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  1. I think it was a penalty and I think the Danish player went down just as easily for the free-kick from which they scored. I think at whatever level you watch or play there are lots of things that could be classed as cheating, from diving to claiming a throw-in when you know it came off you. It can all be classified as cheating if you want but the reality is that it happens all the time, everywhere. That might be sad but it is true. No, I am not having a laugh. I was just saying I don't see why England players should solely be picked on when every team does it. The Danish free-kick from which they scored came from a player throwing himself to the ground but I haven't heard the same level of criticism of that. I agree that "simulation" by anybody should be dealt with much more harshly. That would be wonderful but I don't think it is going to happen. So, instead of just picking and choosing who we want to criticise for it, EVERYONE who does it, whoever they play for, should be criticised. And I still think it was a pen! 😁
  2. With regards to the England penalty, Sterling did go down easily but was touched, both on the back leg and the hip. It happens every week in football. It was one of those where you'd want it if it was for you and would argue if it was against you. Also, the free-kick for the Danish goal came from a player throwing himself to the ground to try to win a foul, which he got. When England do it, it's cheating, when others do it, it's professionalism. And do you think Italy have reached the final without being a bit "professional" at times? No, me neither. Come on England!
  3. I think Oke do have plans in place to improve their ground. I know a lot of tidying up work was done a couple of seasons ago after they had dropped out of the SWPL and I have heard tell of plans to now fence it in etc, although I don't know of anything concrete (pun intended). I still think the ground is in a lovely setting, with the river running by and the moorland hills in the background. There is also a new sports centre by the school on the other side of the ground so a lot has changed in recent years. But, yes, they do still have a lot of ground grading work to do.
  4. My blog from the Illogan v Penryn semi-final is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com Wendron's ground was in top condition and is a fitting spot for the final. And Penryn's third goal was sensational. I might have got a bit carried away when writing about it! The link to the blog is https://thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com/2021/05/23/get-in-enjoying-both-paying-at-the-gate-and-watching-a-glorious-goal/
  5. Having watched and blogged about a fair amount of football in Cornwall over the past few years, I was contacted by Home Radio, a station in the East Midlands, and asked to talk to their podcast about grassroots football. Follow this link homeradio.co.uk/podcasts/ to listen to what I said. I think it went quite well - although my answer to a question about Cornish football legends left something to be desired - and I was really positive about the state of the game in Cornwall. I may have got a few minor facts wrong here and there but it was a really enjoyable experience overall and I hope to talk to them again midway through next season. Of course, it's not a patch on Rappo and Deacs' weekly effort but it was still a great chance to spread the word about Cornish football. I hope you listen to and enjoy it.
  6. That Helston v Saltash cup tie was a real humdinger. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
  7. My blog from the Division One title-decider between Constantine and St Just is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com It is not quite as colourful as Mr Rosenberg's entertaining account above but I have done my best!
  8. Hello. I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Chacewater v St Erme clash in Trelawny 2 on Saturday. Proper football fare. My blog from the game is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress com if you would be so kind as to give it a read. Cheers
  9. I play walking football for Troon and I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go. It's fun, gets the old competitive juices flowing and is a great social occasion. And arguing over who is running and who isn't is always entertaining! For more info about Troon see www.troonafcwalkingfootball.com
  10. Hi folks. My blog from the TL Division One clash between Forgpool & Cusgarne v Constantine is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com An enjoyable afternoon but I am still not sure about that Constantine kit!
  11. All I can say on the comments about the game at Praze was that I stood on the far side of the pitch and just did a head count of the people I saw there. And, because I was on the far side, I heard no bad language from either side. I am sure there was some, there always is at football, but I never heard it. It was all lovely on my side of the pitch!
  12. My blog from this game is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com It was my first game back in six months and I just loved being a part of it all.
  13. I happened to be wandering around that park too. Was an enjoyable game, I thought. Glad you enjoyed your sit-down!!
  14. I would echo Steve's comments. It was a great event to be part of and I believe it raised a significant amount of money. Looking forward to taking part in many more walking football events even if my knees might complain about that!
  15. Lively FA Vase tie at Blaise Park, in which St Blazey beat Godolphin Atlantic 5-3. There were also two red cards in a chaotic final 10 minutes. Read all about it, as they say, on my blog at www.thecupfootballblogger.wordpress.com
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