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  1. Stats can tell the truth falsely.... just look at the Duchy fixture last weekend Godolphin v Foxhole. 2 "junior" sides somehow with a combined 126 players registered....
  2. Does anyone know how the League will interact from next season with the soon-to-be lower-ranked leagues of Combo and ECPL? Will there be promotion and relegation?
  3. Was already waiting for the objections to kick off here! Sin Bin has trialled extremely well at Duchy level and the officials have used it very well. The simple fact is it puts the onus on individual players to control themselves. If a player turns to the ref and cries "what are you playing at, how can you give that, etc" and otherwise throws his toys out the proverbial pram then hes off for 10 mins minimum. Simple. Not the refs fault, just the players. Managers will need to educate their players and dissent at the official has no defence. Or perhaps people can make a defence for dissent here......Still technically a yellow so still accumulates disciplinary points but no fine to pay. At our level our assistants always ask the ref if they want a hand timekeeping any sinbins but ultimately the call is the refs. Hardly any games this season have seen more than one player binned at a time btw. 10 mins starts once the offender has crossed the touchline and it's a minimum 10 mins which can extend at the refs call in the event of deliberate timewasting. Bins less than 10mins before half time do carry over to the 2nd half. An outfield player can don the gloves if a keeper gets binned but unless there is rolling subs in use then he cant be temporarily subbed. Binned players also need to be kept in a designated area for the time which the ref can specify prior to kick off.... Dissent is well down at Duchy level since its introduction..having seen several SWPL fixtures this season it's high time this was brought into the higher levels of the game. Worth mentioning too that the CCFA and FA were very helpful to clubs prior to to its introduction...all the questions get fully explained and answered if asked
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