Brian Tallett who was completely new to CS and worked hard to put together the application. Thanks must also go to Josh Stockdale at the CCFA for his assistance and to the clubs for maintaining their own individual awards.
  21. Unless contracted all players registrations are for one season only and they become 'free agents' on 1st June. Illegal approaches are covered by FA regulations not league rules and as such any allegations of an illegal approach (at our level) are dealt with by the CCFA.
  22. I'm delighted to be able to announce that previous sponsors of the League Cup, Kernow Stone based in Pool, have agreed to become the main League sponsor for the 2020/21 season. The agreement was reached just prior to the lock-down and with Kernow Stone and their sister company Plymouth Stone returning to work tomorrow the arrangement has been confirmed. We look forward to what we hope will be a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership. https://www.granite-worktops-cornwall.co.uk/ https://en-gb.facebook.com/kernowstone/ The League will now be seeking a new sponsor for the League Cup.
  23. Our season may be over but there are many, many volunteers in our clubs who deserve recognition. Details below: CELEBRATING THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL GREAT FOR ALL – CLOSING DATE 18th MAY The nomination window for this year’s FA and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards is now OPEN! Nominate Here - http://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/mar/26/2020-grassroots-football-awards-nominations-now-open With all football paused for the time being, now is a great time to spread some positivity and start nominating your local grassroots football heroes, with not a lot else to do lets make this biggest year yet. Unfortunately we don’t have a date and venue for our awards due to the recent lockdown but as soon as we are able to announce our plans we will let you know Volunteers have weathered the storm this season. With the floods and now the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to recognise and thank them for their hard work and dedication in a challenging time. http://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/mar/26/2020-grassroots-football-awards-nominations-now-open The awards recognise and reward the people, clubs and leagues that deliver grassroots football throughout the country. Awards are split into categories, and County FAs select a local winner for each. These form a shortlist for The FA’s national winners, selected by a national judging panel. http://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/mar/26/2020-grassroots-football-awards-nominations-now-open CATEGORIES - FA Grassroots Coach Of The Year For Youth – A coach within youth football Grassroots Coach Of The Year For Adults – A coach within adult football Grassroots Club Of The Year Grassroots League Of The Year Grassroots Volunteer Of The Year – This can be anyone at all, any role, league, club or referee Rising Star Of The Year – Anyone ag 14-24 and again anyone within a league, club or a referee Grassroots Grounds Team Of The Year Grassroots Project Of The Year – A project whish stands out, one which is unique and different and had made a difference to the local community 'We Only Do Positive’ - Parents Respect Award – For those parents that attend games, training, sell coffees, help out, and by into the Respect and Positivity Grassroots Match Official Of The Year – A referee, observer, mentor LOCAL AWARDS Cornwall FA is also running the following local awards. To nominate for these two awards, please follow the links below. Outstanding Service to Cornish Football This can be anyone who has gone above and beyond over the years to support and grow the game in the county, whether that is within a league, a club, as a referee, players, volunteer or maybe all the above. Administrator of the Year The administrator of an organisation, the person who keeps everything organised and ticking over, who works tirelessly doing the paperwork, organising the meetings, or maybe paying the bills. Any one of the unsung behind-the-scenes admins. All nominations will be judged with The FA’s PRIDE values in mind. These values and ways of behaving are what we all strive towards in grassroots football. Progressive - always looking to improve and innovate Respectful - leading by example to inspire positive behaviour Inclusive - uniting all people of any age, ethnicity and background Determined - rising to and overcoming challenges Excellent - striving to make football the best it can be To nominate for the awards please head to our website - http://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/mar/26/2020-grassroots-football-awards-nominations-now-open Richard Pallot Governance Manager Cornwall Football Association Limited Richard.pallot@cornwallfa.com
  24. We are at the behest of the FA on this but I had a brief email discussion with the NLS manager about it yesterday afternoon. There's a bit of a chain of events involved which starts with the decision of the pro game. Once they've made a decision at that level the NLS decision on the way ahead will follow. Once we know what's happening and when we'll let everyone know.
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