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  1. Last nights announcement effectively ends the ECPL league season .... surely no one could practically aim to complete their season in under 3 months (even assuming we are fully out and able to play at the end of Feb). Perhaps the league should start to plan now and give us a few alternatives that could see us at least have a form of viable, competitive and most of all meaningful football once we can resume? My personal idea would be to scrap the league competition again and agree no promotion or relegations with above or below. Then play out a league cup competition with a format of 4
  2. Grassroots football can still be played in tier 3
  3. Grassroots football can be played even in tier 3..... it’s just clubhouses that are affected at our level in the ecpl so really can’t see the issue unless there’s actual covid cases....all other facilities are covered by the risk assessments just as before
  4. YOUTH FOOTBALL FINDS A NEW HOME! St Newlyn East AFC are today announcing the major exciting news that they have formed a brand-new Youth setup within the club. This will see local children able to play football at their Cargoll Rd home for the first time in our 116-year history under our clubs’ banner. In a statement the club announced: “We are delighted to confirm we have initially formed 2 brand-new sides for under-7 and under-8 players. We have completed our affiliation with the County FA, as well as ensuring all insurances and safeguarding measures are in place. They wil
  5. Since when have showers been allowed???????????? Thought the FA rule was showers must not be used???
  6. It’s pretty simple to understand... you take your tier with you. What’s the confusion? Football doesn’t override government regulations! And if anyone is happy with flouting the rules why not post selfie’s of yourselves doing so and send them openly to the FA under your clubs names .. .... no??? Then it’s obvious you’d be in the wrong. Stick to the rules, stop the spread
  7. Mount Gould 6 v 1 Looe Town Padstow Utd 3 v 2 St Minver Plymouth Marion Reserves 2. v 2 Newquay Reserves Roche 1 v 2 Torpoint Athletic Thirds St Cleer 3. v 1 Foxhole St Stephen 2. v 2. St Dominic St Teath 2. v 3 St Newlyn East Veryan 2 v 0. St Blazey Reserves
  8. Anyone have any idea why Sam Bullen would receive an 18month suspension after Stickers win??? Just seen the list this week 😱😱😱😱
  9. Any chance this forum can get back to .... oh... I don’t know..... FOOTBALL??? By any chance??? Most people are no doubt fed up with all this on here and tbh it should be ended as a topic.... you have all just gone way off centre...... football is back folks so stop your bitching, whining, politicising and other ramblings .... there’s plenty of other forums out there to use for that .... this is the Cornwall FOOTBALL forum after all.
  10. Actual guidance is “should not be used” so they allows circumstances for use ie medical or treatment plus option for “limited occupancy” with mitigation... guidance really needs to be read in conjunction with govt guidance on enclosed spaces use. Showers absolutely no useage for general circumstances but again with the possibility of use where absolutely necessary and unavoidable...such as disability needs, etc this is where individual club Risk Assessments must be tailored . Like ALL sites and workplaces, shops bars, cafes and salons EVERY place is different with individual aspects that need
  11. So that’s around 2 quid per player to chip in per game.... surely they can do that at senior level for a few games... just like the majority of people playing across the county do....
  12. Hi John. 2 clubs already confirming on official Twitter accounts they have definitely been promoted.. if the voting closes tomorrow can you confirm this?
  13. For the simple reason the comp never now happened... that’s what expunging the league and cups results in Unfortunately
  14. Did you miss that all league comps are expunged....? The only “open” comps remaining are the various County Cups....
  15. Pretty sure that’s what the FA have arranged looking at past emails to theClubs.....Senior Cup to just be St Pirans and Peninsular primarily as a midweek evening tournament, Junior Cup for Duchy/Trelawney and a new Intermediate County Cup for ECPL and Combo......Good idea tbh
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