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  1. That's not the way it works...punishment for dissent is a sin bin...simple and straightforward. A ref will not be adhering to the new application of the law if he warned a player for dissent. The whole point is to initially reduce and ultimately remove dissent from the game.
  2. At your level of the game?? Sorry, it will require strong management and players having to accept the blame for not respecting the ref. Simple as that. If the ref is respected then no dissent....then no sin bins.
  3. So why not use the ones the council will not now be using?????? Or is that 2 obvious
  4. Very good start....as a Senior League in Step Football hopefully we'll see the whole seasons fixtures released soon? Step 6 fixtures been out a while now so any potential ground clashes are well known.
  5. I'm all for it Dave..tho just realised my post seemed initially not ...😁 we are a diverse and hard to cross County, but long cup trips ( and league ones) are part and parcel of the fun of sport here. I mean...Duchy Prem already looking far more East Cornwall than last seasons mainly Mid Cornwall setup..... really hope the Pirans takes off and becomes a great League...
  6. Cally with a 130 mile round trip, Bude with a 114 miler.....prob not best to make the first round over the August bank holiday weekend!! 🤣🤣 Best of luck to the new league .... think the whole of the County will be watching intently as to how it shapes up over the next 2 seasons....👍👍
  7. As I said...my opinion....and everyone is entitled to them ..however ECPL you have still not explained why grant funding as stated is not beneficial ..nor why 10 or so away drives a season should be the biggest hurdle (as virtually every remainer seems to go on about) and supposedly destroy clubs??? And Richard's point is well made..whilst your disparaging mention of "go play for your local village team" shows that the National FA are probably not the only ones without a grasp of the history and tradition of local Cornish football........
  8. Sorry ECPL but I dont agree. You ask what good the grants would do? Try better facilities for players, officials and spectators, floodlit grounds for more evening ties, improved equipment and grounds maintenance increasing playability of pitches. These grants will not be available outside of Step football...My understanding is that many ECPL and Combo clubs pay players...so why do you say no "recompense"? Does anyone actually take unpaid time off from their regular Saturday employment to play?? "Junior" football clubs often have huge trips to make...try Holywell,Godolphin or Newlyn up to Boscastle, North Petherwin, Stoke Climsland...these are 6hr days just for 90mins football...And I doubt any drivers get any mileage payments. Every club has sponsors...try getting just one extra to cover mileage for your 10 away league games and the burden of cost that you see as possibly destroying all local football would vanish...football has to develop and move with the times. Perhaps a solution would be move it all to Sunday mornings...oh...sorry..if it aint broke dont fix it right....sin bins?? Never work...oh..it does actually..... I'm astonished so many clubd are being short sighted regarding this....there are great opportunities and possible success stories in the making...North Petherwin may yet get in and open up all manner of funding streams...I for one will raise a glass if in a few seasons they have created facilities fit for a local cup final .... Everyone is entitled to their opinion...and this is just mine ...
  9. Duchy rules allow for one up to ECPL .... which looks like Foxhole if their twitter feed is correct...so where are the other 6 supposedly coming from?
  10. Does anyone know how the League will interact from next season with the soon-to-be lower-ranked leagues of Combo and ECPL? Will there be promotion and relegation?
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