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  1. If only you had offered your officiating opinions BEFORE the weekend........ You could have reffed this match, or a different one, as there is a huge deficit of qualified Referees in Cornwall. Please contact CCFA at Callywith Gate and put yourself on the next course at your earliest convenience. May I also refer you to the post by Zebedee at the end of August.
  2. Park near Milbrook Dam and walk to the back entrance from there. Approx 50m.
  3. Very sorry to hear this. Always enjoyed the drive there and a good village hall with bar facilities and the Match Officials always made very welcome.
  4. On the day of the match, if you see anything that concerns you then you must report it to the home team Club Secretary or an Official of the SWPL (nearly always a Committee Member or Referee Assessor present). This gives them the opportunity to address the matter immediately. If neither option is available then Players and Benches can raise their concerns with the Referee who is obliged to pass on complaints to the League. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to uphold Law and keep us all safe.
  5. Best of luck this season Paul, massive thanks to Mike for all your years of thankless tasks and get well soon Brian !!
  6. Matt P can take most of the credit for the successes of Polperro. It's not what you do, its the way that you do it. Always a good welcome to Away Teams and Match Officials at Polperro, some big shoes to fill there !!
  7. Sorry to interrupt but I was at Sticker last night as a neutral supporter of the game. Mr Gilbert got a justified yellow card, that's all. The player he was in disagreements with had used foul language towards him and then taunted him. Referee couldn't have heard the language but awarded the offending player a justified caution as well. Other than that, there was a red card for Sticker and then Bodmin then had an easier time of it. I think Tornado Bello got his hat trick. The Officials did well and both teams did their best in the constant downpour. Sticker GK made some good saves and they also kept the away GK busy too. Well done to Sticker FC for getting this match on and being very hospitable to all.
  8. A great supporter and always someone you could discuss anything with. An inspirational man who assessed me and gave me some home truths on how I could develop better as a referee; these words still hang close to this day. Last saw Ken when he was supporting Mark when Mark was supporting/coaching Joe at Youth County & Camelford FC. So much more than just the League Secretary; he stepped in and mediated when people disagreed and he always had a good word for everyone. He simply cannot be replaced but his successor at League Secretary has had a good role model. Dave.
  9. I was hoping to go but had to work. That 3 hour bus trip is why we ended up with an east and west division on the st Piran League. Can you imagine the poorer clubs financing such journeys on a regular basis ?
  10. Never reffed at Pelynt before but I have only ever heard positive comments about the club . Shame to see the demise of another grass roots club.
  11. They can appeal to the League. Last season some fixtures were changed but it had to be done before the other Leagues started publishing their fixtures.
  12. I downed a couple of pints with the St Stephen players after a midweek game last season. It's true, they are not too worried about the state of the League they are in as long as they can play and enjoy their footie. Best of luck with whichever League you play in next year.
  13. Is there a date set for when we will know the 2019-2020 ECFL Constitution ? Just curious which teams we will be reffing and the travel logistics …….. Are we allowed to know who has applied or been accepted already ?
  14. Rolling subs used last season in ECFL.
  15. Thanks Steve, Good idea to have midweek and Friday fixtures as most clubs have floodlights. Earlier kick offs are good for the Referee shortages and also allow for people to watch two matches and for Clubs avoiding local clashes (Newquay/Godolphin or St Austell/StBlazey).
  16. Hi Steve, when will the Competition Rules and Admin be published. ? Will it be similar to SWPL regarding Kick Off times, Team Sheets, Referee Admin, etc ? All Referee Promotion Candidates will now be tested on Competition Rules of all Leagues and Tournaments that they officiate in.
  17. Can we have a list of the new ECFL constitution? Has it been finalised yet ?
  18. Sounds like common sense. Tavistock, Elburton and Plymstock moved from east to west swpl to make up the numbers. Currently Steve has 2 in excess of the 16 needed for one division whilst 2 vacancies exist in the other........ Possibly similar to the Torpoint/Millbrook situation in the Premier Division ........... I'm just guessing but I suppose we will know soon enough......
  19. Not been Illogan for a few years, hope it's a good last game of the season . Best of luck to both clubs whichever Leagues you may be in next season.
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