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  1. I put Foxhole Stars Reserves team sheets on Full Time after every game, but it is not mandatory in the Duchy League.
  2. Looe miraculously have overcome covid in the camp & can play St Blazey Reserves tonight just days after Saturdays game was cancelled. Perhaps they could help Boris to sort this pandemic out 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Looe Town have 33 players registered, but can't play the game against Foxhole tomorrow. So number of players doesn't seem to count.
  4. I hope all these teams with reported covid realise that they can't play any fixtures for the next 10 days
  5. Foxhole have 31st July available at home due to cancellation. Contact me on 07980520046
  6. Foxhole have 31st July at home free due to cancellation, contact me on 07980520046
  7. Hi Glen, Foxhole can make any Tuesday 7:30 kick off. You can message me on here or mob 07980520046 or my manager Roy Boardman 07934826204
  8. Very sad news, been through it as a club & it's not a nice feeling. Hopefully they will sort things out.
  9. In 100% cornish second post he definitely states there where several people in the ground watching, or have I misread it.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Mount Wise an enclosed ground & privately owned. If so then this game should have been behind closed doors with NO SPECTATORS.
  11. Interesting that if you expect a large crowd in a public park you still can't play. What constitutes a large crowd?
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