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  1. Newquay 1 vs 4 foxhole St minver 2 vs 2 St Cleer st newlyn east 2 vs 1 st blazey st teath 0 vs 3 Torpoint Plymouth marjon 5 vs 0 Roche
  2. It’s a shame that people feel the need to slate other people and their business’ and have to hide behind an alias to do it. Perhaps a trip to the Marsh is in order @FootballChat and you can cast your expert eye over the pitch and show us all where we are going wrong. In my opinion the pitch is looking fantastic along with plenty of other clubs who choose to use Steve @Pitch Care Guru. My players have been delighted to use our pitch since Steve has made the fantastic surface for us.
  3. Hahahaha love it Cal 👏🏻 Good Luck tomorrow Be good to catch up @coady-9, I’m sure you still owe me a beer 🤩
  4. Torpoint v Newquay treacle 😋 Senior moment from @Foul Throw 3 I reckon @Byron10?
  5. Think Snogger gone Foxhole reserves mate. altarnun vs marjon - 3-0 looe vs Roche - 2-1 st minver vs foxhole - 2-4 st Stephens vs st cleer - 0-2 st teath vs gunni - 2-4 torpoint vs Newquay - 5-0
  6. Lanreath?? Nice local derby for us 😂, hope the diesel situation improves! In all seriousness we had a great trip to Mullion in the Senior Cup last year and Rob and the lads down there were great, looking forward to it. Altarnun v Polperro also has the makings of a very good game too!
  7. I wasn’t referring to the referee!😂, sorry if I’ve upset you 🤔
  8. It was a choice of multiple (2) or call the game off due to COVID 🤷🏻‍♂️, but you defended well second half, some very strange decisions helped second half in my opinion too. If you look at full time and our previous team sheets you will see the names of Player Manager Aaron Saunders, Finn Bartlett,Adam King,Jordan Dennis,Karl Gross, Matt Pascoe and Joe Moynan all missing from yesterday’s team sheet
  9. As everybodies already said, very sad to see a good club struggle, but I’m sure they’ll be back, again reiterates how important support for volunteers is. Best wishes to all at Lanreath.
  10. Just come off the phone to my very good friend Will Kitto. He is currently fighting COVID and sounds absolutely terrible, struggling to breath and talk. He has been monitored by Paramedics all week and was on the verge of being admitted to Treliske. I’m sure we all send our very best wishes to Will and St Teath for a full recovery and look forward to seeing them fighting fit and back on a pitch very soon. I think anyone who hasn’t witnessed Covid first hand doesn’t realise just how seriously this can affect vaccinated people. Please all stay safe, it hasn’t gone away yet.
  11. Marjon v St Cleer is because the Uni is being used for an open day and I’m guessing the club forgot to mention they had a fixture??
  12. Surely Kracy will struggle to get in if he’s serving a three game ban.
  13. Would do but you don’t answer your phone
  14. We’ve (St Cleer) been let down for a friendly tomorrow, ref booked and pitch ready. Give me a ring on 07920 497425 if your available Thank You
  15. We’ve (St Cleer) been let down for a friendly tomorrow, ref booked and pitch ready. Give me a ring on 07920 497425 if your available Thank You
  16. Italy 2 -1 Spain England 2-2 Denmark
  17. Switzerland 1-3 Spain Belgium 2-0 Italy Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark Ukraine 1-1 England
  18. You would think that somebody who has volunteered at a football club would know better than to spread rumours that clearly are untrue, us volunteers are still working hard to keep our clubs running in very difficult times.
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